The Marijuana and Hemp Conspiracy

There are more uses of Marijuana and Hemp then any other one plant that grows out of the earth. There are lots of books on this subject so I'm only going to go over two key points. I feel it's important to cover this subject because the fact that it's illegal proves that there real conspiracy's taking place today and have been for a long time. I say this because if governments are will to conspire about one thing, their willing to conspire about everything. Once you see the all of the uses of Marijuana and Hemp including, the money it would save, the money it would generate and the amazing properties it has, the only conclusion you can draw due to the fact it's illegal in many parts of the world, is one of a governed society's conspiring to control everything. Very few governments have allowed this amazing crop to grow. Canada has legalized cultivation of Hemp as long as the traces of THC are no higher than 0.00030%. Why not the United States?

The difference between Hemp and Marijuana-

Hemp and Marijuana come from the same species of plant but are quite different. Hemp contains little or no THC (the chemical that gets you high) and Marijuana has lots of it. You can look at it like this, Marijuana contains lots of sweet juicy fruit that has many medical properties and can put you in a different state of mind. Hemp on the other hand has very little dry fruit but lots of seeds containing very nutritious oil's, while the rest of the plant can be used for hundreds of practical uses as you will see.

Hemp could stop world hunger and health problems-

Yes, much of the would hunger and sickness problems could be solved with the use of Hemp. Seeds from this illegal plant have one of the highest concentrates of protein which as we all know keeps us healthy and strong. The oil's also contain superior Essential Fatty Acids called Alpha-Linolenic (Omega 3 family) and Linolenic acids which are absolutely essential for life. The body converts these acids into PUFAs, EPA, or DHS. PUFAs are important for maintaining the membranes of ALL cells and for making prostaglandins which regulate many of the body processes that include inflammation and blood clotting. Hemp oil has also been found to be beneficial in lowering the levels of LDL cholesterol while increasing the good HDL's. This is how our body fights most degenerative diseases including multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, skin afflictions and immunological dysfunction. Taking Hemp oil on a regular basis also helps improve bladder function, overall energy, your hair and skin, PMS symptoms, and improves your libido. In china it been known to be used for constipation and hemorrhoids. Here is a list of the nutritional values derived from Hemp seeds:

Protein 22.5%
Carbohydrates 35.8%
Moisture 5.7%
Ash 5.9%
Calories 503 per 100g
Dietary fiber 35.1% (3.0% soluble)
Fat 30%

Essential Fatty Acid Profile:
Omega-3 (Alpha Linolenic) 20%
Omega-6 (Linoleic) 57%
Omega-9 (Oleic) 12%
Stearic 2%
Palmitic 6%
Carotene (Vit A) 16,800 IU per pound
Thiamine (B1) .9mg/100g
Riboflavin (B2) 1.1mg/100g
Pyridoxine (B6) .3mg/100g
Niacin (B3) 2.5mg/100g
Vitamin C 1.4mg/100g
Vitamin D 100 IU/100g
Vitamin E 3 mg/100g

Hemp very easy to grow with hardly any maintenance, grows extremely fast and can grow almost anywhere on the planet, from the rain forests of Brazil to the high mountains of Alaska. The powers that be though keep this very regulated, because otherwise there would be more healthy people on our planet which would just increase to the population problem, something are governments have been trying to control for a while.

Hemp oil can save our planet-

All plastics that can be made from Hemp seed oil are biodegradable!! All other oil based plastics do not biodegrade and are destroying are planet more and more everyday. All Hemp products are natural and safe for our planet. Now for just for a moment, try to imagine all of the plastic bottles made for water and soda on the planet. Truly inconceivable, and that's just the plastic bottles we drink from. There's actually is a place in the northern part of the Pacific ocean called "Plastic Island" and it's now almost twice the size of Texas consisting of 80% plastic, weighing in at an approximately 3.5 MILLION tons!! Even the cars we drive can be run off Hemp oil. Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, designed it to run on vegetable oils and seed oils like hemp. Henry Ford used hemp not only to construct his cars, but to fuel them as well. Hemp fuel is again biodegradable, nontoxic, does not contribute to sulfur dioxide and actually has hardly any emissions at all. If there was ever a Hemp oil spill, it would act as a fertilizer rather that destroying everything it touches. Hemp actually produces the most biomass of any crop, more than corn, sugarcane, trees, ect. Hemp also converts the sun's energy into cellulose faster than any other plant, through photosynthesis and can produce 10 tons of biomass per acre every four months. Enough energy could be produced on 6% of the land in the U.S. to provide enough energy for our cars, the heat in our homes, and enough electricity for the entire country. Did you know that the United States uses 25% of the world's energy. Yes, Hemp could play a major roll in saving our planet, but would destroy big oil company profits taking money out from the pockets of the elite. Gee,... I wonder this easy to grow plant is illegal?? These elite, money grubbing, planet destroying, oil tycoons control everything and they want to stay in control. The United States and most of the world is controlled by oil and so are the lives of everyone. Every thing you own has been in one way or another brought to you by crude oil. Unless you live off the grid, in a village that still lives how they did hundreds of years ago. Your life revolves around the Texas Tea. Think about it.

The medical benefits of smoking marijuana-

It's been scientifically proven that marijuana has had positive effects on many Illnesses. THC has been shown to reduce intraocular pressure in people who have glaucoma. For multiple sclerosis patients it's been proved that it can help with pain relief. People suffering from debilitating diseases such as AID can loose their appetite resulting in severe weight loss, laboratory studies show that THC does increase the appetite helping to maintain an average body weight. It widely used by cancer patients who end up suffering from nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments. For the depressed Marijuana offers a safer, more effective antidepressant, and has less side effects than most prescription antidepressants, while lowering stress levels in most people. You should know that stress can lead to many life threatening diseases, strokes and heart attacks.

The Propaganda-

First off let me just say ONE MILLION DEATHS EACH YEAR ARE CAUSED BY TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL. NO ONE HAS EVER, EVER DIED FROM SMOKING POT!! EVER!!! Granted that tar in the lungs is not good for you and heavy usage can lead serious health issues but there is no comparison. NONE! Guess who funds more than a million dollars a day to the "Partnership for a Drug-Free America" It's the same company's that produce pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes, and you guessed it crude oil company's! Company's like Procter & Gamble, Chevron Corporation, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Healthcare Products Association, MetLife Foundation, Alliance for Consumer Education, Bayer HealthCare, Bristol-Myers, Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Pfizer Inc (The world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company), and the list goes on and on. It only makes sense that the company's who pump millions into this campaign are the same ones who would loose millions if Hemp and Marijuana were to become completely legal. These are the elite people in power who decide what's legal and whats not, what we consume and how we live our lives. I blows me away with the lie's they extort through major media, like "If you smoke pot you're supporting Terrorism". Oh, and oil consumption doesn't?? Give me a break! If your an American you also spend $9 Billion in tax dollars each year to keep this plant illegal. Why?? Money money money, control and greed.

It's important to understand why the way some things are. Catherine de Medicia, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Rabelais, Leornado da Vinci, George Washington, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Queen Victoria, these people were all hemp users. Abraham Lincoln use hemp oil lamps to light the White House. And some people today are facing the death penalty for minor infractions involving cannabis. The US government is actually considering sending people to prison for ten years for passing a joint to a friend, and has labeled cannabis smokers as terrorists. Remember that prisons are a business just like anything ell's, something is very wrong with this picture, and it needs to change through awareness. Realize the lie's when you see them, astray from information you get from mass media, open your mind to what is real, and let the truth revile it's self to you. Don't believe the madness and propaganda being spilled by these rich elite who spend your money on million dollar mansions, fancy cars, and private jets as they enjoy the fruits of your labor. Free yourself by attaining the knowledge that's out there, and understand the message that feels right, trust your human instinct by attaining your attainable mind.