Apollo 11 Fact or Fiction

The other day was the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, I feel it's only right that I give my two cents on the subject. I'll put it this way, the government can do anything they want to. Even putting on the biggest hoax of all times. This wasn't about just putting a man on the moon, but it was ONLY about being the FIRST man on the moon. So there's lots to be skeptical about. I believe humans have been to the moon, but I also feel a big chunk of the story is missing. Was July 20 the real anniversary of the first person on the moon, or are we just made to think so? Or is there something that their hiding about the whole thing? Let's see those missing tapes. You decide what's real and what's not. Attain the thoughts you weren't conditioned to think and break passed the barrier of mind control in order to attain your attainable mind.