Crop Circles

Let me first start off by saying, I understand that many crop circles are made by humans. Crop circle artist such as Doug Bower and Dave Chorley have come out of the closet blowing the whistle that crop circles are human made. This is well documented, but here's the thing, they didn't make all of them and some of thought put behind these designs seem to come from the mind set of astrophysicist, mathematicians and engineers. The fact that some are so complicated and complex along with the time in which there done is leaving PHDs, scientist and even crop circles makers stumped to how they were made. That's right, many crop circle artist admit that they don't understand how many are made considering the lack of circle makers. In fact there have been as many as 10,000 crop circles since 1976. That would take a mass amount of unidentified hoaxer teams being undetected working in 70 different country's producing about 400 formations a year. I find that highly unlikely that there is a large crop circle mafia, consisting of people making huge art pieces without any real recognition. Think again if your so positive about all crop circles being human made.

Some of the large, complex formations have been known to occur in as little as 30 minutes, according to signed affidavits. On top of the fact that node length both laterally and longitudinally, seems to increases on the plants up to 200-300% in size and were found to decrease exponentially with distance from the formation's center and there are holes on the stems that seem to be blown from the inside out. There is also evidence showing significant changes in germination, seedling growth and the growth rate of the plants. Growth rates in seeds taken from crop formation plants range from not being able to germinate at all ,to an increased growth of seedlings. In one formation, stunned and exploded insects were found stuck to seed heads. Something ell's I find interesting is that Yttrium-88 and Bismuth-205 have both been found in the soil at the crop circle sites, neither of these isotopes are naturally occurring. So where did they come from? Maybe aliens are trying to tell us something, well not even maybe, it's, what are they telling us? Lets take a look some of the most intriguing crop circles ever made.

This crop circle is called the Crabwood circle, rightfully named after the farm it was found on. As you can see it's the face of an alien and a disk with binary code written inside. When I first saw this one, I felt that there was no doubt this must have been made by humans. Why would the aliens plaster their face in a field for all to see?

It just seemed too in your face and obvious. But then again I'm not an alien and I don't know how they think and neither do you, so how can we assume this was only made by humans. What I find so strikingly amazing about this design, is the binary code. Granted you can go on to your computer and translate anything into binary code, such as:


Which means "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine." The thought that people got together in the middle of the night and made this thing is quite a feat. How could it have been done so quickly with such precision? In order to have finished within the time they needed, it would have taken a very large professional team of circle makers working in perfect harmony together. Anytime when working on a collaborate project, especially when it's design, It never goes as exactly according to plan. So how did they pull this off so smoothly? Now binary code may be easy writing on a computer or even by hand on a piece of paper. But writing it in circular code in a field of wheat proves to be much more difficult, especially on such a grand scale, in the middle of the night! The message reads:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. Believe there is GOOD out there. We appose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)".

In this circle the message is quite clear: Listen to your heart and don't be fooled by the media. War is among us and we can stop it. Believe there is GOOD out there. Be true to yourself and others.

I think this is a great message, if us as a human race would only listen.

Here's another mind baffling crop circle that just happened on July 16th 2009, Yes just last week from this post.

"Someone was driving past the field at 4:18 AM
the morning of July 14, and there was nothing in the field; it was bare
of any imprint. When he drove back past the field at 5 AM, the formation
was there. It is very clearly visible from the road." Lucy Pringle, Investigator and Photographer

This circle is about 170 feet in diameter and completely woven together. It's not that simple to weave a huge field of wheat together. In fact it's seems to be a lot harder then most of the designs out there. The other amazing thing about the woven circle is that it's for the most part perfect. Not a flaw anywhere in the weave. Truly amazing, even if this was done by humans, hat's off to the artist.

Now on to the Milk Hill formation in Wiltshire, England which today stands as the largest formation ever made at an outstanding 787 feet in diameter consisting of 409 circles. There is so much going on in this one, it took a long time to decipher and there are many different theory's to it's meaning. This is the one circle that has changed skeptics into believers. Top engineers feel this could have only been done by an incredible team who were at the top of their game, and is amazing overall accomplishment know matter who the builders were. Believe it or not a civil/structural engineer by the name of Neil Hudson Newman has linked this as a warning to the attacks of 9/11. Lets take a look at some of the facts he uncovered.

The 9/11 attacks happened in 3 different sites, the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and one unknown site. It was 19 individuals who had high-jacked the aircraft's used in the bombings or I think it was really 19 key individuals involved in the black op's project "Homeland Security" (9/11). Now when you look at the design, note that when the structure's closed loops of circles are shaded, you see that it produces a fan like image. The three blades are made up of 19 main structure circles. And what does all this mean?? This crop circle not only highlights the date of 9/11 2001 but also displays the number 3 and 19 both linked to the attacks and details about hell in the Islamic bible, the Koran. In the Koran the numbers 3 and 19 are linked to the term "fires of Hell". As you can see "the fire" has 3 shadows and is guarded by 19 angles. Now where it gets really deep is when you take into account the other smaller circles. It was determined by Newman that these other circles reveled 3 different geographical coordinates. One outside of the Capitol building in Washington DC, one on the west walls of the pentagon and one where the World Trade Center used to stand. You can see his calculations on how he came to his conclusions here. Here are also the properties of "the Fan"

It's funny how many different explanations people have for these mysterious formations. Some say root rot, giant hailstones, psychologically unstable animals, plasma vortex, earth energies, military experimentation, UFO's, whirlwind vortex, ect... So far for me the best explanations are from the ones who have seen first hand how these non-human circles were formed. The Orb's. Sounds hokey I know, but eye witnesses from all over the world have seen the same thing. They see an Orb floating around the area where the crop circle is formed, and before you know it, it lays one out in about 10 seconds. If you want to fast forward to the original footage it's at 2:15.

This has been the most controversial Orb video ever seen. A Man by the name of Robbert van den Broeke had been seeing Orb's of light around the fields in the area where he lived. One night he decided to go to the top of Oliver's Castle (A large hill) hoping to catch one on tape. He had no luck and feel asleep until the morning when he heard a strange noise and saw two orb's near the ground, he grabbed his video camera and the rest is history. A truly astonishing shot. Many people believe this was just way to good to be true and discounted it as a fake. Considering there only orb's, it's not to hard to forage the images produced in his video, and this is why his footage has had so much scrutiny. Understandably. I for one believe this to be the real McCoy. Just because the footage is really good doesn't mean it's a fake, it just means he was in the right place at the right time and got the shot he was looking for.

No matter how you look at it something very strange is going on. Nobody can explain how so many perfectly made crop circles are being made all the time, so complicated, so complex and with hidden messages in all of them. Although the ones that are obviously made by humans don't necessarily have any hidden messages. There made to be funny or just in the art of crop circle making. Granted the human crop circle's can be just as impressive. But your mind should be open to the fact that there is a message being given to us from another species.

All we have to do is listen, and acknowledge what is being shown to us. Throw out the doubts that this is all just done by people of this earth. If we can't explore the thought that these are massages sent from beings not of this earth then I feel we are doomed as a species. Can't we for a moment attain the thoughts it takes to make a conscious change within our selves, knowing that there is another species out there giving us signs to help us make the right choices and the right decisions. All we have to do is read between the lines and spread the message of compassion for one another. We need to end the hate and stop the fear by working together in order to save our species and our planet. This I believe is the message were receiving from these visitors and it's time everyone started to listen. Attain for yourself the mind you need in order to live in freedom, maybe your already free within yourself. If so I bet there's someone you know who could use the key of knowledge to set them free, help yourself and help others attain their attainable minds.