Aliens caught on tape.

There are tons of video's claiming that they caught a REAL alien on video. Today I'm going to examine the ones I feel hold the most clout.

This first one I think is awesome! It's an alien captured and drugged in order for it to be interviewed and the video is narrated by an x-government official. It's just like our government to drug someone or something before they try an interview. It didn't go so well considering they were never able to get any kind of readable response out of it. The interviewer is behind a one way mirror, so the alien see him. You'll see after a while that a few people come in to wipe the mouth of the alien because of the drool. If this is a fake, they sure spent quite a bit of money and time for a Youtube video, on top of not making anything back. I think the original video comes from the show "UFO files" on the history channel. Enjoy.
Now this next video show a captured alien sitting in a chair making some noises, kind of like a baby. Look can tell the people speaking in the back ground, sound maybe Tongan or Samoan. I may not know what their saying, but you can hear the excitement in their voices as if they just caught something. Near the very end of the video you can hear someone in English say "what is that". Of course some people claim it's a fake, but I just don't see how. If it is, it's the best dam fake I've ever seen. On top of the fact that if it was fake, don't you think after going through all that trouble you would want to get more then thirty seconds of video? I feel it's is the real McCoy. Decide for yourself and I encourage you to ask the question "how could this be fake?"  UP DATE:  Turns out this actually this was a fake, made by an amazing CGI animator.  Still doesn't make me feel any different about aliens and our contact with them.

Here's a ten minute video of Jaime Maussan going over some pictures of aliens caught on camera. Jaime is one of the most famous UFO researchers is the world. Coming from Mexico he gets plenty of cases. Some of the pictures are more believable than others, ether way It's pretty cool, and I think some of these are authentic. At the end of the video he analyzes some awesome crop circles, interesting stuff.

No matter what you believe, there are people from all over the world coming up with new pictures and videos of aliens and UFO's all the time and it's not stopping. UFO's and aliens are real and it's only a matter of time before it's announced publicly.

Break down the walls in your mind, let it free in order to see the truth, and attain your attainable mind.

The 9/11 Conspiracy: Part two - The Pentagon

The Pentagon was supposedly hit by a Boeing 757 on the morning of 9/11. This one really isn't hard to figure out, all you have to do is take a close look at the evidence. I going to show you how there is no possible way that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon.

-Markings on the ground before the crash.

One thing I find very interesting is that there were markings on the ground in front of the area were the Pentagon was hit. The markings are even pointing in the same direction that the unexplained object took.

You can clearly see the white markings on the ground in the picture on the left taken four days before hand. Then look how quickly everything was covered up. This way it would be imposable for anyone to analyze any kind of markings or evidence.

-The reinforcements built in the exact spot where the plane hit.

Whats the deal with the pentagon making reinforcements within months of it being hit. New steel beams were put in place for reinforcements in that area. Why? Was just that side of the building getting old?? I guess. These reinforcements save thousands of peoples lives who were working in proximity of the explosion.

-The size and type of the impact compared to the size and type of plane.
Now some people and the government claim the the hole is just the right size considering that the actual size of the body of a 757 is around 13 feet high and 13 feet wide and the size of the hole is about 15 to 17 feet in diameter. That's if you ignore that fact that these planes have large metal wings and a huge rudder.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Skeptics say that there is no way the wings and a tail wing could have penetrated the reinforced concrete walls, that's why the hole is the size it is. OK, if the walls knocked off the wings and tail wing, what happened to them? Did they just disintegrate into thin air? Do you really believe that they just melted into nothing, or blew up into so many pieces that it might as well of been confetti. Come on, really?? Do you believe in magic too?? Sure I'm a fan of Chris Angle, but I don't think he was there that day, nor was David Copperfield. No matter how you look at it the markings on the Pentagon do not coincide with being hit by a Boeing 757. This picture on the felt is what a building looks like after being hit by a 757. Notice the big metal wing at the bottom? For that matter notice the big plane parts everywhere? You should remember that big chunks of metal and planes just don't blow up into millions of tiny pieces.
Here's a video of a real plane crash with a plane about the size of a 757. Notice the huge chucks of plane. Granted it didn't hit a building going 400mph but there would still be bigger pieces of plane then what was found. These are pictures from some the the worst aviation crashes ever.

Debris is the number one piece of evidence any in any type of crash investigation. So convenient almost none was found. The pieces that were, could have easy come from a smaller craft, doctored to look like it came from a 757. Like the hub caps they found. That's the oldest mafia trick in the book. To fake a death you put someone ell's teeth in with the body, or some other body part and burn the rest beyond recognition. Either way the amount of evidence from the crash in so minimal, it's very hard to believe that this huge commercial airline slammed into the side of a building ripping off the rudder and wings leaving almost no trace what so ever of ANY part of the plane??? No way, I'm not buying it.

-The only two videos ever released to the public.

The strangest thing about the whole video ordeal is that within minutes, every video camera recording in the area from gas stations, hotels, and business buildings all were confiscated by government officials. Why? Every other video that has ever caught any kind of catastrophe on tape as been shown from every angle from which it was covered. Why were the tapes taken? Because of the sensitive information caught on video that's why. They show exactly what happened in real time. Compared to the official video that was released only plays at about one frame per second and you really can't see anything at all. Skeptics say they don't show the other videos because they wanted to protect the family of the dead. How many time's did they show the planes ramming into the towers and people jumping to their death from the burning towers? I can't even count. The numbers just don't add up. Take a look at this video for yourself. The maker of this video has taking the liberty to slow it down and point out the object has it enters the frame in the first video, but the fact that the security camera for the PENTAGON only takes about one frame per second you really can't make anything out. Maybe the government can't afford real time cameras. Bull Shit!

-The other hole
This for me seals the deal. Just look at this picture and tell me how a plane made this hole. It's funny how in the case of the twin towers, the explanation for the free-fall collapse is all based on video and pictures. In the case of the pentagon, it's all base on evidence and investigations so they say. They try to explain how this hole was made with the nose of the plane. Maybe it's just me, but I just don't get it. See for yourself. One other thing, why don't they have pictures of the other holes it would have made.

Think this picture is doctored? Well here is the official projected line put out by the 9/11 commission.
Now compare the two. No way no how!

I agree that a picture is worth a thousand words. According to the upper picture it would have been imposable for that hole to have been formed the nose of a plane. It would have had to zigzag through the hallways, found it's way to that part of the building , turn strait to make a perfect hole almost the same size as the original entry point made in the first place. It would of also made other holes in the building that are not there. Come on, really people!!!

Something ell's that's quite fishy, is the fact that near this 2nd hole is where they found one of the rims to the wheels. Or was it just put there for the picture. Also notice all of the black smoke on the left-wing of the building in this picture and that the whole right-wing is completely chard. No black smoke came from the middle-wing or wedges. And almost no damage to wedge 1. Why? Were these parts of the building sealed off?? Here's a final view from above. Look at how quickly it's was all covered up! Amazing what they get away with.
It's a mystery all together, learn the facts for yourself, seek the truth and attain you attainable mind.

The 9/11 Conspiracy: Part one - The Twin Towers

Was the bombing of the twin towers and the pentagon a set up? Or was it the real thing. Personally, I find it amazing that when looking at all the evidence anyone would think this is anything but a set up. I'm going show the key points why there is no way in hell that this happened the way they said it did.

The Twin Towers:

-Hijackers flew commercial planes into the twin towers.

There are over a hundred commercial airline pilots that say there is no way they could have done what they did. It's on record that these so call hijackers supposedly trained in a 172 single engine Cessna and used those skills to fly a 757 and a 767 commercial airplane into the towers. First are some pictures, this is what a single engine Cessna looks inside and out.

And here we have 767 and 757 inside and out, the cockpit for the two planes are for the most part, identical. Make sure to open the full picture of the cockpits for details and try to count the amount of switches in each one to compare. Get a detailed look of the 757 cockpit here.

The dynamics of flying commercial plane compared to a single engine Cessna is incomparable. Their not even close to being in the same league or class. Along with the number of commercial airline pilots who tried to recreate the twin towers scenario in a simulator. From what I understand no one could do it, but I imagine they could over time. These hijackers who learned to fly a tiny single engine plane miraculously learned in thirty minutes, how to fly a huge commercial airliner well enough to fly it into a building? Non-sense, complete non-sense. When you listen to any of the numerous interviews by commercial airline pilots on how they flew those planes into the towers, you can truly see how it would be a 1 in a billion chance that these hijackers were able to pull it off. I don't know about you, but I don't think that to many commercial airline pilots are into the whole conspiracy thing. At lease before 9/11 that is. Think I'm full of it, go to

-The collapse of the two towers.

First off, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) have admitted they have no explanation of the free-fall collapse of the two towers. After a long and drawn out scientific study on the free-fall speed on which the buildings fell, it showed only one likely scenario to where this could have been only possible if done in a controlled demolition. It doesn't state those exact words, but understand the NIST is another branch of the government. There are NO official documents explaining on how it would be possible for buildings to fall in the area of most resistance while falling at free-fall speeds. When looked at scientifically, it completely violates the laws of physics. I've heard about many people inquiring on a official full simulated collapse of the twin towers. To this day there is still no official explained scenario of how this was possible except for the NIST's "initiation" scenario which is totally impossible according to the laws of physics.

If I still don't have your attention, maybe the fact that steel doesn't even start to weaken until it reaches 1000 degrees let alone melting point at1,500. NIST's official report even concludes that neither of towers steel beams reached temperatures exceeding 500 degrees. I'll put it this way, anybody who knows a thing or two on how physics works should know that even if all the vertical supports were to have failed on the few floors that they claim brought the building down, it still would have had some variables on the way it come down, not to mention there was no resistance what so ever. It imploded so perfectly, demolition experts say this is one of the most precise jobs ever seen and would have taking months of planning to get them to collapse the way they did.

The only way this could have happened is if beams were cut and demolition charges were strategically placed. In this famous video, you can actually hear the charges going off and see small explosions below the part of the building that's falling.

Here is a video that recorded and analyzed the explosive sound waves that were heard BEFORE the collapse.

Here are some pictures of ground zero and the beams that have clearly been cut.

-World Trade Center building 7 collapsed from the force of the other towers collapsing.

This building was NEVER HIT BY ANYTHING and just fell from the force of the other buildings. WHAT!!! That make's no sense! Buildings don't just fall the way this one did. Watch this video of a controlled demolition.

Now here's building 7 of the WTC.

This could have only been done with a professional demolition team, buildings just don't fall that easily. I mean, it's not some old historic building built out of brick a 100 years ago, this building was made of STEEL. Now watch that video one more time and notice the perfection of the implosion. A news anchor even used the word "implosion".

-Wikipedia: Building implosion is a term in use in the Controlled demolition industry. It refers to strategically placing explosive material and timing its detonation so that a structure collapses on itself in a matter of seconds minimizing the physical damage to its immediate surroundings.

I leave you with the IMPLOSIONS of the South Tower then the north. Keep in mind the rate at which they fall, this is all the evidence you or any body needs, this would be impossible without the help of explosives.

The truth is out there all you have to do is seek it, learn what other people know and what others are saying, attain the knowledge for your self and attain your attainable mind.

Anomaly's on Google Earth

I love Google earth, It is an incredible tool that can see almost any point on earth with such detail you can tell what people are wearing. There are so many unexplained things on this earth that have been found with Google it is truly fascinating. I would like to share some of my favorites with you.

View Larger Map
These lines are west of Morocco near the Canary Islands which are just a bit southwest. What you looking at is totally unexplained, except for most people feel this is the lost city of Atlantis. I agree. This is very clearly runes to an huge old city that 125 miles square!! Connected to another city about 300 miles east and here you can see both. These are not natural lines in on the ocean floor which some people claim, you know this because nature just does not make intelligent design. That's left up to us humans, or maybe aliens. Either way I think we can agree, this is intelligent design. Grab the image and pull up and to the left and you'll see the Canary Islands, look around at the very strain lines and hard angles on the ocean floor. This is a complete mystery. I have heard though also that this was a blip in Google's ocean floor mapping system. Well......that's some blip. Give me a break!

View Larger Map

View Larger Map
Both of these strange designs are found it China. What are they? For one, there out in the middle of no where and two zoom in close so you can see how they go up and over big cliffs. These designs are approximately one mile square.

View Larger Map
This is just a little north east of that last location. Zoom in and explore this area. They look like runways, right? I,m not sure that's what they are, it would first seem that way. But take a close look, no towers anywhere. It also looks like there are entrances leading underground around the small white square between the small angled run way the the big one. It all looks very old with the amount of dirt that's covered it, but the design looks very modern. Then take a look at the compound of buildings on the right of the white runway. Then if you look north of the white run way you'll some streams with hundreds of mounds that are in no way naturally made. Look at all of the tire tracks around them. What are they?? Some seem newer than others. This whole area is strait out of the twilight zone.

I find all of these strange unexplained anomaly's mind boggling and it really confirms that there are many things hidden from the public eye. There are no mention of any of these places anywhere, except for finding them on Google earth. Explore the unknown, let your mind open to what could be and attain your mind.

What is the Bohemian Grove?

Have you ever heard of the Bohemian Grove? This is where these "Bohemian's" conduct their satanic rituals. One of the rituals called "The Cremation of Care" and is a strange mock human sacrifice taking place under a 40' stone owl that members refer to as Molech. Molech is a term for any person or thing that demands a costly sacrifice. In the bible it's referenced as the god of the Canaanites and Phoenicians to whom children were sacrificed. Alex Jones is a Film maker and talk show host and is the first person to expose the Bohemian Grove by getting in with a video camera and captured the whole thing on tape. What is mind blowing, are the people who attend this yearly ritual. George H.W. Bush, Charles Schwab, Walter Cronkite, Tony Blair, Richard Nixon, Eisenhower, Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres, former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane, former Harvard University President Lawrence Summers and even U2 lead singer and international do-gooder Bono. Who ell's is there ? Media company owners, Hollywood personalities, oil company owners, and so on. It's the elitists, the one's with the most money and the most power. This is clip 10 out of 12 from Alex Jones's documentary on the Bohemian Grove.

One thing I find very interesting is the production that when into this. The music was made from an orchestra just for this ritual. Also listen to the people hooting and hollering while remembering who these people are. Do your best to depict the symbolism in this video, it's over my head. There is a lot of history going on here, who was it that directed this whole thing? I'm sorry, but there is NO denying that this is very real. These people are the Illuminati, the enlighten one's, and now you see how they are enlighten. I've never see or heard anything like this, and I be willing to bet you haven't either. Well, guess what, this has been going on in northern California for over a hundred years. Why would they be conducting such rituals? The most powerful people on the planet, conducting in a satanic ritual of a mock human sacrifice. WTF!

This is just a peek of the secrete society's that are controlling the planet. They are the gate keepers and the key masters. The symbols of their existence are everywhere, right in front of you, even in your pocket. These are the one's who are going to initiate the new world order, and reign global domination. It is the members of this group who are being controlled by the reptilians in order take over the planet. It's these members that are keeping the population affixed to superficial things, so we live our lives watching the news, eating what is packaged, purchasing stuff to make us feel good, and punching in from 9-5, if your so lucky.

Take a look at the bailout, that's all anybody talks about. I don't buy it for a minute! How does the largest BANK (where you store money) in the world loose billions of dollars!!! Or how does the largest insurance company in the world loose money!!! IT'S INSURANCE!!!! It make's no sense, I don't care what anyone says. Huge company's don't all of a sudden loose a trillion 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars. All at the same time!! What... did they all give there money to some dealer that ran off with the lute?? The question no one is asking is, who were these company's that lost all their money and where did that money go?? It's all a big lie, and why would they lie to us. Because everything they do is a lie.

Just look at Washington D.C. which I consider to be the dragons lair. Pentagrams and owl's outlined in the streets??? What's going on here? How come we as a nation are left in the dark? How come this isn't public knowledge? This is the capital of the largest and newest country on the planet, and look how it was planed out well before anything was built. I don't mind symbols, it's the fact they are hidden from us is what disturbs me. And some are so huge you can only see them from the sky.

Ever heard of the Bohemian Grove before today?? Don't you think that it's in the public best interest to know when two thousand of the most powerful people in the world get together? Open your mind to find the big picture and be set free from the lies, attain the knowledge and attain your mind.

ULO's - Unidentified Lunar Objects

Today I'm going to show you what I believe to be proof that these Lunar objects are there, clear as day. This is a very real topic, and for many it's hard to conceive that this isn't science-fiction. What's important, is to understand is this goes beyond everything we have ever known as a species. The main issue skeptics have, is that if they were really there, the government would have say something, right?, they are the government and they can do whatever they want. The other issue is, if they were there, how come we can't see them?? That's where the story begins, because you can see them. I have looked at hundreds of photo's of the moon, many of them from the Apollo Image Archive at Arizona state university. There are so many pictures with so much to look at, it can become very overwhelming. In every picture, I always seem to find something that just doesn't seem to fit.

Before you move on, I would suggest going to online radio and find or make a Ambient radio stream for effect.

OK, open this link in another window so you will know what I'm talking about here. You should now be looking at picture AS15-M-0294 from Apollo15. On the left, are the parameters, and Value's and on the right is the photo which if you notice has some control's at the bottom in order to navigate the zoom ( + - ) , left, up, down, right, then back to original position. I understand this is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, but bare with me. Click on the picture to grab it and pull it over to the right until the left border of the big picture meets the right border of the small photo. Now move it just another hair more to the right. Then bring it down so the top of the big picture is about one inch below the bottom border of the small photo. So now directly in the center of the box should be an area that looks a bit darker then the rest, just right of two smaller craters that are connected by top and bottom. Now zoom in slowly, the dark area kind of comes to a point pointing downward. Now zoom all the way in until that point is at the bottom of the photo. Notice the strange black shape near the top of the zoom? And the shadow that it's casting? What ever it is, it's fairly big considering the shadow and a very odd shape to say the least.

Now in the same photo and go back to the original position, notice the two bigger craters in the upper right corner lined diagonally. Zoom in on them a bit and you'll see another smaller crater in that same line near the upper right corner, zoom in about half way until the small crater looks big and at the lower left corner of the box. Now look at the small black speck near the upper right corner of the box and zoom all the way in on it. Again, another random shadow that looks out of place. It's very obviously a standing structure with nothing around it to imply it's a rock.

Again in the same photo, go back to original position. Go the big crater half way up and all the way to the right and you'll see it's being cut off by the photo. Zoom in on the land mass between the top of the big crater and the two little craters above it. Now zoom in on bottom of the little craters, and you'll see a even smaller crater between those two. The very small crater should be at the top of the photo box. Notice the V shaped structure!!! What is it!! Doesn't look moon made to me.

Go back to the original position, then zoom in on the depression just left of the three small craters in the bottom right corner of the photo. Zoom all the way in the middle of that depression and you should see something that looks like a snake. Not sure what that is either. Then zoom out a few clicks, grab the photo and pull it down and to the left, and you should see another strange shadow in the upper right corner. It's important to remember that if it's visible in this photo, it's not small.

This was just ONE random photo I picked as I was writing this post. I figured that was the right thing to do considering my statement about always finding something odd. In a way, I wanted to prove it again to myself. This has truly confirmed my belief that are alien structures on the moon.

There is a group called the Lunomaly Research Group that have put together an incredible amount of photo's together that you can view for a donation of what ever you decided it's worth. These photo's are free to the public through NASA, but they have gone through the trouble of highlighting these anomaly's and sorting through the thousands of pictures. Personally, I like trying to find these anomaly's myself on the originals. There are so many it's not to hard as you can see from this post. Besides, the one's I've found are better then the one's they have. Explore the unknown, explore what's out there and attain your mind.

Government Mind Control

There are people from all corners of the earth that believe government mind control is real and being implemented today and has been for a while. I feel it's important to try to tackle this subject because the amount of information out there is simply astonishing. First off, lets take a look at how one would go about mind control that could be implemented over a large land mass effecting millions of people.

To start of-course is subliminal messaging, on television, billboards, magazines, signs, really anywhere and everywhere you look. It's been proven that the mind is effected on many different levels from what they see, this being on the subconscious level effects you without you even knowing about it. The first two ways to influence the subconscious is to alter one's belief system through faith and repetition. If you are certain of something and your mind completely believes it to be true, your subconscious will reprogram your whole belief to correspond with this new belief. Your mind will then create new patterns to correspond with this new belief sending messages to your conscious mind whenever you are confronted by something regarding that belief. Then there is repetition which I feel is obvious, if you tell yourself something enough times, or if your mind is exposed to something over and over and over, eventually your mind will believe it to be true.

The most effective way to effect the human subconscious is through the visual senses. Optical illusions are a prime example of the subconscious mind at work. Just take a look at this picture, the movement of the wheels is your subconscious mind telling you their moving. Believe it or not there are subliminal images flashing you all the time on TV. For example the food network has a show called "Iron Chef" and during one the shows someone caught the message, recorded it and played it back frame-by-frame. Low and behold there it is, the whole screen with the golden arches with their slogan "I'm lovin' it".

This should be illegal, national television pumping subliminal massages at you without you even knowing it. This could be happening all the time on every channel with every show. Cartoons, your local news, on any show on TV you most likely are getting pumped with images and primed to spend your money on food that WILL make you obese, or anything ell's they decide to flash at you. I feel this could be setting the platform for mind control.

Think for a moment that were getting bombarded left and right with subliminal messages all the time and you conscious mind as no clue until it's too late and your 400 lbs over weight. On that note what about all the other messages out there. Make's you think about all of the crazy things we do in society. The random cravings to eat fast food, or to impulse buy something you don't need and later said "I'm not quite sure why I even bought this thing."

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is very real, and the proof is right there. Now, it's important to comprehend the fact that these messages are out there all the time while your completely unaware, filling your mind with thoughts keeping your brain busy. And why your brain is busy sorting through all of the subliminal images, what a perfect opportunity to hit you with ELF waves in order to control your thoughts. ELF waves stands for Extremely Low-Frequency Waves which is actually an acoustic audio frequency that is so low, It can't be heard by humans and can be transmitted through antennas. It make sense considering low audio frequency's can travel extremely far, the lower the frequency the further it can travel. This "infrasound" is the same way elephants can talk to each other over a few miles.

If you Google government mind control you will see how serious this subject is. There have been plans to control the minds of a working society for a long time. In fact the rabbit hole goes so deep I'm only going to touch the surface here. It's said that experiments on humans with mind control started in Nazi Germany, and that's were the technology we have today started from. After WWII and the construction of deep underground military bases under US soil, become the home the thousands among thousands of children who were kidnapped off the streets in stacked in cages from floor to ceiling ready for mind control experimentation. Statistics are that an average of 2,185 children go missing everyday in the United States, and that's not including kidnapping or abductions that's just strait up missing and never to be see again. These children are used from anything to sexual slavery to assassinations. Some people believe it's connected to the major public slaughters you've heard about. Columbine, Chapman, Timothy Mc Veigh, Ted Bundy. All people under government mind control.

In 1976 there was a project called "The Montauk Project" where thousands of teenage boys were forced in to this mind control training program. Al Bielek is one of these children who regained his memories from the project and recalls that there were at least 250,00 mind controlled "Montauk Boys" produced at 25 different underground facilities throughout the United States. Many of these boys, who are now men, are what they call "sleepers" programed to respond to certain triggers that would make them engage in what ever act they were programed for, such as random shootings, assassination, whatever. These men have been slowly fabricated back into American society as business men, Doctors, policemen, journalist, TV personalities, military, ect. Sound a bit crazy and out there, but you would be surprised on how many people believe this to be true.

Here's were it gets a bit scary. You know those cell phone tower monstrosities that are going up everywhere? It's said, this is how the ELF "Extremely-Low Frequency" transmissions are being made. What I find interesting is the fact you only find these towers in some city's and not others, when all the city's for the most part have all the same cell phone carriers. Go to a place like Phoenix Arizona where they are every few blocks or so, compared to Salt Lake city where there's not a one. Just notice, that's all I ask and you'll start to notice more and more and that's when it start's to sink in. There are also the GWEN towers, which stands for the Ground Wave Emergency Network, they name tells you what it's publicly known, for but it's also thought these towers are working in conjunction with the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) to control weather and human impulses. This picture shows the locations of the GWEN towers. The blue lines represent how the jet stream could be steered and the red line are areas of drought. The HAARP is the premier for the study of Ionospheric Physics and Radio Science and is the worlds first antenna to transmit a signal around the world. This comes direct from there site; "HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes. " Now go back and read that one more time. Go here if you want to see for yourself.

Apparently there is a devise that can disable the mind controlling capability's of these towers know as a Orgone Generator and is to be put within 1,300 feet of a tower. When you see them, it kind of seems like a scam because it comes from a site that's has topics on this same subject and sell's them at the same time. The data is there and it's something you could make yourself.

Something ell's that is completely sick is the S.S.S.S., the department of defense call's it the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum or goes by the name s-quad or squad. In the private sector this technology goes by the name of Silent Subliminal Presentation System. Perfected nearly twenty years ago it was first put into action in the Persian Gulf war in 1991 on unsuspecting Iraqi soilders. What exactly they used it for is of course classified. Once we covert over to digital broadcast, this is the technology that will be used for subliminal messaging over broadcast. This technology is completely undetectable by human senses. Believe or not, the FACT is that this technology has been approved and released to some privet vendors like "Brain Speak Subliminal Products" who have made their own custom made SSSS products that are use to improve health in one way or the other. Point is that this isn't some conspiracy theory, and that this is very real. The conspiracy is that the government is going to implementing this technology on the American People to control our thought patterns without our knowledge of it, it's said they already are so why would they stop now. The other thing, this is a Ultra-high frequency broadcast just like the HAARP. Sounds like they got all the bases covered using ultra-high and ultra-low frequencys.

One last thing for skeptic who may think this technology is not possible. There is something called the "MEDUSA" meaning Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio. It's mainly used for the control of large crowds from military or law enforcement..

"The device - dubbed MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) - exploits the microwave audio effect, in which short microwave pulses rapidly heat tissue, causing a shockwave inside the skull that can be detected by the ears."

Yes, it can also cause brain damage.

Is it just our inner voice talking to us, or is there something by the government influencing that inner voice. Overall there's something going on as far as mind manipulation that is not to be denied. There is just way to much information all over the globe for it to just be in people's heads. Or I guess it really is in people's heads. Either way one suggestion I have is, if you watch a lot of TV and find yourself impulse buying and eating a lot of fast food, TURN OFF YOUR TV!! Just wait until the switchover to digital broadcast where subliminal messages will be completly undetectable. Try to notice changes in America, your family, your friends, or even yourself. Notice the differences, figure out the truth for yourself and attain your mind, before it's to late.

The Giants of the Earth

The Nephilim or "Watchers", the Anunnaki, The Giant Anakim, The Elohim, The Neter, the Cainites, the Tritons, the Titans, the Cabiri, the Cimbri or Cimmerians. These are names that have been given to the giants that roamed the earth. They are mention in almost every ancient text from every corner of the earth, and yes in the Bible too.

I'm fascinated by the thought of these giants because these beings as you must realize "came from the sky". OK? That means that they are extra-terrestrial, or as I like to call them, alien. It's funny how so many different story's from the past put together the mystery of where we came from and they all include giants from the people that "came from the sky". I have come to the conclusion that these giants were part alien and part human. Think gene splicing would be difficult for such an advanced race? We can't even put humans on mars yet and were already doing it. These giants were made in order to rule the human race while doing the bidding of the alien race such as mining for gold. Some people feel that these aliens were considered to be the reptilians, and maybe they were. Either way it would make sense to me, to make giants rule over humans because of the intimidation that there presence would of had, and humans would have no explanation for there size except for they must have been "Gods".

Then there is the theory that these giants were first slaves to the reptilians, and it was the giants who built the great structures of the earth such as Baalbek or the pyramids of Egypt. When you really look close at these structures and how they were made, it still baffles scientist today. There is really no true explications of how it was done, only theory's which still come up half short.

Let's take for example the city of Baalbek located in the eastern part of where modern day Lebanon is. First off there is no story's, folklore's, tales or for that matter any kind of literary records of the way these structures were built. Not by the Romans, not by anybody. The stones used at the base of the construction are the largest megaliths on the planet. Weighing up to 450 tons!!! Whats even more crazy than that is the rock quarry from where these stones came from located a quarter mile DOWNHILL I might add from Baalbek. There is a single cut limestone that's 69'X16'X13'10" weighing at a wopping1200 tons still connected the the rock as if it was ready to get cut off and brought back to the site. There is no evidence containing any kind of equipment use in that day that would move these giant stones. Besides, the path between the quarry and Baalbek was uphill over very winding rough terrain and no evidence whatsoever that there was any kind a of flat hauling surface. Even with today's technology it would be an incredible task. Contemporary scientists, engineers and archaeologists alike don't understand how this even could be done with today's modern technology. Then the fact about how these stone were placed so precisely is just mind boggling, along with the fact of where the stones were placed there is no conceivable place where huge pulleys could have been stationed. So let me try to swallow this for a moment, the smartest people who have studied Baalbek from all over the world can NOT explain how it was done or how it would even be constructed today? With help from the Aliens of course!! Big stones and big people to move them.

You know, it's imposable truly decipher what really happened in the beginning. All we have is what was left behind. Not to say that the truth isn't out there. I believe that it is, but if the truth got out it, would change humanity forever. Some people don't want that to happen and will do what ever it takes to keep it that way. That's why were made to figure it out for ourselves. But I also believe that some day the truth will come out and were not to far from that day. There is to much information for it not to, it's only a matter of time. Can't you just picture Obama making a formal announcement about how the aliens made humans from their DNA and that the history books are now going to be rewritten of what really happened. I guess they'd call that book "The Truth Of Human Kind" Do yourself a favor and click, "ancient giants", it's a Google search. As you will see there is so much evidence and knowledge on the subject it's truly mind blowing.

Were these giant's real??? Yes, they were and not only were they very real, there are plenty of skeletal remains proving it. Unfortunately, there have been faked photographs circulating the internet that are debunking the fact that these giants were real. It's to bad that people are so willing to pass something off as non-sense because of a few well made photo's. There's nothing about this subject that is non-sense. These picture's that I have posted are real, and are not the some works of a crafty graphic artist. Take a look at these pictures of giants from the last 150 years. The DNA of these humans is not some freak of nature, but a DNA code constructed in an alien lab thousands and maybe even millions of years ago. Sounds crazy, but it may be not to far off from the truth. In fact it might be a spot on piece to the puzzle. The only reason this scenario may sound off the wall, is because everything we have been taught and know tell us this could not be true.

In many of these story's of the people that "came from the sky" who made these giant's of the earth, proclaim that they had six fingers and six toes. There are statues all over the world depicting giants gods with six fingers and six toes.

2 Samuel 21:20
"And there was yet a battle in Gath, where was a man of great stature, that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born to the giant."

Now get this, modern day giants from the last 150 years are known to have six fingers and six toes, and apparently it's very common for giants to have this birth defect. Or is it a defect at all? I don't think so, for me this is clad proof that this ancient giant alien DNA has been past down from one generation to the next. This makes sense, how could it not, the evidence is right there. Now all you have to do is open your mind and allow these thoughts to become real. The truth is out there and I feel this is a big part of it. It's funny how the modern day giant is labeled as a freak of nature, but the ancient giants were gods. Fact is, this is not to be denied and way to important to overlook. Seek the truth, don't remain a prisoner to the mind THEY want you to have and attain your own attainable mind.