Aliens caught on tape.

There are tons of video's claiming that they caught a REAL alien on video. Today I'm going to examine the ones I feel hold the most clout.

This first one I think is awesome! It's an alien captured and drugged in order for it to be interviewed and the video is narrated by an x-government official. It's just like our government to drug someone or something before they try an interview. It didn't go so well considering they were never able to get any kind of readable response out of it. The interviewer is behind a one way mirror, so the alien see him. You'll see after a while that a few people come in to wipe the mouth of the alien because of the drool. If this is a fake, they sure spent quite a bit of money and time for a Youtube video, on top of not making anything back. I think the original video comes from the show "UFO files" on the history channel. Enjoy.
Now this next video show a captured alien sitting in a chair making some noises, kind of like a baby. Look can tell the people speaking in the back ground, sound maybe Tongan or Samoan. I may not know what their saying, but you can hear the excitement in their voices as if they just caught something. Near the very end of the video you can hear someone in English say "what is that". Of course some people claim it's a fake, but I just don't see how. If it is, it's the best dam fake I've ever seen. On top of the fact that if it was fake, don't you think after going through all that trouble you would want to get more then thirty seconds of video? I feel it's is the real McCoy. Decide for yourself and I encourage you to ask the question "how could this be fake?"  UP DATE:  Turns out this actually this was a fake, made by an amazing CGI animator.  Still doesn't make me feel any different about aliens and our contact with them.

Here's a ten minute video of Jaime Maussan going over some pictures of aliens caught on camera. Jaime is one of the most famous UFO researchers is the world. Coming from Mexico he gets plenty of cases. Some of the pictures are more believable than others, ether way It's pretty cool, and I think some of these are authentic. At the end of the video he analyzes some awesome crop circles, interesting stuff.

No matter what you believe, there are people from all over the world coming up with new pictures and videos of aliens and UFO's all the time and it's not stopping. UFO's and aliens are real and it's only a matter of time before it's announced publicly.

Break down the walls in your mind, let it free in order to see the truth, and attain your attainable mind.