The Ultimate Conspiracy

This blog has so far consisted of aliens on the moon, on mars, in the sky's, government worldly plans (New World Order), mind control, depopulation, secrete society's and so on. I believe all of these conspiracy's are all connected, and today I'm going to explain how. Remember to let your mind go on this one, it's a lot to rap your head around.
So the world governments wants and needs to create a one world government in order to create harmony with the earth and it's inhabited. To create a world of abundance with a solid structure of true human lifestyle. A place that revolves around making the earth and life a better place for human kind and the earth itself in order to live in harmony. Today things are very different, we have a world that consists of money, greed, waste, fear, hatred, lots of superficial stuff, propaganda, lies, war, starvation, poverty, murder, conspiracy's, antitrust, and the list goes on and on. I don't mean to paint such a gruesome picture of our planet. There are lots of good things, but that fact is we still live in this world of negative substances. Look at the history and you find our world has been built on murder, war, and greed. It's sad but it's the truth.

There is a plan to create this new utopia, but it's going to take some large steeps to get there. First thing is to depopulate the earth down to about 500,000,000 or 1,000,000,000. There are many ways to depopulate the earth. One is to poison us all and let the chemicals do all the work in the form of a virus, a cancer or a disease, or maybe just an unexplained phenomenon. It could take place with major natural disasters with the worlds weather control systems that can make earthquakes, super hurricanes, volcano's erupt, super tornado's, you name it and they can produce it.

OK, so the earth is in major turmoil with everyone dieing off and it's going to take about 10 to 20 years time. So where do the people who are going to carry on the human race run off to? First off we need to quickly discus the pressure that the governments are under by the alien races to depopulate. Our earth is a diamond in the ruff so to speak. There are lots of planets in the universe that can sustain life, but only earth contains substances that are so pure, like water. So pure and so perfect. The alien races have been around for a lot longer then we have, and cherish this planet much more than we do. We just don't know how special our earth is. Why would we? We worry about the bills we have to pay and what were going to buy to make our lives more convenient, but that is all about to change.

The alien races have been living and using the moon as there base and observation station. They have been there for hundreds if not thousands of years. Waiting for the time to come where humans are advanced enough to move on to the next level of life. To where we are no longer earth bound creatures and have technology to lift ourselves off this rock. I also think we had a little help back in 1949 if know know what I mean. Think about it, all of the advanced compounds and polymers that make your iphone and stealth bombers, came after Roswell. Get over it!!! Yes, it is alien technology!!!

So back on track, earth is in turmoil where do the 500,000,000 or 1,000,000,000 go? Well one place we know is underground. There are built cities underground as we speak with thousands of miles of interconnected highway. These city's are completely self sustaining. That's right hundreds of thousands of square miles of living space a mile under our feet. It's said that some people have been born and raised in these cities without ever seeing the light of day ready to start the new earth with it's new ways.

The other place is going to be on the moon. There are alien bases all over the moon, so many in fact that they cover the moon almost in it's entirety. Just Google "alien moon bases" and you'll see what I'm talking about. If you have a powerful enough telescope you could see them for yourself. NASA has lied about everything when it come to the moon, and it's all starting to surface. Check out the movie "Moon Rising" it revivals it all. Anyways, yes I'm suggesting that certain people in power will be living on the moon along with the aliens while the earth is going through it's cleans.
There are two more places that people can go. One is living on a Space Station, that I'm sure you can believe considering everyone knows space stations are real the key is just being able to do it for 10-20 years. The other is living on Mars. There are already large alien structures on Mars and this was there home 3.5 billion years ago when Mars had an atmosphere similar to earths. It would make sense that 3.5 billion years ago the Martians where very similar to humans. Today's alien races had to evolve from a primitive race as well. There are lots of alien race's just like how humans have lots of races. Give humans a few billion years and we wont be humans any more, but aliens living on a moon next to the new earth that is the new diamond in the ruff.
Coming back to earth, in order to cleans the earth and carry on the human race, a select few will go with the aliens. Doctors, Scientist, Artist, environmentalist, a few common folk, and of course, government officials will be the one's chosen to live on the Moon, Mars, space stations and the underground city's, and will be living there for the next 10 - 20 years. Billions of people will die, cities will be destroyed, and life will cease exist as we know it. Take a look the History channel's "Earth After Humans" and you'll see how fast the earth can bounce back from our destruction. The aliens know that this, and see this as the only way to keep our earth a living planet full of abundance.

You may say, why don't they just kill us all off? What do they need humans for? Well aliens have morals and feeling too, and find us has a species, fascinating. Everything we do comes out through our two root emotions of Love and fear. I believe the alien races have experienced and lived from these feeling of love and fear as well, but a long long long time ago. I think in a way, we remind them of themselves millions if not billions of year ago.

OK, so now picture the world cleansed, a clean slate, an abundance of nature, clean water, fresh clean air, a new clean earth. The humans come back the to planet to start a new way of life, a new utopia. Lets think for a moment. Every human who was cherry picked to carry on the human race now has a whole new frame of mind. Imagine living in these closed quarters on the Moon, Mars, underground, or in a space station and what's going through the minds of those people. Imagine knowing you were chosen to carry on the human race, you are one of the few starting a new world on a new earth. Your mind would no longer consist of bills you have to pay, what outfit your going to buy for that fancy dinner, the reception your cell phone gets, or how tan your skin is. Your hair or how you look wont be as important any more. No more designer anything for that matter, no more clutter of superficial stuff that we think is cool everywhere. No more billboards telling you what to buy, no more conspiracy's on new world order, it's already happen at this point. No more religion, no more war because we will have become a new human race with one understanding and purpose, to start a new world.

Within this time frame the alien races will also teach us and instill in us the importance of love and shun out fear in order for the human race to have a one world understanding. This will be the reason the rid human thought of religion. Many of the wars throughout our history have been fought over religion and this new earth would need to expel disagreements over beliefs to astray from conflict. These superficial thoughts will have no place on the new earth because the understanding of life and life's purpose will be clear. You wont have people asking themselves "what is my purpose in life" anymore because their purpose will be to start a new world.
Consciousness will change forever as we know it. There will be no more greed because there will nothing to get greedy over. When you live in a world of abundance there is more then enough of everything to go around. There will be no shortage of food, no shortage of time because there will be nothing to rush for. There will be no laws because there will be nobody to break them. No time clocks to punch because there wont be any company's making a bunch of crap we really don't need. You might say, where's the fun in this new world? I'm still going to want my cell phone, computer and cable television right?? No, not necessarily. You don't miss something you've never had.

As for the original 5,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 people. They might miss some things of the old world and may reminisce about walking down Hollywood Boulevard and buying a pair of $5000 Italian shoes. Personally I feel they would reminisce about how primitive we were, and how they knew in there hearts that this was all going to happen, and feel good about it.
Human's would live knowing themselves better because their days would no longer consist of being a slave to the dollar and to the watch. I'm not saying there wont be any jobs, or work that people do, but that it will have a different mind state associated with it. There is a difference between say working for an big insurance company like AIG, and working on something that directly effects the community and quality of life of the people around you. Just the name AIG feels negative and we all know why, greed!

Remember with this change of consciousness, it brings a change of feeling for everything that humans do. People will live having a great sense of purpose and community knowing that there life is spent working on things to improve life while living in harmony with the earth. Things would be run a little different too, as I said people will no longer be a slave to time. There will no need to work 40 hours a week anymore because there will be less things to do but more people to do them. Lets say for example your starting one of the new utopia city's or community's. There's lot's of work to be done yes, you need power, water, food, shelter, and you need people to do these things. But the technology we will have at this point makes these big jobs not so big anymore. All of the unnecessary stuff of the old world will be gone, and there will be no need for any of it. This will leave time for your own thoughts, time with loved one's, time for the things your inter self wants you to do. Like art, music, dance, writing, philosophy, anything that you feel is right for yourself. Who has time these days to get creative, not many people. You got bills to pay and you got to work hard to pay those bills leaving you with no time for getting to know yourself. Even if you did have the time, you still have to get past all the influences around you. You would have to turn off your TV, the radio, the internet, your cell phone, drive with horse blinders, and then to top it all off, you have to clear your mind of all of the daily influences that come into your life that day. Not an easy task. The governments of the world have done a very good job keep us slaves to time and money. We have been given no other choice really. Unless you decide to become a Buddhist monk you will always be ruled by time and money. Don't get me wrong, I love life and I wish I had lots more money and time. But there is something to be said about a Utopian life, what a time and place to live.
I believe we all fantasize about living in a perfect world, isn't it our destiny? It would make sense to me that the destiny of the human race is make a perfect world for ourselves. I also believe that the great powers of this world feel this is the destiny of the human race and this is the next greatest step to getting there. The only way this could happen is with a New World Order and major depopulation of the planet. Personally I feel they could accomplish this without killing everyone off with some great catastrophic event. It wouldn't be easy and most American's anyway I feel would disagree with the laws that would be put into place in order to make it happen. For example, you couldn't have ten kids if you wanted. You would not be aloud to profit off anything that was not environmentally friendly and biodegradable with in a a years time. You could not practice religion unless it was to worship the earth, the universe and science. It would have to be proven fact, not fiction. It would have to be some what of a Sociologist dictatorship, which would take away a lot of freedoms. Better that then killing off billions of people right?

Either way there it is, the ultimate plan and the greatest conspiracy of all time.

You know, it's funny, I even have a hard time believing this scenario. For some reason it just make sense to me. I've spent countless hours researching conspiracy theories and all I'm doing is connecting the dots as I see them. We has humans do things that are similar here on earth, like controlling the deer population. We make state forest, count the amount of deer that can sustain that area and we do what we have to do to keep it that way. Well, our earth is becoming that State forest and we are becoming the deer. It's really not that far fetched, you just have to let go of what you already think you know, get out of the box and attain your own mind.