Life and Our Cosmic Connection

   We are truly living in a very exciting time on earth right now.  We as humans have lived through many different levels of consciousness.  According to the ancient Maya it calculates to something like this:

16.4 billion B.C.
= Matter              = Cellular
819,998,000 B.C.
= Complex Life   = Individual
40,998,000 B.C.  
= Monkeys         = Family
2,048,000 B.C.    
= Humans           = Tribal
100,500 B.C.       
= Language         = Cultural
3115 B.C.            
= Writing            = National
1755 A.D.         
= Industrialism    = Planetary
Jan 4th 1999         
= IT revolution    = Galactic
Feb 10th 2011    
= Transformation = Cosmic

So as you can see we are now coming into the transformation cycle which in turn rises the level of human consciousness to a cosmic level.  Now the key here is, what does it mean to be at a cosmic level of consciousness? We'll come back to that.

Something I find very interesting is the fact that there is lots of evidence supporting the fact that we are coming into this a transformation cycle of cosmic consciousness.  To start, the mystery of the ancient Sumerian scriptures that have been translated from the cuneiform clay tablets and  shedding light to were humankind and all modern religions started from, and more and more people are paying attention.  They speak of beings not of this planet creating earth, humans and everything else.  This alone is shifting consciousness because it's changing the way we think about the origin of humans.

OK, so let me pose a question.  If a being is not of this world, meaning earth, then by definition what are they?  If a being was not born, or started on earth, then yes, that means that being is an extraterrestrial.  Wait!  I'm I saying "God" is an alien.  Um, yes.  Any sentient being that is not of this earth is an Extraterrestrial.

Extraterrestrial life: is defined as life that does not originate from Earth. Possible forms of extraterrestrial life range from simple bacteria-like organisms to sapient beings far more advanced than humans. It is unknown whether any such forms of life exist or ever existed.

So according to Wikipedia it is unknown whether any "God" exist or ever existed.

If you think about it, every person who believes in a "God" is actually praying to an extraterrestrial life form.  Or even a better way to put it, their worshiping aliens!!!!!

More and more people throughout the planet are giving up the belief that there is one "All Mighty God" who made everything from Earth to the Universe.  People are realizing that organized religion can have more of a negative effect on society then a positive one considering how many wars have been fought in the name of "God".  In my opinion, there will be no peace on earth until the mass of organized religion is abolished and the real truth about the origin of humankind is reviled. Then and only then will world peace be possible because no one will have a need to compete for whose religion is the true religion, and whose god is the one true god.  The exciting thing is, that time is now upon us.

Now because the fact that so many people don't believe in one specific religion and one all mighty "God", around the world these people are coming to new conclusions to what gives us life, consciousness, what life is, and what happens after we die.  Take the first law of thermal-dynamics for example, it states that "energy can never be created nor can it ever be destroyed, it can only be transformed".  ‘Human thermodynamics’ was a term coined in 1893 by English engineer Bryan Donkin.  When defined by other people, it's more or less; the mathematical expression of how human activity works according to a set of laws which are based on the relation of heat, time, and energy.  The one thing nobody dares to say which should remain true is the fact that the same energy that gives your life, your dog, your cat, your goldfish,  is all older then the earth, the solar system, our galaxy and the entire universe.  So yes, I believe all consciousness is older than the universe itself because I believe consciousness is the energy that gives us life.  It has to be if the first law of thermal-dynamics is true.  It would mean it's a scientific fact.  Yes.

Advances in science have started to prove that we live in a multidimensional universe. People who practice lots and lots of meditation such as a Buddhist Monk, have been aware of this multidimensional universe for ages.  But now more and more people are just beginning to understand what it means to travel spiritually in the multidimensional universe that we live in.  This is the transformation.

Some people have come to the conclusion that aliens or extraterrestrials have been interacting with humans ever since the beginning of time through our conscious and that it's our conscious that is the extraterrestrial.   OK, just bear with me for a bit here.  Now let's think for a sec, the universe and everything in it are all frequencies.  Lots and lots of different frequencies.  Wireless internet is a perfect example of what can be transferred through frequency and just goes to show how specific and complicated frequencies can be.  Now imagine a race of sentient beings, on such a frequency to where in their dimension they could be at the same point in the universe as earth, but can't see it.  They can't even touch it.  Sentient beings, some which are positive and some that are negative, searching a receptor to adapt with, or into.  These receptors our the minds of humans.  Think about the fact that we know so little about the brain, and the fact we use so little of it.  Why?  This still remains a mystery.  Or, I pose that our minds work as receptors or antennas that broadcast and receive not only messages, but play host to extraterrestrial-sentient beings from across the universe.  It may explain the reason why no two people on earth are exactly alike.  It may also explain why humans can be so irrational and do unimaginable things.

I understand that this scenario seems radical, and extremely far fetched for some.  But for many people, this makes perfect sense, and coming back to the new age of cosmic transformation, this is exactly what I think the Maya meant.  That the human mind as a species world wide are starting to become aware of these ideas, and scientifically they seem to be correct.  The Idea that we live in a multidimensional universe and our conscious is directly connected to it and at any time, with a trained mind our life-force, soul or whatever you call your consciousness, can travel vast distances throughout the universe in an instant.

Once you're able to get past the fact that there's much more to life then what is physical, a whole other universe awaits you on the other side.  I'm not saying you have to die in order to experience this other dimension, I believe it's as simple as having a trained mind.  Although it's the training of the mind that becomes difficult.

Let's talk about atoms for a moment.  The atom is the fundamental building block of everything, or what scientists like to call "matter". Every single object is composed of atoms. Your body is made atoms, hydrogen, oxygen, iron, copper, and helium are all made of atoms. But atoms are just about 99% of empty space. How can this be, empty space?? Most people know this as common knowledge but consistently take it for granted. Sure atoms are 99% empty space, but you know what? The ground does seem pretty firm, rocks seem to be fairly hard and metal objects seem to be pretty solid. The fact remains though, atoms are mostly empty space.

If atoms are 99% empty space, then that means only one percent is physical, and that's enough to build huge metal skyscrapers, iphones, airplanes the earth and everything on it. But what about all that empty space? What's happening in that space? Another dimension perhaps? Multiple dimensions maybe?

Clear your mind and try to imagine your consciousness traveling into a non-psychical dimension without going anywhere. Once in that other dimension you would be at the same point in the universe as earth but earth wouldn't be there. This would be your transformation into the cosmos by entering into this other dimension.  What if,  now  keep an open mind, you were able to get the atoms that make up your physical self to resonate at such a frequency to where your entire body were to enter this other dimension.  Poof, you would dissipate into nothing in this physical plane and you will have transformed into the cosmos.  You would now be a cosmic entity where the rules of physics no longer apply, and time and space would become irrelevant.
 It's this understanding that more and more people across the planet are starting to comprehend.  This is what I believe what the Maya meant as the transformation into the cosmic age.  We've come to the point in the time-line of humanity where our understanding of life and our cosmic connection to it are transforming into a new age of consciousness where humans for the first time on a mass scale are having a profound understanding of the multidimensional universe we live in.  Attain your mind.

Is the Stargate in the Gulf of Aden Creating All the Earthquakes?

The Gulf of Aden is really starting to heat up due to the 35 earthquakes that have taken place in the last 7 days since this post was written, ranging from a magnitude of 4.5 to 5.4. This is supposedly where a Stargate is burried two miles under the ocean floor. Apparently during the blue moon we had on New Years 2010 the Diamond Tetrahedrons within the Crystalline Earth Grid were activated which has in turn opened the Stargate. In addition, the Gulf of Aden has been under scientific scrutiny for years because of a magnetic anomaly that was discovered, and now are getting bombarded with earthquakes daily. What is really happening out there?

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP 4.7 2010/11/18 02:25:52 12.009 43.979 14.4 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.9 2010/11/18 01:56:55 12.182 44.078 11.3 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.9 2010/11/16 15:51:27 12.080 44.023 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 5.0 2010/11/16 02:07:04 12.466 44.259 11.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.8 2010/11/16 02:05:20 11.989 43.932 8.6 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 4.7 2010/11/15 23:35:31 12.057 43.971 13.8 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.6 2010/11/15 11:12:20 11.860 43.444 8.6 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 4.9 2010/11/15 07:36:08 12.116 44.040 11.2 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.3 2010/11/15 07:13:11 12.296 43.591 16.3 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.5 2010/11/15 07:09:10 12.269 44.038 10.5 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.6 2010/11/15 03:44:09 12.405 43.714 15.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.7 2010/11/15 00:06:08 12.104 43.803 16.5 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.9 2010/11/14 23:25:36 12.162 43.968 16.3 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 5.1 2010/11/14 22:22:30 11.955 43.629 10.2 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 4.9 2010/11/14 20:18:04 12.041 43.693 13.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 5.2 2010/11/14 19:15:43 11.796 43.850 10.2 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 4.7 2010/11/14 18:54:29 12.123 44.115 9.6 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.9 2010/11/14 17:39:20 12.133 43.922 16.4 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 5.3 2010/11/14 17:02:50 12.055 43.735 15.4 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.8 2010/11/14 15:15:05 12.204 43.762 2.4 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 5.3 2010/11/14 15:06:30 11.930 43.644 12.4 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 5.1 2010/11/14 14:55:25 12.068 43.784 13.6 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 5.2 2010/11/14 14:33:19 12.005 43.853 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 5.0 2010/11/14 14:04:30 11.949 43.895 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 5.0 2010/11/14 13:50:05 12.181 43.958 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.9 2010/11/14 12:49:55 11.810 43.773 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 4.7 2010/11/14 12:48:34 12.108 43.721 10.1 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.8 2010/11/14 12:41:49 11.999 43.865 10.1 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 4.7 2010/11/14 12:38:59 12.169 43.971 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.7 2010/11/14 12:17:16 11.950 43.756 9.9 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 4.6 2010/11/14 12:10:16 12.152 43.844 10.1 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.6 2010/11/14 12:00:46 11.801 43.967 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 4.9 2010/11/14 11:30:19 12.175 43.891 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.8 2010/11/14 11:14:12 11.715 43.994 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 4.9 2010/11/14 10:37:47 11.874 44.023 10.0 GULF OF ADEN
MAP 4.5 2010/11/14 10:37:25 11.750 44.080 10.0 GULF OF ADEN
MAP 4.8 2010/11/14 10:34:28 12.137 44.014 10.1 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.8 2010/11/14 09:23:28 12.132 44.086 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.9 2010/11/14 09:17:52 12.064 43.936 10.1 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.5 2010/11/14 09:06:00 12.110 43.987 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.6 2010/11/14 08:30:22 11.959 43.998 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
MAP 5.0 2010/11/14 08:21:22 12.152 43.967 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.5 2010/11/14 07:57:18 12.025 44.079 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.9 2010/11/14 07:38:33 11.979 44.019 10.0 GULF OF ADEN
MAP 4.9 2010/11/14 07:27:37 12.405 44.046 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.8 2010/11/14 07:08:30 11.571 44.007 10.0 GULF OF ADEN
MAP 4.7 2010/11/14 07:03:36 12.102 44.113 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 5.4 2010/11/14 06:32:28 12.025 43.957 9.9 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
MAP 4.6 2010/11/14 06:29:29 12.578 44.032 10.0 NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN

"The seafloor spreading direction and latitude are such that the anomaly due to normal magnetization is negative and slightly skewed. Positive anomalies were also observed suggesting the presence of reverse magnetization. A short wavelength magnetic anomaly which frequently occurs superimposed on the axial magnetic anomaly in the Gulf of Aden is now described. Various interpretations are considered; the preferred involves a dramatic swallowing of the Curie temperature isotherm close to the seafloor spreading center. The interpretation has implications for models of the generation of oceanic lithosphere and for locating possible geothermal areas in rifted regions."

"dramatic swallowing of the Curie temperature isotherm close to the seafloor spreading center."

Could this be a reaction caused by the Stargate?

What I find the most interesting about this whole scenario is the fact that I wrote an article about the Stargate in the Gulf of Aden months ago and everyone that has known about this has been waiting for something to happen. Maybe this is the first sign of what's to come. Are these earthquakes being caused by things going in and out of this Stargate? Or is it just a coincidence that all of these earthquakes are happening all at the same time in the same place that the Stargate is located.

All I know is that amazing things are happening all around the world all the time. We are coming into a new era of consciousness and many things we never thought were possible now are, such as the Colima University in Mexico that just opened the first department devoted to Exopolitics with the first lectures happening this month. What if we find out that the Stargate in the Gulf Of Aden is real and open for business, transporting beings to and from our planet, or another dimension. Anything is possible.

Energy can never be created nor can it ever be destroyed, it only can change, there for anything is possible, for we are older than the universe itself.

Attain your mind.

UFOs Like You've Never Seen: By Telescope

John Leonard Watson or aka Gridkeeper on Youtube is an amateur astronomer who had the inspiration to connect his video camera to his telescope and take videos of the moon, the space shuttle, the International Space Station (I.S.S.) and what ever else he could find in the sky.  In the video you are about to see are the images of different objects orbiting the earth.  Thing is, they don't look like the I.S.S. nor do they look like the Space Shuttle.  So what are they?  There is no doubt that they're there and that they are real.  There are no claims to whether the objects are human made space stations or alien space craft.  But the question arises,  if they are human made space stations, who's are they and why are they there?

You have to remember that just because the I.S.S. is made public doesn't mean that there aren't top secret space stations as well.  There could be lots of them for that matter, from many different country's.  Just because we don't know about them doesn't mean there not there.

What would be the point to having many very different top secret space stations?  Are they carriers for the elite if the earth becomes unlivable in 2012?  Are they battle stations getting ready for a giant alien invasion?  Are they atmosphere manipulators that work in conjunction with the HAARP and ESCAT and the other ionospheric heaters preparing for the Blue Beam Project.  Are they solar-system/earth monitors, monitoring the radical changes happening to our earth and solar system? Why so many and why are they all so different?

Now the other question arises, what if they're not made by humans?  This would mean at this very moment, huge alien spacecraft are floating in earths orbit and have been for years.  Not so far fetched really.  But what are they doing there?  If they're alien then it would make sense to me that these are docking stations for other smaller alien space craft.  Kind of like there first landing point before coming to earth.  Are they getting ready to revel themselves to the people of earth?  Many people think this is going to happen and that the governments of the world already know about it.

Something that I've been noticing that would make this scenario true for me is the fact that there are so many new movies and television show all depicting aliens from another world revealing themselves to the people of earth. Yes yes I know that there have always been movies and TV shows about aliens invading earth, and yes I understand that the population is larger and naturally you're going to have more TV shows and movies.  But never to this magnitude have we ever seen so many all at the same time and so similar.

 "V" on ABC spring of 2010, is a show about aliens revealing themselves to earth.

"The Event" on NBC Fall 2010 more or less is the same plot were alien's reveal themselves to the humans.

  "Skyline", released November 2010 is a movie about aliens invading earth.

  "Battle: Los Angeles" coming out in 2011, is a based off of the famous  day of February 25, 1947 where UFOs were spotted hovering over LA for hours.  Here is MSNBC covering the 65th anniversary of the event.  Who the hell covers the 65 anniversary of anything? - News Report Anti Aircraft Guns Fire on UFO 1942 Video

The movie takes it a bit further of-course with a massive alien invasion. Check this out.


"Monsters" fall of 2010  is about a massive alien invasion.

"Area 51"  The name of the movie says it all release date 2010/2011.

"Super 8" summer 2011, is Spielberg's new movie about a train heading to or coming from Area 51.

"District 10" is the squeal to "District 9" and this time they're not alone.  No trailer yet.

"The Darkest Hour" coming out summer 2011. The story revolves around a group of young people who struggle to survive, after an Alien attack in Russia.   No movie trailer yet.

"Fallen Skies" Directed by Steven Spielberg is going to be TNT's biggest show of 2011.  The pilot is from Robert Rodat (“Saving Private Ryan”), and will follow human resistance fighters led by Wylie as they hide out int he mountains and strike back at the invaders in the aftermath of a successful alien invasion that nearly wipes out the human population.

Michael Bay's "Confidential Alien Project" is Bay's next alien movie, described as a mix of Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity with plenty of alien abductions.

Why all of the alien propaganda?  I'll let you figure that one out on your own. All I can say is that the future is going to get real interesting.   Attain your mind.

Our Existence In The Universe and our Relationship with it.

This has been the grinding question since the beginning of time. Humanity has based it's entire existence as being biological earth bound creatures. Makes sense to me considering that statement is correct. We are biological and we do live on earth. But what if it was scientifically known exactly what happens when we die. According to the first law of thermodynamics "Energy can never be created nor can it ever be destroyed, it can only be transformed." this tells us scientifically that the energy that gives anything life, you, me, the ant on the floor, the tree outside, everything, was never created and has never been destroyed, there for, this energy is eternal. The big question is, does energy retain memory and is it possible to scientifically prove that the energy that gives each and every one of us life can retain it's memory as well. What if I were to tell you that it has been proven that the human life force, soul or what ever you prefer to call it can indeed retain memory.

What if all of the mysterious questions we have as humans were answered. Such as; What roll do we play as humans in the universe? How were we created? Was there a higher intellect that created us? What is "God"? Where did the word "god" come from? What does it really mean? Is it a being? Is it human? Is it extraterrestrial? Is it a place in the universe? What happens when our human bodies die? Where does the energy of the life force go? Where did all of the ancient knowledge come from? How come all sacred religious text are related in some aspects but not in others? What part of ancient religious text are correct if any? Do humans carry alien DNA? Do we control our lives or are they planned by divine intellect? Was it meant to happen or was it just coincidence? Are there other intelligent beings in the universe? Have they been to earth? Have they contacted humans? Do they play a role in our existence?

What if all of these questions were answered, and not just answered but explained in great detail. What if the real truth about everything was released around the world and all humans were on the same page about all of these questions. Would we still have wars? Would we still argue about who is right and who is wrong?  Would there still be prejudices or racism? Would we have religion? I guess that depends on what the real answers are.

What if I were to tell you that all of these questions have been answered and the real truth about everything is known.

Before we move on you're going to have to take a moment for yourself and allow your mind to try to believe something you would never believe before this moment.

Right now you are about to embark on the real truth of everything. You are about to find out what the saying "created in the image of god" actually means. It's not what you think, I promises. It has nothing to do with religion what so ever except for the fact that religion has taken the word "God" and misinterpreted it time and time again.

You will come to find that all ancient religious text have some truth but have again, misinterpreted and rewritten so many time that the true meaning of the words have been lost. You are about to find out where your life-force comes from. You are about to discover your personal relationship with the universe and everything in it and even outside of it. Your mind, if you allow it is about to be opened in a way that you could never imagine. This knowledge may very well stick with you for the rest of your life, and maybe even after your biological body has died.

Much of the following come's from this source.

A’shayana Deane is one of the three readers of the “Cloister-Dora-Teura Plates” or CDT-Plates“ which are a set of 12 digital holographic recorder discs that were manufactured in 246,000BC. The information on the disks contain 590 volumes, and over 500,000 pages, of non-dogmatic, egalitarian, Sacred Spiritual Science Teachings covering every aspect of mastering personal and cosmic reality. They contain the full evolutionary history of life evolution in our Time Matrix since the last life-wave was seeded 950 billion years ago up to the present and also future records of the many various paths of evolutionary development of human and inter-dimensional, inter-galactic, inter-time races, which emerge from free-will choices rendered in our present space-time continuum. The plates have been in protective custody by a specific family line of the Eieyani, who refer to themselves as the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO). The MCEO have always been, and will always be, an egalitarian, non-hierarchical, non-gender-biased spiritual service collective.

Every once in a while within humanity’s evolution, the Eieyani are permitted to bring back the ancient teachings in their pure form, allowing for the records of the 12 CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts original translations to be re- translated into the languages of the time. The Eieyani return the knowledge contained in the CDT-Plate records to public view when it is most needed to assist Earth populations, at times when major planetary events are due to transpire. The last time written CDT-Plate translation took place was during the “Christ period” of 12BC-27AD, among a group of Essenes of Eieyani descent. Most of these written records were rapidly destroyed, confiscated or intentionally altered by the corrupt political power elite of the times, as so often has happened historically with CDT-Plate written translations. Since 27AD the Eieyani Priests knew that the next CDT-Plate Translation Cycle was scheduled to occur just prior to and during the 2000-2017AD period; a period in time when great changes in the evolutionary path of all Earth species were destined to unfold. During the 2000-2017AD period permission for written CDT-Plate translation was to be authorized by the Eieyani Priests.

CDT-Plate Translation occurs when the Eieyani Priests carefully select several individuals in childhood from general family lines that they know to be descendant from the Eieyani. Eieyani Speakers are permitted and trained to translate information directly from the highly protected CDT-Plate holographic discs and from their original Maharata Texts written translations. Once skilled in translation, Speakers are then endorsed by the MCEO Eieyani Priests to publicly publish MCEO CDT-Plate translations and related information as provided by the Eieyani Priests. To protect the integrity and quality of CDT-Plate translations, and to ensure the safe keeping of the 12 CDT-Plates, there are only 3 Speaker Contract appointments given during any one translation cycle. When translation publication time arrives, the 3 Speakers are eventually guided by the Eieyani Priests to find each other and work together, each endorsing the validity of the others' work. In the present CDT-Plate Translation Cycle the Speaker-1 Contract was finalized and initiated in 1999 and the Speaker 2 and 3 Contracts were finalized and initiated in 2001.

Once upon a time, long before Atlantis, these teachings were the "common knowledge" of a once enlightened, joy-filled, peaceful, love-based global civilization of "Angelic Human" beings. Fragmented remnants of these once-unified "Founders" MCEO spiritual-science teachings, which have been historically edited and altered repeatedly to serve dogmatic control agendas, have literally provided the ancient foundations upon which all of our traditional world religions, evolving sciences and "New Age" spirituality are built.

A'shayana Deane Born in the USA, raised with a traditional Christian perspective, experienced "Conscious Birthing" with an open reincarnational memory since birth. At the age of 7 she was chosen for a 12-year (1971-1983) course of private MCEO Elementary-Intermediate training from the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Eieyani Priests of UR of Kauai, Hawaii, in MCEO Emerald Covenant studies and translation of the ancient Cloister-Dora-Teura Plates.

A'sha entered the Eieyani Priests MCEO Masters Course at the age of 20, receiving intensive MCEO Ministerial training between 1984-1996 through frequent engagements with the Eieyani Priests of Kauai, completing a rigorous 12-year Masters CDT-Plate training course and 6th-Degree (of 6) MCEO Ministerial Ordination (Ekr.MCEO). Her MCEO training includes the "Inner Christos Law of One" Spiritual Tradition, extensive Pre-ancient History studies, Kathara Core Template Healing applications, Keylontic (matter-template) Science, Scalar-wave and Time Mechanics, 15-Dimensional Physics, and Masters Spiritual Actualization training featuring advanced Merkaba/DNA Template/ Kundalini/ Ascension sciences and Planetary Templar (Template) mechanics. In 1996 A'sha accepted appointment from the Eieyani Priests in Kauai to serve as Eieyani Speaker-1, holding the first of three MCEO Eieyani CDT-Plate Speakers Contracts completing an additional 2 years of MCEO Speakers training. Previously known as Diana Kathryn, or "Katie", in 1998 she began public use of the name "Aneayhea A'sha", or "A'sha", her name translation in the ancient Eieyani language, choosing this as her MCEO Speakers publishing name in appreciation for her MCEO training.

It is her background that has made me give her interview a 2nd look. I listened to her interview without knowing her background and really just started to think she is a quack. I'm sure you will too after you hear her speak. But the fact she has such an extensive background makes me think there is validity to what she says,  you're just going to have to make that decision for yourself. Now her interview is a total of about six hours, try to just get through the first two. Interesting to say the least. If she really is making it all up, then man, she has one seriously crazy imagination. But I just find it hard to believe that someone that has gone through so much spiritual teaching would make stuff up just to write books to make a profit. But you never know we humans are capable of anything. Enjoy-

Attain your mind.

Disclosure Conference, National Press Club, 27 September 2010

If you have had any doubt about the existence of extraterrestrials visiting planet Earth, get ready to observe retired high ranking military personnel confess their knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrials that have been visiting earth for many many years.  This conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. , right down the street from the White House on September 27, 2010. Please do yourself a favor and watch this entire conference.  Incredible!!!

The truth is much closer than you think. Attain your mind.

China Xiaoshan AIRPORT UFO 07/07/10

There has been a new UFO sighting that has taken the world by storm and the United States is doing everything it can to make it seem like a hoax.

First off, lets get a few things out of the way before we dive into this UFO case.

This UFO was caught on tape and witnessed by hundred's if not thousands of people all throughout Hangzhou China, many who were interviewed.

The Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou closed down for four hours and planes were rerouted because of the UFO sightings.

Now let me pose a few questions.

Do you think people who live in the vicinity of an airport know what planes in the air look like?

Do you think it's possible that those same people all of a sudden got delusional and forgot what a plane in the air looked like?

Do you think that hundreds of people who don't know each other would all decide to make up a UFO story the same day?

Do you think that air-traffic control for the Xiaoshan airport would have knowledge of other aircraft in the vicinity?

Do you think an airport would shut down for an aircraft that was identified?

Do you think Photoshop can make moving video animations like CGI?

Apparently, some guy at MIT does. Take a look at this clip:

This type of reporting makes me sick. Notice how the reporter has a sarcastic look on her face as she says, "you know those UFO's over China that everybody talked about, Twitted and threw on the internet." Notice how she looks off to the side as if the story is just sooo stupid. Look at her body language, it's like if you actually believe this stuff you're an idiot. What a bitch!

Then she says "it may have been a hoax," then, "an MIT analyst says it appears to be faked with a Photoshop software." Wait--hold on here. A "Photoshop software"? So is it Photoshop or isn't it? By the way, Photoshop doesn't do moving CGI type of animation. You would think someone at MIT would be a bit more specific to what software he was referring to. "A Photoshop software" is not specific and sounds like BS.

Then notice the headline at the bottom of the screen. "UFO SIGHTINGS DEBUNKED - MIT ANALYST SAYS IMAGES WERE FAKED" even though the reporter equivocates with phrases such as "may have" and "appears to." They choose their words wisely and the dialog was very carefully written. This way they're not actually lying. Then they try to debunk all the other videos and pictures by saying that the MIT analyst says it appears to be ballistic missile testing.
Don't you think the Chinese military would have informed the airport they were going to do missile test over the freaking airport! Give me a break! "The video caused such a stir on the internet and Twitter". Isn't Twitter on the internet?? (They just love to promote Twitter.)
At the end, the weather guy says "really, ... fake, come on" (being very sarcastic), then the reporter laughs and the weather guy says, "It did look pretty cool though. Whoever did it did a bang up job on it." So here they both are trying to make you feel like an idiot if you actually believe this stuff. Don't let these liars fool you, this event was very real according to the rest of the world.

Take a look at the report by BTV China:

They took this a bit more seriously.

Why did the news in the U.S. do nothing except to try to make this look like a fake? What's the motivation behind this? Why can't they take the UFO phenomenon seriously? What are they so afraid of?

Here's the main video that caused all the stir.

Does this look like a fake to you? Does this look like the work of "a Photoshop software"? I think not. Open your mind and beware of crooked newscasters, which is about 90% of them. Attain your mind.

Interview with an Alien.

Lawrence R. Spencer is an author who wrote the book "The OZ Factors" witch is based as an analogy to the mysteries of of life. While doing research for his book, he was very interested in the famous UFO crash of 1947 in Roswell New Mexico.

"Through a sequence of circumstantial inferences and accidental referrals, I actually found her number in the phone book and called her up just on the chance that there might really be such a person."

The person he is referring to is a woman by the name of Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy who was said to have worked as a Army Air Force surgical nurse stationed at Roswell Army Air Field(RAAF)base in the 509th Bomb Group.

In July of 1947 the RAAF issued a press release stating that personnel from the field's 509th Bomb Group had recovered a crashed "flying disc" from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. This of course sparked a huge interest among the media. Later on that same day the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force stated that Major Jesse Marcel, who was involved with the original recovery of the debris, had recovered only the tattered remnants of a weather balloon.

The indecent at Roswell has by far been the most famous UFO case in history simply because even today all of the hard facts have not been released by the US government, so the thought on everyone's mind is why the cover up for a weather balloon built in 1947.

When Lawrence called Matilda, that fact that she picked up the phone was very exciting and he proceeded to ask questions about the Roswell incident. All she could tell him was that yes, she did work there during the time of the indecent as a flight nurse but by contract was sworn to secrecy with the US government and that's all she could say about the matter. So the rest of the conversation consisted of simply light chit-chat that lasted for about a total of twenty minutes in 1997.

He eventually published his book "The OZ Factors" in 1999 and sent Matilda a copy in the mail.

On September 14th 2007 he received a package in the mail which was stamped at the post office in Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland. Lawrence wrote to the return address and was advised by the home owner that both Mrs. MacElroy and her husband, were both recently deceased confirming their existence in Ireland.

Inside the package the contents consisted of in Lawrence's words:

"1) hand-written notes in cursive on ordinary, lined, 8 1/2" X 11"school notebook paper, which I assume had been written personally by Mrs. MacElroy.

2) notes typed on a manual typewriter on plain, white 20 lb. bond paper, which I am assume were prepared personally by her. At least both had the appearance of having been written in the same hand writing, and / or typed on the same typewriter consistently throughout. The writing in the notes I received also appeared to be the same as the writing on the address and return address of the manila envelope I received from Navan, Ireland, which was postmarked on 3 September, 2007. Since I am not a forensic expert, or handwriting analyst, my opinion in these matter is not a professionally qualified judgment.

3) many pages of typewritten transcriptions of her interview with the alien. These were obviously typed on a different typewriter. These pages were typed on a different type of paper and showed apparent signs of age and repeated handling."

This material is based on Matilda's recollection of communication with the one surviving alien from the crash, who "spoke" with her telepathically.  During July and August of 1947 she was the only one the Alien was willing "speak" with, so she was asked to interview this extraterrestrial being who she identifies as "Airl", and whom she claims was and continues to be an officer, pilot and engineer that was recovered from the crash near Roswell, New Mexico on July 8th, 1947.

Now before you go on reading any further, I want you to keep in mind that Lawrence wrote exactly what came to him in that package.  Now of-course he could be lying.  He could be making up the whole story about the twenty minute phone call and the package he received from Matilda. But if he's not, if what he's saying is true what would be the reason for someone sending such an incredible piece of literature without any recognition, on her death bed.

Lawrence has since burned all of the documents because of the attention they could bring and the potential laws he may have been breaking due to the nature of the material.  I don't blame him, but I'm not sure I'm a believer either.  Either way he has taken the material and published it.  The only way there is any proof to any of this, are the references Lawrence has labeled throughout the interview and the notes of Matilda.

Lawrence states: "Obviously, anyone reading anything about this most famous, or infamous, of all "flying saucer" or "alien encounter" events must necessarily be highly suspicious regarding 1) the authenticity of the report and 2) the credibility of the source of information, especially when it appears for the first time sixty years after the alleged event!"

He obviously understands the implications of what he published.  All I can say, for me it is the most thought provoking pieces of literature I have ever read, and if what he published is the real McCoy, then my friends, everything we have ever known about life on earth and throughout the universe, including the History of everything, Science, Religion, Humanity, the cosmos, all that is physical and non-physical as been misconstrued and completely misunderstood while the truth is being hidden from us by an off planet force who has set up technology which entraps the life force of all humans on earth forever, as biological creatures whose memory's are wiped out after every biological lifetime, starting over every time we're born with no memory of who we were before.

Wait Wait Wait this is starting to sound a little hooky. An off planet force that entraps the life force of all humans on earth then wipe out our memory so we can't remember who we were before?

Something comes to mind when I hear this and is also brought up in the interview, child prodigies. These are humans who some how still retain some their memories from past life's.

Alexis Clairaut (1713–1765) in his thirteenth year he read before the Académie Française an account of the properties of four curves which he had discovered.  Ummm,  that's curvature of the earth.

William Rowan Hamilton, (1805–1865) a mathematician, read Hebrew at seven years old, and studied Arabic, Persian, Greek, Latin, Syriac, Sanskrit and four other continental languages at 12 years old.

John von Neumann (1903–1957) A "mental calculator" by six years old, who could tell jokes in classical Greek.

Priyanshi Somani (born 1998) current Mental Calculation World Champion.

Truman Henry Safford (1836–1901) could square 18 digit numbers at ten years old.

H. P. Lovecraft recited poetry at two years old and wrote long poems at five years old.

Gregory R. Smith entered college at 10 years old and was first nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize at 12 years old

John Stuart Mill knew several dead languages by eight years old and studied scholastic philosophy at 12 years old.

William Wotton could read passages in English, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew at the age of five.

Fabiano Caruana, a chess prodigy discovered at five years old.

There are so many child prodigies in music the there is a whole music prodigy page in Wikipedia.

Let me ask, do you think these children just had a knack for what they did?  Did they really just have very strict parents who had them practice everyday?  Something tells me there's more than meets the eye with these little geniuses.  I believe there is something within these prodigies that make their work effortless, it just comes "natural".   What do you think it means when something "just comes natural"?  When it "just comes natural" it means it comes from within.  Some say it's within the heart which would imply that it come's from the inner-self, the entity that give's us life, our soul or whatever you want to call it.  It would make since these prodigies have an entity that remembers what they are good at and there for the memories are past down.  How else can you explain it?

Sound like reincarnation? Well it is.  Don't believe in reincarnation?  Lets dive a little further down before you make any assumptions.

The concept of reincarnation has been present in virtually every culture since ancient times. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Aztecs all believed in the "transmigration of souls" from one body to another after death and it's a fundamental precept of Hinduism which makes perfect sense after reading the Alien interview.

Lets briefly take a look at two famous Reincarnation cases.

Virginia Tighe of Pueblo, Colorado, in 1952 was taken back to her past to the point of her birth through hypnosis. Suddenly, Ruth began to speak with an Irish accent and claimed that her name was Bridey Murphy who lived in 19th century Belfast, Ireland. Ruth recalled many details of her life as Bridey. Attempts to find out if Ms. Murphy really existed were unsuccessful although there was some indirect evidence for the truth of her story. Bridey mentioned the names of two grocers in Belfast from whom she bought food, Mr. Farr and John Carrigan. A Belfast librarian found a city directory for 1865-1866 that listed both men as grocers. Her story was told both in a book by Bernstein and in a 1956 movie, "The Search for Bridey Murphy".

Parmod Sharma was born on October 11, 1944, in Bisauli, India. When Parmod was about two and a half he began telling his mother to stop cooking his meals for him because he had a wife in Moradabad (90 miles away) who could cook for him. Between the ages of three and four, he began to speak in detail of his life in Moradabad. He described several businesses he had owned and operated with other family members and particularly spoke of a shop that manufactured and sold biscuits (cookies) and soda water, calling it "Mohan Brothers" while insisting that he was one of the "Mohan Brothers" named Parmanand. Parmod he said that in his other life he had become seriously ill after eating too much curd one day. News of Parmod's story eventually reached the Mehra family (who was real). The brothers of this family owned many businesses including a biscuit and soda water shop named "Mohan Brothers." The shop had been started and managed by Parmanand Mehra until his untimely death on May 9, 1943, eighteen months before Parmod was born. Parmanand had gorged himself on curd at a wedding, and had subsequently developed a chronic gastrointestinal illness followed later by appendicitis and peritonitis from which he died. Parmod went to Moradbad for the first time at the age of five and not only was he able to identify his entire family but gave directions to the "Mohan Brothers" shop and described how to fix one of the broken machines. The rest of this incredible story can be found here.

Ian Stevenson M.D. was the most famous doctor to study reincarnation and traveled the world searching for the most intriguing cases.  Over the years he studied about 3000 cases and feels he has scientifically proven that reincarnation is real and after just looking at these two cases how could you possibly discount the fact that there is such a thing as the relocation or transmigration of souls, entities, life force or what ever suites you best.

Back to the interview -

Now Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy did in no way consider herself physic and never before that time
experienced any type telepathic communication with anyone.

"The non-verbal communication I experienced was like the understanding you might have when a child or a dog is trying to get you to understand something, but much, much more direct and powerful! Even though there were no "words" spoken, or signs made, the intention of the thoughts were unmistakable to me."

The appearance of the alien body was about a 40 inches tall. It had very large eyes and it's head was disproportionately large, relative to arms, legs and torso, which where thin like a five year old child and had smooth gray skin. There were three "fingers" on each of it's two" hands" and "feet". The head had no operational orifices. No nose, no mouth, no ears and no sexual organs. The alien body did not require oxygen, food or water or any other external source of nutrition or energy. It had it's own "energy", which animated and operated the body. It was not mechanical as in having engineered parts, nor was it biological. It was animated directly by the aliens spiritual being or energy. Technically, from a medical standpoint, the alien's body could not even be called "alive".  Not a biological life-form made from cells, but more along the lines of an "doll" body or avatar. The Alien body represented the life form that was inside, giving it it's energy.


It's important to remember that this is Matilda's interpretation of the images she got from the alien, putting them into her own words.

I have taken out the footnotes so not to piss off the publisher, but the footnotes explain how she came to the conclusions of her translations.  This will be the only full interview on this post, but I will have links at the bottom to the full transcript.

Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group

"QUESTION - "Are you injured?"


QUESTION - "What medical assistance do you require?"


QUESTION - "Do need food or water or other sustenance?"


QUESTION - "Do you have any special environmental needs, such as air temperature, atmospheric chemical
content, air pressure, or waste elimination?"


QUESTION - "Does your body or space craft carry any germs or contamination that may be harmful to humans or other Earth life forms?"


QUESTION - "Does your government know you are here?"


QUESTION - "Are others of your kind going to come looking for you?"


QUESTION - "What is the weapons capability of your people?"


QUESTION - "Why did your space craft crash?"


QUESTION - "Why was your space craft in this area?"


QUESTION - "How does your space craft fly?"


QUESTION - "How do your people communicate with each other?"


QUESTION - "Do you have a written language or symbols for communication?"


QUESTION - "What planet are you from?"


QUESTION - "Will your government send representatives to meet with our leaders?"


QUESTION - "What are your intentions concerning Earth?"


QUESTION - "What have you learned about Earth governments and military installations?"

(I can tell you from reading the full transcript that the alien did not mean they were going to destroy our planet, but it meant this "DESTROY PLANET" as in humans could destroy the planet.)

QUESTION - "Why haven't your people made your existence known to the people of Earth?"


QUESTION - "Have your people visited Earth’s previously?"


QUESTION - "How long have you known about Earth?"


QUESTION - "What do you know about the history of civilization on Earth?"


QUESTION - "Can you describe your home world to us?"


QUESTION - "What is the state of development of your civilization?"


QUESTION - "Do you believe in God?"

(from reading the transcript I can tell you what the alien means. Since the alien has no concept of "god" the answer he's giving means, "WE THINK" meaning consciousness, "IT IS" consciousness in us, "MAKE IT CONTINUE. ALWAYS" consciousness continues forever.  Since god is something humans relate to as eternal beings, this is how it came it's answer. Eternal being = "god"

QUESTION - "What type of society do you have?"


QUESTION - "Are there other intelligent life forms besides yourself in the universe?"


The next few questions and answer's are from random parts of the first few interviews.

QUESTION - Do you understand numbers or mathematics?


QUESTION - How long would it take your people to travel here to rescue you?


QUESTION - If you are not a biological entity, why do you refer to yourself as feminine?


The interviews lasted for about a month and within the first few days the Alien who referred to itself as "Airl" agreed to learn English which did not take long.  After it understood the English language it read dozens and dozens of books including Websters dictionary and the entire series of Encyclopedia Britannica.
Then rather than answering questions, Airl said she was going to covey only what she thought would be most useful to the human race. This of course seriously pissed of the rest of all parties involved. But as long as it was willing to talk, they were will to document.

"You and I were unable to communicate in your language because I, personally, have not been exposed to your language. However, now that I have scanned the books and material you provided me this data has been relayed to our space station in this region and processed by our communications officer through our computers. It has been translated into my own language and relayed back to me in a context that I can think with. I have also received additional information from the files stored in
our computers about the English language and Domain records concerning Earth civilization."

"Airl" goes on to explain how she is part of the Domain Expeditionary Force in this sector of space for several thousand years and has not had intimate contact with beings on Earth since 5,965 BCE. She then explains how she's fluent in 347 other languages within The Domain and the last Earth language with which she was conversant was the Sanskrit language of the Vedic Hymns. Her mission at the time was to investigate a missing Domain base located in the Himalaya Mountains where entire battalion of officers, pilots, communications and administrative personnel disappeared and the base was completely destroyed. Upon her discovery there were still "Old Empire" ships and well-hidden "Old Empire" installations in this solar system of which they were unaware.

"Personally, it is my conviction that all sentient beings are immortal spiritual beings. This includes human beings. For the sake of accuracy and simplicity I will use a made-up word: "IS-BE". Because the primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of "is", and the only reason for their existence is that they decide to "be". No matter how lowly their station in a society, every IS-BE deserves the respect and treatment that I myself would like to receive from others. Each person on Earth continues to be an IS-BE whether they are aware of the fact or not."

Let's hold on for a moment here, what this alien is saying makes sense and in the world of physics, it makes sense as well. This is because of the First law of thermodynamics where energy can nether be created nor can it ever be destroyed. It can only change form.  If this is true, then what Airl is saying is true and that every entity that brings life to a human on Earth has been around since the beginning of time because the energy that gives us life, our life force, entity, soul or whatever, is energy which can never be destroyed.  This also means that each individuals life force on earth is older than the earth itself making every human on earth an eternal universal being.

I know what your saying to yourself.  Wait.... no no no, this is just silly, that's crazy!  Really? Is it that far fetched?  Do you not believe in physics?   Do you believe the first law of Thermodynamics is wrong?  Do you think your smarter than the physicist who discovered it? 

Airl then goes on to explain why she was there in the first place which was to investigate the electronic clouds in the area.  AKA nuclear bomb testing.  There was a thunder storm that day and her craft was hit.  She explained that the craft in many ways was made like her doll body and that it was specifically built for her, tuned in to her specific frequency that only she could link with.  There are no need for any controls, buttons,  or joy-sticks, just a place to sit and operate the craft through energetic communication or telepathy.  All she would have to do is think in the direction and that's the direction the craft would go, so in a sense, the craft and her were one.  When the craft was struck the link was lost which made the craft crash that day outside Roswell in 1947.

Airl later goes into her insights on some of the history on how the European country's came to be and explained that the "Domain" was similar in the sense that they were like European explorers who would discover and claim new land as their own "new world".  The difference though was the claiming of the "new worlds" were taken by force resulting in mass murder while instilling fear in the original inhabitants in the name of  "God".

"Airl said that this sort of behavior does not occur in The Domain. Their leaders assume full responsibility for the actions of The Domain, and would not denigrate themselves in this fashion. Nor do they fear any gods or have any regret for their actions."

Airl also went on about why they were in our solar system in the first place.  Her answer was that it's a very important position in the our galaxy, the Milky Way for a few reasons.  One was the fact that it a perfect "pit stop" towards the center of the Milky way and beyond.   There are also many low gravity points in our solar system that make for optimum location for space stations.  One favorable spot is the asteroid belt that was created from a destroyed planet between Mars and Jupiter and the other is one the back side of earths moon were they have been stationed for tens of thousands of years.

Of course your saying this is most likely too far out there for your imagination.  But the destroyed planet theory is actually very real, event know most astrophysicist discount it you still have to realize that just about every few years or so they have to rewrite everything they know about how planets were made and the nature of the universe dew to new discoveries that completely discount the old theories.   Just look at this new discovery as of April 14th 2010 or all of these theories on how planets are made.  This is proof it's only one's person's best guess.  So for astrophysicist to discount one theory and to say their theory is more correct, simply spawns from the human ego, it's theory, I.E. speculation, nothing more.

Let's move on.

Airl goes into history.

"Before you can understand the subject of history, you must first understand the subject of time. Time is simply an arbitrary measurement of the motion of objects through space. Space is not linear. Space is determined by the point of view of an IS-BE when viewing a object. The distance between an IS-BE and the object being viewed is called "space".

Now just stop and think about that statement for a sec and try to wrap your head around it.

She then goes on to explain that all objects and energy mass throughout the universe move at random in a "curving or cyclical pattern" rather then a linear pattern.  History that has been written by humans is written in a linear fashion such as a time line.  On the contrary Airl explains that because history is subjective to the observer of the movement of objects through space, that history is recorded from the point of view of the survivor, rather than of those who to give way in face of the overwhelming force. 

"In order to view and understand the history or reality of the past, one must view all events as part of an interactive whole. Time can also be sensed as a vibration which is uniform throughout the entire
physical universe."

Airl starts at the beginning stating that "IS-BE's", Souls, Life forces, the Entities that give us life, has been around since before the universe was formed.   "IS-BE's", Souls, Life force, the Entitiy that give us life,  are never born nor can they ever be destroyed and are eternal, making us all eternal beings.  She also explained that every life force is completely unique in identity, power, awareness and ability.  The difference between a being like Airl and a human is that Airl can move in and out of her "doll" body at will, and that her life force or IS-BE has retained it's memory for eternity, unlike humans who start over ever time their born or reincarnated.

"The physical universe itself is formed from the convergence and amalgamation of many other individual universes, each one of which were created by an IS-BE or group of IS-BEs. The collision of these illusory universes commingled and coalesced and were solidified to form a mutually created universe. Because it is agreed that energy and forms can be created, but  not destroyed, this creative process has continued to form an ever-expanding universe of nearly
infinite physical proportions." 

Airl talks about how the Domain has been conducting surveys  in this sector of the universe since their technologies were able to create space travel about 80 trillion years ago.  The Domain Expeditionary Force only first stated exploring the Milky Way about 10,000 years ago.  Their main reason was to conquer the home planets of the Old Empire (who took on a physical from in our solar system millions of years ago) located in the stars systems in the tail of the Big Dipper they were serving as the central government in this galaxy and other near by regions of space. 1,500 years later the Domain began the installing their own force bases along the path of invasion that leads towards the center of this galaxy and beyond.  The Domain discovered that the Old Empire had very carefully hidden bases in this part of the galaxy for millions of years and eventually the they both engaged in open battle throughout our solar system that continues until the year 1235 AD.

By accident  the Domain found that the Old Empire had bases in, on or around earth.  Since IS-BE's of the Domain can travel in and out of biological forms, this allows them to take over another biological form that's all ready inhabited. So in 1914 the Domain was conducting efforts to gather information about current events on Earth.  In doing so the IS-BE officer of the Domian who was sent on the mission took over the body of the Archduke of Australia.  Little did the he know that the Archduke was hated by many and was assassinated while the IS-BE officer of the Domain had taken over his body.  This knocked the IS-BE out of the Archduke's body and it had inadvertently been captured by a electromagnetic force screen that had been set up by the Old Empire.  This led to the discovery that this part of the galaxy was being monitored by huge "electronic force field" which prevented any life force form leaving.

She explains that once our biological bodies die our life force then becomes entrapped and our memories are being erased while our life forms are tricked into coming "back to the light"  guided by this electromagnetic life force entrapment system built by  the "Old Empire".   This electromagnetic entrapment uses a grid or web that surrounds the planet and this part of the galaxy, with stations on Mars, Earth and Venus.  It's not so far fetched really, humans have all sorts of grids that surround the earth and our technology would be barbaric compared to theirs.

The "Old Empire" has been using planet earth as a "prison planet" to entrap the IS-BS or life forces that do not adhere to the standard laws of the "Old Empire".  Radicals, free thinkers, and negative entities of all types have been sent to earth to be imprisoned in a biological life form, never to retain it's original memory, or new memories gained when moving from one biological life form to the next.

" This explains the very unusual mix of races, cultures, languages, moral codes, religious and political influences among the IS-BE population on Earth." 

The fact that the life forces on earth are having their memories erased we are never aloud to experience our original existence therefore our entity is tricked into thinking earth is our one and only home, forever.  When in reality we belong to the entire universe because our entities have been around long before Earth ever existed and even before our universe had the big bang.

"So, when the body of the IS-BE dies they depart from the body. They are detected by the "force screen", they are captured and "ordered" by hypnotic command to "return to the light". The idea of "heaven" and the "afterlife" are part of the hypnotic suggestion -- a part of the treachery that makes the whole mechanism work."

Wow, that's just a bit to take in.  A bit hard for us earth bound creatures.  All we know is life on earth.  This is our home. This is our planet. But what if what this alien is saying is true.  If we were to define life on earth through the laws of physics, this formula would fit perfectly.  It makes sense according to the first law of thermodynamics.  That can not be denied.  Though for most human minds this is too far out there, no pun intended.  You know, I don't have a hard time believing this at all.  Give me one good reason why not to. There are billions of stars, billions of galaxy's, why can't there be billions of universes? You don't know and neither does anyone else on earth, so feasibly you can't count it out.

"Each IS-BE entered into the physical universe when they lost their own, "home" universe. That is, when an ISBE's "home" universe was overwhelmed by the physical universe, or when the IS-BE joined with other IS-BEs to create or conquer the physical universe."

Airl then goes into the history of Earth how technologies have advanced because of certain people who been able to retain some of their past memories and this was accomplished dew to damage that some the Old Empire's remote mind control had taken. This led to people such as Sir Isaac Newton who was able to reinvent several major fundamental scientific and mathematical disciplines in only a few decades. 

"These subjects have taken civilizations billions and billions of years to create!"

She then goes extensively into how the population came to be what it is, how if formed and were we all came from.  You really just have to read it because it's just to much to cover.

The rest of the interview covers everything from how all religions were formed, to the fact that all biological formations from dinosaurs to insects and everything in between throughout the universe were created in a lab in some other part of the universe.  Airl gives great detail to a time line of events throughout history in a way humans can understand.  I may just have to do another post on the interview.  But for now i'll have to stop or I'll never finish.  Either way you look at this, even if it's all completely made up it should be making you think.  Then again it could be the truth, take a read for yourself

Never discount what you don't know.

Attain your mind.