Life and Our Cosmic Connection

   We are truly living in a very exciting time on earth right now.  We as humans have lived through many different levels of consciousness.  According to the ancient Maya it calculates to something like this:

16.4 billion B.C.
= Matter              = Cellular
819,998,000 B.C.
= Complex Life   = Individual
40,998,000 B.C.  
= Monkeys         = Family
2,048,000 B.C.    
= Humans           = Tribal
100,500 B.C.       
= Language         = Cultural
3115 B.C.            
= Writing            = National
1755 A.D.         
= Industrialism    = Planetary
Jan 4th 1999         
= IT revolution    = Galactic
Feb 10th 2011    
= Transformation = Cosmic

So as you can see we are now coming into the transformation cycle which in turn rises the level of human consciousness to a cosmic level.  Now the key here is, what does it mean to be at a cosmic level of consciousness? We'll come back to that.

Something I find very interesting is the fact that there is lots of evidence supporting the fact that we are coming into this a transformation cycle of cosmic consciousness.  To start, the mystery of the ancient Sumerian scriptures that have been translated from the cuneiform clay tablets and  shedding light to were humankind and all modern religions started from, and more and more people are paying attention.  They speak of beings not of this planet creating earth, humans and everything else.  This alone is shifting consciousness because it's changing the way we think about the origin of humans.

OK, so let me pose a question.  If a being is not of this world, meaning earth, then by definition what are they?  If a being was not born, or started on earth, then yes, that means that being is an extraterrestrial.  Wait!  I'm I saying "God" is an alien.  Um, yes.  Any sentient being that is not of this earth is an Extraterrestrial.

Extraterrestrial life: is defined as life that does not originate from Earth. Possible forms of extraterrestrial life range from simple bacteria-like organisms to sapient beings far more advanced than humans. It is unknown whether any such forms of life exist or ever existed.

So according to Wikipedia it is unknown whether any "God" exist or ever existed.

If you think about it, every person who believes in a "God" is actually praying to an extraterrestrial life form.  Or even a better way to put it, their worshiping aliens!!!!!

More and more people throughout the planet are giving up the belief that there is one "All Mighty God" who made everything from Earth to the Universe.  People are realizing that organized religion can have more of a negative effect on society then a positive one considering how many wars have been fought in the name of "God".  In my opinion, there will be no peace on earth until the mass of organized religion is abolished and the real truth about the origin of humankind is reviled. Then and only then will world peace be possible because no one will have a need to compete for whose religion is the true religion, and whose god is the one true god.  The exciting thing is, that time is now upon us.

Now because the fact that so many people don't believe in one specific religion and one all mighty "God", around the world these people are coming to new conclusions to what gives us life, consciousness, what life is, and what happens after we die.  Take the first law of thermal-dynamics for example, it states that "energy can never be created nor can it ever be destroyed, it can only be transformed".  ‘Human thermodynamics’ was a term coined in 1893 by English engineer Bryan Donkin.  When defined by other people, it's more or less; the mathematical expression of how human activity works according to a set of laws which are based on the relation of heat, time, and energy.  The one thing nobody dares to say which should remain true is the fact that the same energy that gives your life, your dog, your cat, your goldfish,  is all older then the earth, the solar system, our galaxy and the entire universe.  So yes, I believe all consciousness is older than the universe itself because I believe consciousness is the energy that gives us life.  It has to be if the first law of thermal-dynamics is true.  It would mean it's a scientific fact.  Yes.

Advances in science have started to prove that we live in a multidimensional universe. People who practice lots and lots of meditation such as a Buddhist Monk, have been aware of this multidimensional universe for ages.  But now more and more people are just beginning to understand what it means to travel spiritually in the multidimensional universe that we live in.  This is the transformation.

Some people have come to the conclusion that aliens or extraterrestrials have been interacting with humans ever since the beginning of time through our conscious and that it's our conscious that is the extraterrestrial.   OK, just bear with me for a bit here.  Now let's think for a sec, the universe and everything in it are all frequencies.  Lots and lots of different frequencies.  Wireless internet is a perfect example of what can be transferred through frequency and just goes to show how specific and complicated frequencies can be.  Now imagine a race of sentient beings, on such a frequency to where in their dimension they could be at the same point in the universe as earth, but can't see it.  They can't even touch it.  Sentient beings, some which are positive and some that are negative, searching a receptor to adapt with, or into.  These receptors our the minds of humans.  Think about the fact that we know so little about the brain, and the fact we use so little of it.  Why?  This still remains a mystery.  Or, I pose that our minds work as receptors or antennas that broadcast and receive not only messages, but play host to extraterrestrial-sentient beings from across the universe.  It may explain the reason why no two people on earth are exactly alike.  It may also explain why humans can be so irrational and do unimaginable things.

I understand that this scenario seems radical, and extremely far fetched for some.  But for many people, this makes perfect sense, and coming back to the new age of cosmic transformation, this is exactly what I think the Maya meant.  That the human mind as a species world wide are starting to become aware of these ideas, and scientifically they seem to be correct.  The Idea that we live in a multidimensional universe and our conscious is directly connected to it and at any time, with a trained mind our life-force, soul or whatever you call your consciousness, can travel vast distances throughout the universe in an instant.

Once you're able to get past the fact that there's much more to life then what is physical, a whole other universe awaits you on the other side.  I'm not saying you have to die in order to experience this other dimension, I believe it's as simple as having a trained mind.  Although it's the training of the mind that becomes difficult.

Let's talk about atoms for a moment.  The atom is the fundamental building block of everything, or what scientists like to call "matter". Every single object is composed of atoms. Your body is made atoms, hydrogen, oxygen, iron, copper, and helium are all made of atoms. But atoms are just about 99% of empty space. How can this be, empty space?? Most people know this as common knowledge but consistently take it for granted. Sure atoms are 99% empty space, but you know what? The ground does seem pretty firm, rocks seem to be fairly hard and metal objects seem to be pretty solid. The fact remains though, atoms are mostly empty space.

If atoms are 99% empty space, then that means only one percent is physical, and that's enough to build huge metal skyscrapers, iphones, airplanes the earth and everything on it. But what about all that empty space? What's happening in that space? Another dimension perhaps? Multiple dimensions maybe?

Clear your mind and try to imagine your consciousness traveling into a non-psychical dimension without going anywhere. Once in that other dimension you would be at the same point in the universe as earth but earth wouldn't be there. This would be your transformation into the cosmos by entering into this other dimension.  What if,  now  keep an open mind, you were able to get the atoms that make up your physical self to resonate at such a frequency to where your entire body were to enter this other dimension.  Poof, you would dissipate into nothing in this physical plane and you will have transformed into the cosmos.  You would now be a cosmic entity where the rules of physics no longer apply, and time and space would become irrelevant.
 It's this understanding that more and more people across the planet are starting to comprehend.  This is what I believe what the Maya meant as the transformation into the cosmic age.  We've come to the point in the time-line of humanity where our understanding of life and our cosmic connection to it are transforming into a new age of consciousness where humans for the first time on a mass scale are having a profound understanding of the multidimensional universe we live in.  Attain your mind.