Government Mind Control

There are people from all corners of the earth that believe government mind control is real and being implemented today and has been for a while. I feel it's important to try to tackle this subject because the amount of information out there is simply astonishing. First off, lets take a look at how one would go about mind control that could be implemented over a large land mass effecting millions of people.

To start of-course is subliminal messaging, on television, billboards, magazines, signs, really anywhere and everywhere you look. It's been proven that the mind is effected on many different levels from what they see, this being on the subconscious level effects you without you even knowing about it. The first two ways to influence the subconscious is to alter one's belief system through faith and repetition. If you are certain of something and your mind completely believes it to be true, your subconscious will reprogram your whole belief to correspond with this new belief. Your mind will then create new patterns to correspond with this new belief sending messages to your conscious mind whenever you are confronted by something regarding that belief. Then there is repetition which I feel is obvious, if you tell yourself something enough times, or if your mind is exposed to something over and over and over, eventually your mind will believe it to be true.

The most effective way to effect the human subconscious is through the visual senses. Optical illusions are a prime example of the subconscious mind at work. Just take a look at this picture, the movement of the wheels is your subconscious mind telling you their moving. Believe it or not there are subliminal images flashing you all the time on TV. For example the food network has a show called "Iron Chef" and during one the shows someone caught the message, recorded it and played it back frame-by-frame. Low and behold there it is, the whole screen with the golden arches with their slogan "I'm lovin' it".

This should be illegal, national television pumping subliminal massages at you without you even knowing it. This could be happening all the time on every channel with every show. Cartoons, your local news, on any show on TV you most likely are getting pumped with images and primed to spend your money on food that WILL make you obese, or anything ell's they decide to flash at you. I feel this could be setting the platform for mind control.

Think for a moment that were getting bombarded left and right with subliminal messages all the time and you conscious mind as no clue until it's too late and your 400 lbs over weight. On that note what about all the other messages out there. Make's you think about all of the crazy things we do in society. The random cravings to eat fast food, or to impulse buy something you don't need and later said "I'm not quite sure why I even bought this thing."

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is very real, and the proof is right there. Now, it's important to comprehend the fact that these messages are out there all the time while your completely unaware, filling your mind with thoughts keeping your brain busy. And why your brain is busy sorting through all of the subliminal images, what a perfect opportunity to hit you with ELF waves in order to control your thoughts. ELF waves stands for Extremely Low-Frequency Waves which is actually an acoustic audio frequency that is so low, It can't be heard by humans and can be transmitted through antennas. It make sense considering low audio frequency's can travel extremely far, the lower the frequency the further it can travel. This "infrasound" is the same way elephants can talk to each other over a few miles.

If you Google government mind control you will see how serious this subject is. There have been plans to control the minds of a working society for a long time. In fact the rabbit hole goes so deep I'm only going to touch the surface here. It's said that experiments on humans with mind control started in Nazi Germany, and that's were the technology we have today started from. After WWII and the construction of deep underground military bases under US soil, become the home the thousands among thousands of children who were kidnapped off the streets in stacked in cages from floor to ceiling ready for mind control experimentation. Statistics are that an average of 2,185 children go missing everyday in the United States, and that's not including kidnapping or abductions that's just strait up missing and never to be see again. These children are used from anything to sexual slavery to assassinations. Some people believe it's connected to the major public slaughters you've heard about. Columbine, Chapman, Timothy Mc Veigh, Ted Bundy. All people under government mind control.

In 1976 there was a project called "The Montauk Project" where thousands of teenage boys were forced in to this mind control training program. Al Bielek is one of these children who regained his memories from the project and recalls that there were at least 250,00 mind controlled "Montauk Boys" produced at 25 different underground facilities throughout the United States. Many of these boys, who are now men, are what they call "sleepers" programed to respond to certain triggers that would make them engage in what ever act they were programed for, such as random shootings, assassination, whatever. These men have been slowly fabricated back into American society as business men, Doctors, policemen, journalist, TV personalities, military, ect. Sound a bit crazy and out there, but you would be surprised on how many people believe this to be true.

Here's were it gets a bit scary. You know those cell phone tower monstrosities that are going up everywhere? It's said, this is how the ELF "Extremely-Low Frequency" transmissions are being made. What I find interesting is the fact you only find these towers in some city's and not others, when all the city's for the most part have all the same cell phone carriers. Go to a place like Phoenix Arizona where they are every few blocks or so, compared to Salt Lake city where there's not a one. Just notice, that's all I ask and you'll start to notice more and more and that's when it start's to sink in. There are also the GWEN towers, which stands for the Ground Wave Emergency Network, they name tells you what it's publicly known, for but it's also thought these towers are working in conjunction with the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) to control weather and human impulses. This picture shows the locations of the GWEN towers. The blue lines represent how the jet stream could be steered and the red line are areas of drought. The HAARP is the premier for the study of Ionospheric Physics and Radio Science and is the worlds first antenna to transmit a signal around the world. This comes direct from there site; "HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes. " Now go back and read that one more time. Go here if you want to see for yourself.

Apparently there is a devise that can disable the mind controlling capability's of these towers know as a Orgone Generator and is to be put within 1,300 feet of a tower. When you see them, it kind of seems like a scam because it comes from a site that's has topics on this same subject and sell's them at the same time. The data is there and it's something you could make yourself.

Something ell's that is completely sick is the S.S.S.S., the department of defense call's it the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum or goes by the name s-quad or squad. In the private sector this technology goes by the name of Silent Subliminal Presentation System. Perfected nearly twenty years ago it was first put into action in the Persian Gulf war in 1991 on unsuspecting Iraqi soilders. What exactly they used it for is of course classified. Once we covert over to digital broadcast, this is the technology that will be used for subliminal messaging over broadcast. This technology is completely undetectable by human senses. Believe or not, the FACT is that this technology has been approved and released to some privet vendors like "Brain Speak Subliminal Products" who have made their own custom made SSSS products that are use to improve health in one way or the other. Point is that this isn't some conspiracy theory, and that this is very real. The conspiracy is that the government is going to implementing this technology on the American People to control our thought patterns without our knowledge of it, it's said they already are so why would they stop now. The other thing, this is a Ultra-high frequency broadcast just like the HAARP. Sounds like they got all the bases covered using ultra-high and ultra-low frequencys.

One last thing for skeptic who may think this technology is not possible. There is something called the "MEDUSA" meaning Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio. It's mainly used for the control of large crowds from military or law enforcement..

"The device - dubbed MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) - exploits the microwave audio effect, in which short microwave pulses rapidly heat tissue, causing a shockwave inside the skull that can be detected by the ears."

Yes, it can also cause brain damage.

Is it just our inner voice talking to us, or is there something by the government influencing that inner voice. Overall there's something going on as far as mind manipulation that is not to be denied. There is just way to much information all over the globe for it to just be in people's heads. Or I guess it really is in people's heads. Either way one suggestion I have is, if you watch a lot of TV and find yourself impulse buying and eating a lot of fast food, TURN OFF YOUR TV!! Just wait until the switchover to digital broadcast where subliminal messages will be completly undetectable. Try to notice changes in America, your family, your friends, or even yourself. Notice the differences, figure out the truth for yourself and attain your mind, before it's to late.