Consciousness Conspiracy

Consciousness means different things to different people, one of the more popular beliefs to what consciousness is, it's a sense of one's personal or you could say collective identity and their perception of, beliefs, attitudes, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group.

Our consciousness has been being manipulated by the powers of the elite for thousands of years. Going back to 5000 BC during the time of ancient Sumeria, this was the largest change of human consciousness sense the beginning of our species. This was the time where the Anunnaki (The people who came from the sky) came to teach the humans how to read, write, speak in a structured language, calculate math equations, figure out astronomy in order to keep time. There was no war at this time, and for the most part people lived in harmony, as far as we know. Then around 3000 BC thought's of power over the masses, ego's and elite thinking was just in it's beginning phases. As societies started to grow and has humans became more civilized, they also seem to have lost something as well. Their ties with nature, love and the spirit of life stated to become filtered out with human ego. The ego is what started the first of the worlds first armies, such as the armies of Sumner and Akkad. In the melting pot of Mesopotamia (Greek meaning "land between two rivers") or Shumer (from the bible) this was fruitful land that all leaders wanted for them selves. Around 2500 BC was the start of wars among the city-states of Sumner and for two thousand years this spurred the development of military technology and techniques that were far beyond any other at that time. This was another shift in consciousness of people living at that time and place. The advancement of military technology went hand and hand with the growth of society, and it would have been a very special feeling to know that you where a part of the greatest society on earth. And Americans wonder why most of the world thinks we have such big ego's. Maybe because were told we live in the greatest nation on earth. "The United States Of America" Even the name of our country is pretentious and a mouth full.

Some people say that violence is not a natural occurrence in humans unless it's in the defense of fear or hunger. Which makes sense but hard to comprehend considering the type of world we live in today. And is especially hard living in America which seems to promote nothing but violence not to mention our fascination with guns that are made for the soul purpose of killing other people. Just turn on the television and flip through the channels during prime time. Your more likely to see someones brains splattered all over the place then you are to see a woman's nipple. It seems about 80% of all the shows on major networks are filled with violence and gore, while promoting the objectification of woman. Now it's one thing to have sex on TV (not X rated) depicting sexual acts, or sensual situations between consensual adults (which is not objectification), and it's another thing to promote sex in such a way that it implants thoughts of cheating on your significant other, which in turn creates more violence. What's on the news? Nothing but bad politics, murder, rape, war, violence, celebrity's gone bad or dead and money. Our news broadcasters paint such a nice picture of the world don't you think. When was the last time you heard on FOX NEWS or CNN anything that truly made you feel good.

We have been programed to get mad and even go into rage over the stupidest things. Jerry Springer is a prime example, pure trash, and people love to get mad watching it. Going to a professional team sports game is supposed to be a fun time to support the team you want to win, and the fact people put such emotion into winning they forget anything else. It no longer becomes fun anymore nor is it about the game, it becomes about who's ego is biggest, and even know they may be on the same level of competition, it's now a matter of being number one with no room for number two and I'll kill you if you say any different. Hundreds of people have died in soccer riots not to mention the fights at Red Sox and the Yankee games, I used to live in Massachusetts and I have seen many fights break out over these teams, and I mean bloody fights. Football games, are the same way, it happens all the time. What happens when you get into your car? For some reason if your a good driver or think you are (and I'm guilty of this) everyone else on the road behind the wheel becomes an idiot! Road rage sets in before you even get a chance to breath. ARRGG!!!

The most Violent places on earth seem to be where it all started in 3000BC. Imagine if you were Palestinian living in Palestine, chances are, someone in your family was killed by violence. War and violence is just something you live with in the Middle East and in Africa, these are the places where people are living in daily violence due to the conditioning of the egotistical elite making sure people don't agree on anything , especially religion and politics.

You will notice that the places with the greatest state of peace are the same country's that have there own culture, don't claim to be the best, still having all the modern commodities, religion isn't the most important thing in life and politics aren't so black and white. These are the only country's with a very high state of peace Canada, Chile, Uruguay, Portugal, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Belgium, Slovenia, Oman, Bhutan, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. So nice to notice that the United States is in a low state of peace. Wow, the greatest country on earth. I'm so sure.

It seems like the more simple of a life one lives the closer they are to an inner peace. All it means to me to live a more simple life is just not worrying about things so much. Going outside just to be outside. Talking with someone, just to talk and be friendly. Allowing your mind to quiet down enough to truly relax and feel free of all negativity. It's in this state of mind where the thought of being bored does not enter. Where you no so worried what time it is, or scared about something you just saw on the news. Places where the mind takes in it's surroundings allowing it to think freely without all the fear and anger. When your in a space that is surrounded by people who are happy and content with there lives, think of that feeling you would have. It would be one of content, love and happiness. This whole map should be dark blue, there is no reason that it can't be. It's all up to us and the perspective we have in our lives.

Remember the feeling you've had when your in the middle of nature? Can you explain how it feels? You can say "this is so beautiful" or "the air smells so nice and so fresh", but it's hard to put the feeling into words. Some people say that feel on top of the world, or they feel so alive. Why do you think that is? Your already alive, and your already on top of the world. This is the human brain naturally responding to the natural energy around you, and it feels so good. The energy your body is receiving is from the earth and nothing else because there are no other outside influences as long as you left your laptop and cellphone at home. This is when your human spirit can start to feel at peace with it's surroundings. It's amazes me that there are millions of people who have never been surrounded by nature. But if your poor and live in the city, that's easier said than done. It is in this place where we can escape if you don't live in a peaceful state. Nature will always bring you at one with yourself.

In history we are shown when it becomes about one society being better then another, war is always the outcome and this leads us back to ego. Now an ego can be a good thing because it give's us confidence and forthright to be are own independent entity. Too much ego can lead to being egotistical, which the mind then strives to put yourself above others around you, when you think your better than others. Again, this egotistical mind manifests violence subconsciously and eventually brings upon itself a violent situation. Have you ever known anyone who just seems to get into fights all the time, what's their ego like. I'd be willing to bet that their fairly egotistical, and not the nicest person you know. It's not their fault, it's that they have been conditioned to violence through television, movies, religion, unfaithful relationships, professional team sports, broken family's, and you add alcohol to the equation and you got one violent, egotistical person who's mad at the world without a clue to why.

Attain the knowledge that can set you free from the hatred and the fear, attain the mind that can stop you from freaking out over trivial things, set yourself free by attaining your attainable mind.