Dr. Deagle's story. MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!

This is video you need to watch in order to attain the most important knowledge of our time. Dr. Deagle is an MD, ABFP, CCFP, CIME, AAAAAM, ACOEM, AAPM, SPPM, AAEM American Board Family Physician and a major whistle-blower. I have written about some amazing people and some amazing stories, but this lecture he gives is by far the most incredible and the most fascinating lecture that I have ever heard.

- He talks about a Viruses that is going to kill up to 3 billion people.

- Micro tracking of every human on the planet.

- Our dollar will be the new penny.

- We are stopping Israel from lunching nuclear missiles.

- Vaccines that support mind control, cause cancer, alter DNA, rewire your brain.

- Our planet is being destroyed by religion.

- Killing the nutrition of all of the worlds food.

- Depopulating the planet down to 5 million people.

- Mandatory vaccinations or you will be put to death.

- Codex Alimentarius killing of the soil leading to 2-3 billion deaths.

- FEMA camps are real, built and are ready for you and me.

- 2012, ice age and the polar shift.

- Planet X is coming and it's a brown dwarf star.

- Super volcano's are real and are waking up due to the shift.

- Tsunami's 700-900 feet high hitting the west and east coasts of the US.

- Our earth is coming into a new ice age, in 3 to 5 years thousands of feet on new ice covering Canada and Northern Europe.

- 132 Deep underground military bases in the US connected by trains that can go
mock 2.

- Drug money is what supports black op's projects.

- Advanced technology that could heal and cure all sickness.

- We have a moon base and we have a mars colony.

- Project Omega, underground in Colorado, run by humans and non-human entities who control all other agency's.

- In the next 10-12 years all food will be genetically modified, making
genetically modified people.

- New smart highways that only allow you to exit in certain areas.

- The western US will be quarantined for animals only, including buffalo, wolfs, and other wide life.

- Their planing on resurrecting the dinosaur.

- Mark of the beast is marked on the new world currency.

- The royal family is the most powerful force on the planet.

- A national code red, shuts down highways, and the electrical grid, more than half of the population in the US will die in approximately 30 days due to lack of food and water.

- The most common NSA and underground story he has heard talks about preplaced nukes in 22 different city's for bio terrorism and nuclear terrorism.

-What you need to survive, what supply's and what skills you need.

- FEMA can and will quarantine ever major city in the US, thirty miles outside that city will be zoned as a shoot to kill area.

- Are civilization is going to end, and it's the elite who has been planning the
whole thing.

- Weaponised baboons in Galveston Texas set on kill mode.

- National IDs to keep track of everybody all the time all at once with one super computer underground in Colorado or from space leading to mind control.

- Quantum supercomputers and taraflops, that can literally make the matrix of
everything on the planet.

- In ten years all births will only be done in government labs.

- They have the power to influence your brain and can control your thoughts, mind control.

- Helium 3 is being mind from the moon for space travel.

- The 2010 -2025 transition.

- Super soldiers are being cloned, and it's been going on sense the 80's.

- The spraying of sulfuryl fluoride on our food, it destroys the pineal gland, which is the "sliver cord" that connects every person to there spiritual self, killing our
human instincts.

- Nano tech foods rewire your brain, and can change your genetics.

- A new constitutional law not allowing the government to tap into your mind.

- Morgellons disease is from a different planet and is aliens technology.

- Treatise made between the elite and the aliens trading humans for technology.

- Four stadiums of woman and children disappeared in eastern Europe 2005 to underground laboratory's and space laboratory's for genetic and grotesque experiments, done by us and the aliens.

- Scalar energy is being controlled by the wave's that surround us constantly, such as cell phones, and other transmitted waves that we aren't told about, which they
have control of, and can control you if they choose.

- The galactic battle that could kill are earth forever.

- There are over 1500 underground city's world wide, prepared for the worlds cataclysmic events with the passing of Nibiru.

- 180th degree Mason and above are all non-human.

- The 3rd, 4th, 5th up to the 12th dimension.

- How molecules talk with each other, and the control of molecules.

- Directed energy weapons, unzipping DNA turning people into literal slime in about an hour.

- Microwave bombs exploding people from the inside out.

- Satellites and other communications, communicate at the same speed that
cells in nature communicate.

-The star children have quickening of the spirit.

- Protect yourself from the bio-weapons.

- 7 steps to the anti-aging formula.

- Every 10 years, human immune systems drops by 3 to 5 percent.

- Cleans your body of poisons that are all ready there.

- Cellphones are frying your brain cells.

- Not conspiracy theory but conspiracy reality.

- Trans-dimensional satanic beings, the rulers of our world.

- Over two hundred dead zones on earth.

- Zero point energy.

- 90% of the world information is locked away.

- The Pindar, means the "penis of the dragon" this is the leader who rules over the counsel of the 13 Druids directly under Luciferic control. He is of the highest level on earth.

- Stargates are real and they will be opened.


One thing,...ABFP, CCFP, CIME, AAAAAM, ACOEM, AAPM, SPPM, AAEM,... when I Google these,... all that comes up is this guy's name and the University of
Phoenix. I also did some research though on some of the things he talks about, many of the facts pan out. Ask yourself,...do you think he got rich from this? There is no copyrights on his work and he mention, as long he knew his message was getting out, he wouldn't care if he died that day. Willing to put your life on the line to be a conspiracy theorist for nothing? I'm not sure what's more crazy. Maybe this guy is a little crazy, but imaging if you felt it was your job to save the human race.

Were all in it together like it or not. What if he is right? You need to be open to even the carziest of stories fact or fiction. Attain the knowledge that is rightfully yours and become your true self by attaining your attainable mind.