New World Order

The Bilderberg group are the global elite who are making the decisions for the planet. Their plan is to create a New World Order and to depopulate the earth to 20% of what it is today by war, famine, viruses, vaccinations, genetically modified food and controlled weather and earth like disasters. Henry Kissinger had written out a plan for "Food Control Genocide" in 1974. Once the population is at suitable number, A.I. computers will then regulate everything and everybody on the planet through implanted computer chips or an ID card that will hold the information to your entire life. People will be living in compact highly populated prison like city's under consent supervision of intelligent camera's and other high-tech monitoring equipment that could scan your retina's form a hundred yards away. Travel will be highly restrictive, and regulated. City's will be connected by super-highways so people will not be able to enter unauthorized zones. Meaning you wont just be able to exit where ever you like, the only stop between city's will be militarized highway stops for refueling. Every action you make will be monitored by the international A.I. interconnected super computer. Everything will be controlled by the power hungry elite who's magnitude of power can not be matched. This has already been written in stone by an "unknown" source in the Georgia Guide stones, claiming there will by a one world government, a one world order, one word law with a global army to enforce it, and the world's population never exceeding more than 500,000. This has been the plan of the great tyrants of our past and has been in the making for hundreds of years. All you have to do is look at world history to realize the truth. How all of the world wars were all funded by the same banks with interest attached in order to become the most power forces on earth.

"National socialism will use it's own revolution for establishing a New World Order"

-Adolf Hitler
Metal of congressional honor winner major general Smedley Darlington Butler in 1934 blew the whistle on how he was approached by a powerful group of wealthy industrialists who had plotted a military coup of 500,000 men known as the Business Plot to over-through the government of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in order to start up national socialism in the United States.

In the build up of WWII the bankers funded both sides of the war. After the over through of Nazi Germany the elite in power now set the stage to create a one world body and created the United Nations in San Francisco on the notion that a one world government was the only way to save humanity of certain destruction. Land donated by John D. Rockefeller in New York City was to be the site of the newly formed United Nations. The elite's plan to create a one world nation was now under way for the first time and uniting Europe was the platform to create the first stages of a one world government by creating the European union. By making trade agreements with the American union and the Asian union, these three interlocking super states will now form the core of a global government as the UN serves as a government body overseeing third world sub regions.

The Bilderberg group was formed in secrecy to make the plans of a one world order. The media denied the existence of this group entirely until the 1980's, and even then the only mention would be a one liner in news papers about the highly secretive group. With the internet and growth of media their secrecy as started to unfold and the truth of their existence can no longer be denied. Their next plan for the new world order is to take down the borders of Canada and Mexico creating an North American Union and implementing the "Amero" as the new currency.

Attain the mind that can save us from being enslaved by these elite powers. We have to be aware of what may happen. The only way we can stop something like this from happening is through knowledge. Information is the only power we have against the global elite powers. We all need to do is pay attention to what is happening around us in order to keep our freedoms. Help keep these freedoms by obtaining your attainable mind.

Here is Alex Jone's video called Endgame that explains it all in much more detail.