The Galactic Confederation of Light

The "Galactic Confederation of Light" was founded more than 4.5 million years ago. This Confederation was founded in order to prevent forces of darkness that create galactic wars, conquer, dominate and exploit different stellar systems throughout the universe. This organization consists of over 600 advanced civilizations throughout our galaxy and its neighbors. They oversee the evolution of their stellar planetary systems in order to carry out the Cosmic Plan. Their headquartered are in the constellations of Lyra and the star system Alcyone and have one of the greatest positive influences in the ET spectrum as it applies to Earth. They have been here watching over us sense the beginning and guiding us along the way. Most of their members inhabit higher-dimensional worlds that are invisible to 3D humans, for our earth lives in a presents of nine different dimensions. Their overwhelming love and service-to-others has caused them to focus on ways they can assist humanity in overcoming crisis on Planet Earth. One Prime Directive of this organization is to not interfere in the human dimension except when invited. Although in the act of Divine Intervention, some have been granted permission to openly communicate with those who are in a position to extend a positive influence on humanity. Communication with these members are done through telepathy, channeling and very seldom through a one on one physical communication.

Now within the Galactic Confederation of Light is another division called "The Ashtar Command". The purpose of the Ashtar is to assist humanity while going through great earthly transitions such as a polar shift, colossal natural disasters, nuclear war, or really any kind of earth changing event. According to groups that channel messages from the Ashtar Command say there are two main communicators or spokespersons if you will, known as Commander Ashter and Commander Soltec. The name Soltec has also been used by another extraterrestrial group known as the "Solar Cross". Ashtar and Solar Cross are both considered to be members of a larger galactic organization known as the Great White Brotherhood, which in turn belongs to the Galactic Confederation.

This next section is from someone who claimed to get a direct letter from a member of the Galactic Confederation of Light. Interesting to say the least.
To whom it may concern. The following letter has been presented to me in complete trust by a member of The Galactic Confederation of Light on this day of May, 2nd. 2004. It has not been edited or rewritten. It is in the exact form and wording as I have received it to pass on. I have known this being long enough and well enough to know that it is authentic. This being is under the protection and constant monitoring of the Confederation as am I and the identity of said being will remain undisclosed. This being cannot be located by address, telephone or any other source than my own and will remain so until further notice. This letter goes out to the United Nations and all leaders of the Earth. This will include all Native Nations as well. Regards; Darrel Whitewolf Smith, Wolf Clan Cherokee

A Vital Message for Gaia ( Earth ) and her Humanity.

From; The Galactic Confederation of Light. The Council of Twelve. Queen Angela of the Orion Star System King Ahn of the Sirus Star System

Subject; The closing of the cycle has arrived and so have we.

This letter is an Official Global Directive authorized and issued from the Galactic Confederation of Light.

The universal law of non interference has been officially overridden. A small group of souls, uniquely different, have collectively chosen to incarnate at this time. These beings carry the experience and wisdom necessary to invoke such a powerful law, such a powerful responsibility.

We of the Galactic Confederation of Light do not take such a
decision lightly, especially when it involves what is known as the Grand Plan of Creation. That is the growth and development of a universal planetary body who is carrying in her womb the growth and development of a universal incarnational body providing the environment and experience necessary for a universal gateway back to the source. This will allow any being from any species and on any frequency spectrum to incarnate onto Gaia and learn what it truly means to be in the image of God. Loving, caring, compassionate, understanding, tolerant and so on it goes, all of these qualities that make up and constitute a human being. A physical angel. A harmonious blend between the physical and spiritual. This decision has been unanimously made by the overwhelming majority of life that is a representation of all species in every spectrum on all levels of existence and includes Lucifer or the Council of Seven, the Great Dark Brotherhood, which ever label you prefer, for they are all one and the same. It is imperative you understand that the beings you know as Lucifer, Arch Angel Sataniel, Jesus, Arch Angel Michael and the Christ are now completely and unequivocally unified on this divine project, the Grand Plan of Creation. You need to come to terms with the fact that the Prodigal Son, Arch Angel Sataniel has returned and is now at peace with the Divine Creator. Balance is the key.

This group of beings that the Spiritual Hierarchy has chosen for direct intervention are also known as the Avatars or your gods of your ancient world. They are leaders among their peoples or Queens and Kings to use an Earth analogy and are a collective representation of the primary and principal Star Systems, who have been involved in the Grand Plan of Creation, the star seeding of this beloved planet from its very inception. Each one of the principal species of human on Gaia is a reflection of these Star Systems. As above, so below. For example; The Aryan race is a reflection of Orion so therefore the three serpent Queens of Orion are in truth the heads of state for the Aryan race. The primary objective of this group is to bring about balance and to guide Gaia's humanity through this vital, vital stage in the evolutionary process. The metamorphosis that you and your beloved planet are currently going through has already been experienced by these beings on an individual basis. These beings are not perfect and the agreement for them to incarnate at this critical stage has been granted under their request so that they may lead by example and take responsibility to right their wrongs of their past. These people are not to be worshiped. We repeat, are not to be worshiped. Just respected and understood. These souls carry understandings, experiences, knowledge, wisdom and love beyond your ability to comprehend at this time. They do have access to levels of consciousness way beyond the vast majority but access to those higher levels will not occur until they individually become accountable. Some have awoken and are aware of their origins, their past and their future responsibilities while others are still coming to terms with themselves and their awakening process. All are being monitored very, very closely both in your reality and interdementionally through this difficult yet exhilarating transformation.

The gods of your ancient world have returned. These beings of both Serpent Tribes and Bird Tribes are completely and unequivocally united. They are showing you and the Spiritual Hierarchy that they are accountable by taking responsibility for their actions in their past, present and future and together with the Galactic Confederation of Light of which these beings are sitting councilors are asking each and every one of you to do the same. The time has come for all of you to take responsibility for yourselves both individually and collectively. The time has come for you as a planetary and galactic society to mature and understand that you cannot trash your beloved planet for the sake of greed, power, control and material conveniences and then expect to travel to another world and do the same. This will not be permitted. Your controllers now know this. You have but one home, one planet and you are about to be introduced to your cosmic neighbors. Do not think that you have some god given right to consume everyth ing in your path. You have a name for this on your planet, this way of life that is motivated by fear and imposes starvation, slavery and misery on the majority while a select few get all the comforts. It is a way of life that is out of balance and is leading your planet into self destruction. We know the outcome for we have seen this many times before on other worlds. You have this attitude because you have been coerced by your controllers into believing that all of those billions upon billions of star systems like yours that make up just one little galaxy and then the billions upon billions of galaxies which make up just your local universe and only one frequency spectrum was made just for you on one little planet. Now consider the twelve main octaves and an almost infinite amount of overtones within each. All of creation made for you and on one little planet.

The Galactic Confederation of Light on behalf of creation urgently suggests that you get over your superiority complex and come to terms with reality. We do not mean to sound condescending. We are not here to tell you what you would like to hear but that which you desperately need to hear. If you want peace and prosperity in your world, then the comprehension of the truth is imperative. Stop living someone else's version of reality. The truth shall set you and your beloved planet free.

Queen Angela of the Orion Star System and King Ahn of the Sirus Star System, through this letter, this Global Directive. are serving notice to your controlling parties. Their plans to set up and run this beloved planet like a corporate structure, continuing to poison and slowly destroy her with archaic industrialized technologies, continuing to impose these carefully crafted cycles of war and misery upon her peoples and continuing to enslave her humanity will no longer be permitted. It is officially over. Our Earth affiliates are now to implement all our restructuring programs.

The Galactic Confederation of Light is similar to what you call on Gaia, the United Nations, except on a galactic and cosmic level. Our headquarters are on Wega, in the star system Lyra and is comprised of roughly 209,000 star systems or star nations, councils, federations, empires and so on. The Galactic Confederation is looked upon as the governing body of the galaxy and with the utmost respect because it is not so much as a political entity but locks in with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Creation and that is why it is called The Galactic Confederation of Light. We do not live life in a divided manner with dogmatic religious structures like those that have been imposed upon you in recent times. The global web of manipulation that has cunningly been imposed upon all aspects of your life is extremely disappointing and saddens us deeply.

Your planet is about to go through an incredible change. This change is part of the Grand Plan of Creation and everyone and everything on, in and around the planet including your space station Lunar, which you know as the Moon is being affected. Yes, your Moon is an artificial satellite and that's why its orbital path is circular and not elliptical. It spins around your planet just like all those other satellites you have purposefully placed in orbit yourselves.

There is no stopping this transformation and there is no escaping it for it comes from within every atom. Its source is from the very life force that animates everyone and everything into existence. Most importantly, it is nothing to be afraid of. To fear this transformation, is to fear life itself and fear is born out of uncertainty, not knowing the truth and not understanding the structure and purpose of life itself. That is why your controllers tell you ignorance is bliss so then, they can go about controlling you with fear. Just observe your global events of recent times and the words they continually thrust at you through the media. Not even your controllers and all their secret technology can stop this process. We know this because we are the ones who introduced this technology to your planet and we can disable it anytime we deem it necessary.

The Galactic Confederation of Light is here with an enormous fleet of ships known as the First Contact Fleet which surrounds this entire solar system and especially Gaia and her lunar space station. The reason you cannot see us is a simple matter of frequency and when the time is deemed appropriate, we will reveal ourselves. We are here to work with you and to guide you through the use of our technologies in changing, cleaning and restructuring this beloved planet back to the pristine condition she once was. We also have already in place our infrastructure and experienced personnel including medical teams and so on waiting for the go ahead. We know exactly what to do and how to go about it in a peaceful, organized and respectful manner for we have restructured planets and even entire star systems many times before throughout the universe and in many other realities. What needs to be done here on Gaia is very achievable and the bulk of the transformation will take roughly 19 months.

The cycle closes on the spring equinox ( Northern Hemisphere ) in 2013, therefore we need to begin as soon as possible. You need to come to terms with the fact that your beloved plated is a living, breathing feeling, thinking being, just like you. If you don't take responsibility for your home and begin preparing her for the frequency shift, then she will have to cleanse herself and that will be very destructive indeed. Your scientists already know that she has begun to change.

Please, everyone wake up and realize that you and your authorities desperately need to understand the processes of life that are both currently here and rapidly approaching. You all need to responsibly work with us for what awaits you on this Garden of Eden after the frequency shift is what's known as the Golden Age.

There are many many peoples of every culture, religious and spiritual groups, secret societies, scientific research organizations, secret governments, militaries, air and naval forces, security forces, security agencies and the list goes on that are already aware and know a great deal about this transformation. Most of them know who we are, where we come from and what we are here to do. These facts only remain a mystery to most of the general public and their immediate governing bodies who continue to be purposefully misguided and ill-informed.

Yes we are here and yes, this is a reality! The channels of communication to Gaia ( Earth ) are now officially declared open.

In the Golden Light of Truth and Balance that is Unconditional Love, we thank you for listening.

I understand that it's hard to comprehend that this message came from anywhere but earth. From someone who had an idea to write a letter claiming their from a Galactic Confederation of light. This whole subject is hard to comprehend and very easy to write off as crazy human ideas. We are consciously earth bound creatures, that part we know. That other part is that most people of this earth feel there is something bigger than just this consciousness and that we are also spirits or energy's of light or what ever you want to call it, whatever you feel it is you know in your heart it's there the question is where did it start and where does it go. So far for me this is the best explanation for the universe we live in. Lets go into greater detail to get a better idea of what it's all about.

At some point go to this link here. It is a transmission from the spaceship Olympia which is one of the operation centers of the Intergalactic Confederation in the stratosphere of planet Earth. Ashtar Sheran gives a message to all humans that is very pleasant to read. Basically his message explains that there are extreme changes currently happening on our planet and in order for humanity live in peace in the donning of the new age that we must change conciseness within ourselves. Obvious to some but not for many. Our planet is getting ready to change frequencies or it's vibration and our lower bodies are being subjected to a vibratory remodeling which will affect our spiritual and cosmic consciousness in life completely. In order to prepare for this coming change we must learn to consciously activate our "Light Bodies". Everyone can activate their light bodies but it takes devotion and teachings from others who have already been activated. These teachings can allow you to enter other dimensions while your consciousness evolves into a state of realization that your entity is no longer restricted to earth and the 3-D perception of now. Some people referrer to this as a spiritual awakening through spiritual guidance. For people living in the modern world it can be extremely difficult to quiet the mind from all of the distractions around us which is the first step to activating your light body. Many people find this subject hard to believe and write it off as hippie non-sense. When in reality it is these teachings that will bring your mind to a higher state of consciousness by changing your vibration or frequency.

Something important to understand that can not be denied is that fact everything in the universe has a frequency to it. The clothes you wear, the apple you eat, the car you drive, the computer screen your looking at, all have their own specific frequency. Everything has a frequency and there for we are always surrounded by frequency's and your frequency lives within the other the frequency's that surround you. Someone who is blind relies on these frequency's in order to live, if you had no vision you would rely on sound which is a frequency to get around. Your personal frequency reacts different than other people's frequency's and this is partially what makes us individuals. Think about it, do you know someone who is extremely clumsy? Someone who is angry all the time? Someone who talks really really fast? Try to imagine the type of frequency's they emit and how other frequency's react to them. You ever get a funny feeling or an uneasy feeling about somebody? It's just the frequency that they emit and your picking up. Ask yourself how you feel around someone who is happy and in a good mood all the time, they make you feel good right? What about that person who just talks trash about other people, how does that person make you feel? Not very good, and you will find yourself trying to find a way to stop your conversation so you can get away from that person because your frequency's are conflicting. It's all frequency which is in turn vibration or waves.

Coming back to your light body, the awakening of your light body is done by changing your personal frequency which will bring your mind into a higher state of consciousness because the vibration of your mind will have changed. It's referred to as a "higher state of consciousness" because the mind will interpret thing's differently to the effect that everything becomes clearer. Things that didn't make sense to you in the past now make perfect sense and there for your world is expanded. In this 3-D world of the now that we live in, we have science to tell us that the Earth's Circumference at the Equator is 24,901.55 miles but our reality of the earth is only the places we've been and experiences we've had. It's our minds that allow us to dream of far off lands and sometimes they seem so real, but while your having that dream, at that moment they are real. A dream is a frequency that is interpreted by the mind that gives you these visions. A mind will emit and pick up frequency's like a giant antenna picking up a signal. I believe this is why so many dreams are of places we have never been to before and that the mind is reading a frequency from another source and maybe this source is from another dimension. Maybe it's the Galactic Confederation of Light sending out these frequency's helping us along our journey. It's make sense considering many prophets get their profound messages from dreams. "And he came to me in dream and said" you tend to hear that a lot. Does all of this really seem so far fetched, the more you think about it the more it starts to make sense. The key is to quiet the mind from the meaningless distractions such as mindless television shows, magazines promoting fame, ipods and iphones with mindless crap on them, internet sites promoting fame & porn, advertising on everything. It's these distractions that stop our minds from allowing ourselves to activate our light bodies. It's these distractions that are keeping humans from evolving into a species that lives in peace, that could live in a higher state of consciousness allowing us freedom from the big question that enslaves the minds of most people. "What is the meaning of life?" or "What is my purpose in life?" Once your able to answer this question for yourself is when you are free from the fear of death or life itself. Attain your light body by attaining, your attainable mind.

Out of the hundreds of video's out there on the Galactic Confederation of Light, I have chosen two to share with you. This first one is a lecture from a man who claims to be from the Galactic Confederation of Light and explains a little bit of everything. He gives incredible details and is very informative. This lecture will make you a believer if your not already and is what inspired my to write this post. It's a must see and totally awesome!!!

This next one is a channeled message from the Pleiadians who are also part of the Galactic Confederation of Light.

To see the structure of the Galactic Federation of Light spaceships that oversee the Earth's transformation see illustration below.

1st Ring-

More than a million ships of unarmed scouts and transport vehicles To oversee fleet operations, transport supplies to Earth subterranean bases and Earth inner cities and Moon bases.

Liaison and defense fleets. Supervise and countermeasure, if necessary, the secret government’s programs such as physical, mental and emotional control and mind control and also close any interplanetary star gates and artificially-created time wave distortions.

2nd Ring-

Headquartered in Mars in underground and surface bases. Sentient beings not human in form. Planetoid-sized Motherships

Augment the research and observation being done by first ring. Also work in tasks that involve weaponry and technology. Work in preparing Mother Mars for human arrival en masse, after human journey to full consciousness is completed

In-Between 2nd and 3rd Ring-

Special, planet-sized command ships from the Science and Exploration (S&E) fleets. Main command ships for First Contact mission. A standard procedure is to cloak these ships and keep them away from the prying eye of many space telescopes. The aim of these telescopes is, essentially, to find these ships.

3rd Ring-

Largest. Millions of immensely varied ships, ranging from Motherships the size of large ocean liners to those nearly the size of Neptune or Uranus. Also there are main transport stations that lead back to the vast profusion of home-worlds. It has also traffic coordinators for this immense fleet of ships.

These Motherships are simply the final back up, serving as components that will enter the second ring only when necessary. They proclaim to all potential adversaries that Mother Earth and its solar system are clearly experiencing a transformation that no Being, corporeal or non-corporeal in form, can prevent. The traffic coordinators serve to move all ships between these rings and back into interstellar or intergalactic space.