12 UFO Video's of 2009

April 18

April 4

May 21

September 16

September 16

September 11

September 5

September 12

August - Italy

June 7th

June 21st

What I find absolutely astonishing about these videos is the fact that there are so many of them. This is only a small handful. It's not going to be long before the truth comes out about UFOs and aliens. Along with the digital age and communication, more and more people are becoming aware that we are not alone in our solar system and that they have been influencing are lives sense the beginning of time. It's truly undeniable that what were seeing in the sky's are in fact Alien craft. Skeptics try to debunk the facts and the facts are that hundreds of thousands of sightings have taken place and are taking place on every corner of the earth. Open your mind to the fact of what is happening to us as a species, we are becoming aware. Aware that we soon will no longer be an earth bound race. Attain the knowledge that is put forth right in front of you, use your mind to set yourself free from this earth and attain your attainable mind.