1000's of UFOs filmed daily

The SOHO is a project of the international cooperation between the ESA and NASA in order to observe the sun on a daily basis. They have eight different filters that they use to see the different spectrum's of light coming off the sun. The one I find the most interesting are the LASCO C3 images. The Large Angle Spectrometric Chronograph is able to take images of the solar corona by blocking the light coming directly from the Sun with an occulter disk, creating an artificial eclipse so to speak within the instrument itself. The most prominent feature of the corona are usually the coronal streamers but it's what is happening all around what I find so interesting. You can clearly see the stars in the background and they move from left to right as we rotate around the sun. You can also see lots of objects moving around as well. Some look like shooting stars, some have different shapes, some appear to be moving slowly. The only way you can see this is by stopping the video frame by frame. Otherwise it just looks like static on a TV, or a film that is all scratched up. But when you look at it frame by frame you can clearly see that there is more than meets the eye. There are hundreds if not thousands of UFO's flying all around our solar system all the time. This was first discovered by NASA during the Tether experiment back in 1996. Hundreds of UFOs caught on tape.

This video is just the one minute short version, I posted about it with the full vision here.

Here are the SOHO real time movies. The one your looking for is the LASCO C3 movie. This records five days of images and plays them all together in about 7 seconds. This is why you need to slow it down frame be frame to see these UFOs. There are hundreds if not thousands and this is just between the earth and the sun. Maybe it's just space debris? Maybe their just small asteroids? Maybe, but if you really look close you'll see many different shapes and they are going in every different direction. Ask yourself what all of these reflections are - rocks - space debris?? I have a hard time believing that's all you're looking at. Open you mind to what is and what could be by attaining the knowledge that will help you understand the universe and life itself a little better. Attain your attainable mind.