Hollywood Blurring the Lines of Reality

Hollywood is the only place where they can claim the truth, so much so that they build a fake websites to support the stories that their making up. They are there to get into the minds of modern society, even if you don't go the the movies. This industry can start any rumor that they want about anybody or anything. Which in a way is scary considering that they control billions of dollars and the fact that we are such a media driven society and are willing to believe anything we think is official. That's how Hollywood sucks you in. Now for someone like me who likes to seek out the truth and find facts to a story to see if it pans out, it takes a bit more then a good trailer and few phony websites to fool me. But for the average American, they are typically willing to believe what they are told, especially if their curiosity drives them to do a Google search and they find a few websites to back up the claims. For example, there is a new movie coming out from Universal Pictures called "The Fourth Kind" starring Milla Jovoich. Now this is my kind of movie the fact that it brings awareness to alien abductions, hence the name of the movie "The Fourth Kind" meaning alien abduction. The issue that I'm having is that fact that their claiming that this movie is derived from real events and real archived footage from a woman by the name of Dr. Abigail Tyler, Ph.D. Google her name and you'll find a site called the Alaska psychiatry journal copyrighted in 1997 by the medical journal archive. Her bio comes up along with a lists of sleeping disorder cases. It's obviously bogus considering that she is the only one listed on the entire site, and the home page that has no link, is a generic white page that says "Medical Journal Archive". To people who don't necessarily read between the lines, this could be quite believable. Universal Pictures as well made a fake article claiming it was from the local paper in Nome Alaska called the Nome Nugget, then published in the Alaska News Archive. They even went as far as using the editor and publishers name Nancy McGuire who once she heard about it said she never wrote any such article. Both the news site and the medical journal site were created just last month according to domain-name research on top of the fact that Ron Adler, CEO and director of the Alaska Psychiatric Institute and Denise Dillard who is president of the Alaska Psychological Association both said they’ve never heard of the Alaska Psychiatry Journal, or of Abigail Tyler according to Alaska.com. Here's an article from the real Nome Nugget talking about the movie, and what they think. As it turns out this movie was filmed in Bulgaria, not Alaska but Bulgaria. You'd think they would at least shoot somewhere in Alaska. Bulgaria on the left and the real Nome Alaska on the right.

These two towns don't even look the same, granted it's Hollywood but their trying to claim this as fact not fiction. As it turns out, this story is no more real than the Blair Witch Project. Sad to say but some people still think that was real. Granted the disappearances that happened in Nome were real, but this is a place were it's not hard to get lost due to long winters and lots of booze, and the disappearances were out-of-towner's not locals. Common for some "wet" parts of Alaska.

Is this legal? Does Hollywood really have a license to write anything they want using someone ell's real name with a possibility of putting their carrier in jeopardy? This is a multi-billion corporation writing fake articles claiming to be from a from a real local paper from a real town and signing them with the real editors and publishers name. To me this is crossing the line, but it's this line between fact and fiction that their trying to erase in order to sell box-office tickets and to create a blur on reality.

Now I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud by ruining the scariness factor for this movie, I'm just find it surprising that Hollywood is able to get away with it. Just makes you think what other type of propaganda is out there being made in-order to fool you. Soon we may never know what to believe, but maybe that's what they want. If humans shock value is gone, than we can be set up to except anything thing that's given to us. Look at the new trailer 2012 and the mass amount of destruction going on in this movie. Unreal! I can't wait for it to come out, this again is my kind of movie. I ask myself why though? Why is it that I long to see mass destruction of the world. Is it the vision of what could be? I think that's something we all have inside us one way or the other. A longing for wanting to know the unknown or see what can only be seen on the movie screen. I like movies and I hope "The Fourth Kind" is going to be good, although I'm a bit skeptical. It's always hit or miss when it comes to Hollywood, enough money to end world hunger, homelessness, and health care for all just for a movie that you hope will leave you thinking, " Yea, I liked it". I wonder what will entertain us a hundred years from now, will movies even do it for us any more? Or will these stories start to mingle with our every real everyday lives, making Hollywood come to life.

Understand what is real and what is not. Attain the knowledge that will help you decipher the facts from the fiction. Understand that Hollywood is implanting thoughts into your mind blurring the line between whats real and what's not. These movies condition us to the visions that the elite want to engrave into our heads. Why do you think FOX not only makes huge Hollywood movies, but is also America's #1 leading news source. They are controlling your facts and your fiction leading you to believe what they want you to believe. Major media networks and Hollywood are one of the same and have the power to control the minds of everyone watching and listening. This is why so many people take in everything they see with a grain of salt, not knowing what to believe while some people believe it all. This sets us up to become a mass population of people who all disagree with each-other because the lines have been so blurred. The visions we see on the big screen and on TV now are being seen for the very first for time in human history. As graphic technology gets better the visions only become more real to us, while the internet becomes a tool for propaganda making sites to back up any claim.

Ever notice how it's every seldom a really good movie comes out. Notice the new's on American TV seems to only be about money, war, violence and Hollywood actors. Notice how most Hollywood movies are all about money, war, violence and fame. If your not gabbing about something you saw on the news, in a movie or on TV then you better pick a spot on the couch and grab the remote, because you might just be starting to think for yourself. Don't be fooled by the powers that be and attain your attainable mind.