Aliens and UFOs in medieval art.

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Look at the woman in green and in red. Notice the long cone shaped hat representative of a long head, why is she wearing a bald cap underneath it covering her ears? She is also very skinny and has an extra long neck. Not normal for that time period. They both only have four fingers on both hands when everyone ell's very clearly has five. These two woman bring gifts, the one in green has two strange birds in her dress while the other woman is holding her's while staring at you. OK, a bit skeptical about this one, but it get much better and much more obvious.

Look at the toe's of the man holding Jesus, obviously painted in and oddly long. There is another set of toe's showing from the man all the way on the left and his toe's are normal. Why? Now look at the archway, notice the evolution of dragon's in the red area and above that are people holding up some sort of cloth with four arms? What's going on here, dragon's, people with four arm's? And again, the old woman on the right only has four fingers on both hands when all other hands in the picture very clearly have five. Can you pick out who the alien-human hybrids are.
Now this Hans Memling has lots going on, but what I find the most interesting is in the bottom left corner. It's a baby who I'm assuming is Jesus with a little illuminated angle that looks like an alien to me. Now right behind that small building there is the head of a figure wearing a red scull cap with some sort of antenna coming out of it. What is he wearing and why is he there. There is also two illuminated yellow objects, the one in the horizon on the left is obviously the sun, so what's the other on the top in the middle with two beams hitting the back of the main tower. Also notice on the middle peak is standing a giant robot or something, on the other peaks are large figures wearing red.
Another Hans Memling. The strange part in this picture is in the upper left hand corner of the painting, you'll see a group of people looking up at a object that looks like some sort of craft with fire and smoke coming out the back. Then what's with the guy dressed in a all gray suite from head to toe, as if he's wanting to go with the craft.
In this Hans, look at the red angel on the left half way up. Look at the end of his horn, there's a little something in the sky in the shape of a UFO. Realize that these medieval artist did not make mistakes, and if they did it was painted over. Notice the details of everything even down to the finger nails, this little dark spot was meant to be there, this was no mistake. There's even a person underneath it looking up at it.
This Hans is rather interesting that fact that it depicts a flaming asteroid getting ready to smash into the earth. In the sky you will also find a cloud with a red glow and yellow lights around the border.
"Guess where I came from" Da Vinci.
Domenico Ghirlandaio painted this masterpiece. So what do you think that is, the man on the hill side notices. Looks like a UFO to me, it's pretty clear.
Carlo Crivelli's "Annunciation," depicts communication from a craft floating from the sky. The craft is made up of clouds and a ring of angels. Blow this one up and take a close look. It's said that aliens have been talking to humans through telepathy throughout time and this is a clear depiction of that.
Another Carlo Crivelli painting of the depiction of Jesus, the farmers to the right of the house are looking a a circle of angels in the shape of a UFO. Back then that would have been the only explanation.
What is he pointing at? It's very oddly shaped, illuminated and has a dark and light side. UFO.
This is a Aert De Gelder depiction of "The Baptism of Christ". A round disk shaped object with a few small lights in the middle. It's a UFO giving Jesus special powers. What ell's at the time was disk shaped with lights floating in the air?
This Sandro Bottcelli is just plain strange. Looks like a big alien get together underneath a UFO celebrating the newest alien-human hybrid. Jesus.

Tuning in the right frequency to reach the other planets? But the radio wasn't invented until 1895, almost 300 years later! Bonaventura Salimbeni saw something that he wanted the rest of the world to see and he painted it in the church of St. Peter in Montalcino (Siena, Italy). What ever it was, it was something spectacular.

Here's a painting from 1350 and depicts a human like person looking over his shoulder in a flying craft as if he's being chased by the other person in his flying craft. This painting hangs above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia.
This 17th century painting is in the Svetishoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia. OK, so explain this skeptic.
Painted in 1490. Those clouds sure do look funny. Looks like UFO's sitting by as if they just delivered the virgin Mary. Why ell's would a painter at the time paint lots of sauser shaped clouds?

This Painting by Paolo Uccello around 1460 depicts a sauser shape object parked up against a tree. Just like the photo's Billy Myers took from his land in Switzerland.
UFO in a tree.
This painting is called " The Miracle Of Snow" by Masolino Da Panicale (1383-1440) and hangs at the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Florence, Italy. That to me does not look like snow. They are all about the same size and shape and look like UFOs. No two snow flakes are alike, and this was something they knew back then.

14th Century tapestries depicting the life of Mary. Was it normal to have flying hat's in the sky? I don't think so. Very clearly UFO's flying in the background.
This painting was found in a wooden drawer at the Earls D'Oltremond, in Belgium. It's Moses holding the ten commandments with flaming horns coming out of his head, and objects coming out of the sky. The date and artist are unknown.

These paintings are from the 15th Century. I feel they speak for themselves. I'm not sure how much more evidence you need. Skeptic's stand no ground here. UFO's have been here for a long time and this is a small slice of history.

All I know is that there are objects in these paintings that very obviously not of this world. Beings floating in the sky, strange disk shaped crafts, winged people, halo's depicting illuminated people. I understand that this is the sign for a holy person, but I think these illuminated people are the alien-human hybrid's. It would only make sense. And the angles are the aliens that have taken human form depicted with wings in order to explain the fact that they could fly. This could be spot on, who knows? The important thing is to ask yourself, could these paintings be depictions of alien contact? I think the answer is more than obvious. Attain the knowledge that will help you understand more about our past to understand more about our future. Free you mind from the ordinary thoughts the elite want you to have, these artist wanted to share something with the world that would stand through the test of time. The images are their perceptions in a time where all you had was your mind, a canvas and a paint brush. Why would they depict objects they had no knowledge of? Unless of-course they did have the knowledge. Attain your attainable mind. They did.