UFO's & Lights on the moon - Apollo 11 picts

I was looking at the old Apollo Pictures hoping to find something on the surface. But to my surprise it wasn't what I found in the light but what I found in the dark. UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE!!! Go to NASA's history of Apollo site and what your looking for are pretty much the ONLY color photo's of the moon, funny how that was like fifty years ago. You need to spend a bit of time looking for them but it wont take long. I'm planning on going though as many as I can, then enlarge where the anomaly is and re post. In the picture above, blow it up as much as you can, and see if you can find the three odd shaped objects. All three are in the bottom half of the picture. I so far have only looked at about two dozen of these photo's and there are different colored lights in the back ground in EVERY SINGLE COLOR PHOTO! I thought you couldn't see stars from the moon. I do believe that many of these lights are stars, but some as you will find, don't look like stars at all and are very odd shaped. Yes I know that there is space junk floating around. But with the different amount colors and lights, I highly doubt it's just junk floating in space.