Moon Picture Update

So Jaxa (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) has finally released the HD photo's of the moon. I would have to say for the amount of money they spent on their HD camera, the photos are very disappointing. You can get clearer images of earth from Google earth then you can of the moon with these stupid photo's. These pictures are no better then the one's taken 50 years ago by NASA. They also made a few dozen HD movies of the moon, which are good but of-course all shots of broad landscapes, and there are no stars in any video's or photos. I know they had a filter to take out the white spots, but can't they just for once take some unfiltered photo's??? What the big deal? Some how this super high tech HD camera still failed to get any close detailed photo's of the moon's surface. My freaking Canon Rebel takes better photo's then Jaxa's multimillion HD camera. Well not really, but still, there are clearer photo's of Mars for crying out loud. Either way, it just supports the fact there is more than meets the eye when it come to the moon otherwise we would have a Google moon. But that has yet to surface too. Some day the truth will reveal itself and we as humans will finally attain the knowledge that has been kept secrete for so many years.