The Edward "Billy" Meier Story

The story of Billy Meier is I would say the most sincere but controversial UFO/Alien encounter story's of our time. It contains not only contact with aliens but going aboard their ship, going back in time and seeing his past then going in to the future and seeing his future. It sounds totally outlandish and crazy, but when you look at the evidence presented, for me I truly feel this is 100% authentic. If your a skeptic and want to believe, or even someone who doesn't want to believe, this is the most incredible amount of evidence ever presented by one person.

The first time he was contacted through telepathy was when he was five years old, and happened throughout his entire childhood. From January 28th 1975 to August 19th 2003 he had been contacted by the "Pleiadian's" psychically 632 times near his home in Switzerland, 347 are documented and available as contact reports and the contacts are still going on today. The Pleiadian's explained to him they came from the consolation of Pleiades which is also known as the Seven Sisters or Messier 45 and have been coming to earth for the last 13,500 years. Pleiades is also mention in the book of Job from the Bible, and as it turns out just about every ancient religion and culture mentions the consolation of Pleiades. The greatest structures of the earth such as the Roman temples and the great pyramids were all built in aliment of this consolation.

They contacted him one, because of the vibrations in frequency that surrounds him, just like it does all of us, this could also be considered your aura. They aloud him to video tape and take pictures of their craft's in order to spread the awareness of their existence and teachings. This is how it's been done for millions of years. He was not the only one to see these UFO's either, more then thirty people who lived in the area also saw them as well and today it's been hundreds.

When word of Billy's findings got to America, a team of intellects was formed in Arizona to investigate and verify the story of this Swiss farmer and headed off to Switzerland. They interviewed him and the people around where he lived. They went to the scene where contact was made and when over his story many times. When they where done with their week long interview, Billy gave them all of the evidence he had. Including Hundred's of photographs, dozen's of film's, audio recordings, and even pieces of metal. All of the evidence was brought back and given to the best scientist in their field and every single piece of his evidence was proved to be authentic. He was also given a lie detector test, which he past. After the first round of test were made, they went back to the farm to make fake UFO photo's trying to duplicate Billy's UFO photos. They compared the differences and found them to be similar but after doing color imaging tests, it was concluded that his photo's of UFO's were authentic. It was estimated that it would have taken the expertise in twelve different professional fields including metallurgy, astronomy, ancient history, and psychology and would have taken over ten thousand man hours with a million dollar budget to duplicate the evidence Billy reveled. It's Important to remember that this was back in the 70's, before computers and easy made special effects. Experts have tried to debunk all of his evidence as best they could, but have found no faults. This is where his incredibly real story begins. Here is part 6 of 10 from a documentary that took over a year to make about his story.

This is just one of many video's made about him and is story. There is so much information about this story that it's very overwhelming, just Google his name and see what happens.

Original UFO footage from Billy's archive.

Billy's has a very calm demeanor about him. When you see and listen to him you'll realize he's just a simple hard working Swiss farmer. His family never had a lot of money, they were actually quite poor. His life consisted of working long hard day's as like any farm. Now I've been to Switzerland, and have been to some of the more desolate areas were you would typically find agriculture and it's not much different today then it was back then. It consists of very confident lifestyle and simple living. This is not the place of Hollywood sci-fi movies, your not going to find crazy people that are out of their mind in these parts. This is a place were people live and work off the land and for the most part are happy and content with their lives. Billy's story is very out of place, which is one of the reason it's so hard to write of as non-sense. But then again it is small towns that are easily influenced by one person, especially if they bring spiritual guidance to the table. But what I find even more hard to believe this was all done by one man, with the amount of evidence shown I find that would have been imposable, and so do the experts.

Here is the one of the Original video's Billy took.

His story makes sense when you take into account the other great stories about "people who came from the sky", maybe he did read lots of books and there for conjured up one incredible imagination. But when you go back and look at the ORIGINAL evidence, no way. Who knows what the truth is, all we do know is that there is a bigger story then what we are told through out our history. Many people have been doing their best to discredit the evidence as much as they can using todays technology. Think about the fact that every story every told about UFO's and aliens has been covered up one way or the other. Governments of our world will go to great lengths to keep this information a secret, such as making photo's and websites claiming the pictures and videos are fake, and they show you how. Sure, with today's computer graphics you can do anything really, you easily take the pictures he took and make new ones, saying are are the originals. This is not far fetched. The Governments of the world have been lying to it's people from the beginning. Why? Maybe because they are run and ruled by the evil reptilians who don't want peace. They want ciaos, war, death and destruction so they can take over our planet for there own. Maybe these Pleiadian's are the saviors of humankind, trying to help us by spreading the message of love and compaction, this is the message were getting from this story, is that so bad? Is anything on TV promoting love in any way what so ever, no! Everything that is made for the public's eye is either about sex, violence, murder, war or destruction in one way or the other. Even if Billy was making it all up, he is promoting love, peace, and compaction without even tearing your ego to sheds with repent and sin while worshiping some jealous god who love's you but will put you in a hell of suffering for all eternity of you don't obey. It makes me think, why isn't his story of the Pleiadian's embraced and shared as something good, rather than just some quack making up stories about UFO's. It's time to look at the bigger picture, isn't that what we do with stories? To understand the message? I can understand why people get mad over deception, but the wool is being pulled over our eye's all the time and most people don't seemed to mind. Go to any fast food joint and look at the picture of what your about to order and compare the two. "OVER ONE BILLION SERVED". Like anything there is some truth to it, even if it is all in your mind and in reality it really is all in your mind. Either way Billy's story is a good one, so good that when you listen to it all, it's makes you feel good. I like his explanation of human creation and the universe more that any other I've heard, and a hell of a lot better than Adam and Eve, which is really just taken from another story written long before the Bible. This is a man who was contacted by an alien race and shown things to help the human race realize our true potential, just like Jesus, Mohammad, or any other great prophet. But like all the stories by great prophets, they are rewritten and warped by the powers that be in order to keep the human race trapped in their own minds simply because smart people are hard to control.

Sense Meier's story got out, he has been shot at and his life has been threatened many times. His daughter was almost kidnapped and his reputation has been scrutinized. Many of the predictions he made has come true, such as 9/11 which he predicted in 1987. Use your judgment wisely and keep an opened mind to what could be. Attain the knowledge that can set you free from the brainwashing madness that is in front of us on a daily basis, let go of your conception of what you think you already know, and attain your attainable mind.