Fox News: Unfair and Biased

    A few weeks ago I saw some protesters standing on the side of the road holding signs displaying the words "Stop Obama's War".  I wasn't sure if these people were just stupid or did they just suffer from severe memory loss.  Did these people forget who started the war in the first place??  I find it amazing that the same people who voted for Bush W both terms, forgot who declared war on the middle east over 9/11 which was an inside job to begin with.

What is wrong with the world when people throw the entire perspective of everything out the window.  It seems to me like so many people don't know what they stand for, nor do they think for themselves.  It all depends on who says what, what political party they belong to and which News station broadcasts the information.  So many conservative republicans seem to drastically change their tune all depending on who's singing it.

What does this say about poeple in the United States when their political beliefs are manipulated  by a very popular news station that claims to be "fair and balanced", when in reality they're far from it.

Here is an excerpt from the World Economic Forum held in 2007 Davos, Switzerland on C-SPAN.  Listen to Rupert Murdoch CEO of Fox News as he admits manipulating the news for his own political beliefs including the support of Bush and HIS war on the middle east.  This is really all you need to see.

   This type of mass manipulation should be illegal, this is a news station that claims to be "Fair and Balanced" which people believe because "the news doesn't lie, there not allowed to lie",  well maybe not out right lie, but they manipulate to the point where people believe whatever they say wholeheartedly.  I feel this type of manipulation is sick, cheap and is in no way fair or balanced.  I thought false advertising was illegal?  Apparently not for Fox News.

I find this next clip unf#$king believable.   Here is E.D. hill on Fox News relating the words "Terrorist fist jab" to when Obama bumped knuckles with his wife during the elections. 

Have you ever heard of bumping knuckles considered as a "Terrorist fist jab".  No you haven't because this phrase "Terrorist fist jab" has been completely coined by Fox News.  What were they thinking when they wrote this? They were thinking, "how can we plant the seed that the Obama family is connected with terrorists,....PERFECT.....Look at that!!!...It's a "terrorist fist jab"."  This is a prime example of Fox News abusing their power trying to create more ignoramuses that think Obama is a terrorist and a Nazi.  How can they get away with crap like this?  Oh,... I
Here's a clip of a Washington Times reporter confusing the names Osama and Obama, pertaining to the rumors that someone should "knock off" Obama, and then proceeds to say "well, both if we could" and laughs about it, as if assassinating Obama would be funny.  You have to remember that people take Fox New seriously.

And they get away with it.  Amazing!
Here's a great clip from "The Young Turks" that analyzes a segment of a Fox News reporter talking to a democratic congressmen trying to put the blame of the Bailout on democrats and minorities, stating that "lending to minorities and other risky folk is a disaster" while at the same time,  a shot of Obama on the other-side of the screen when Obama has nothing to do with the conversation.  Another example of Fox news manipulating the news for its own agenda trying to put the blame of the bailout on the democrats and Obama, even know it was ALL BUSH'S FAULT to begin with.

This one is awesome!  Here's a comedian tearing Fox News a new one, confronting them for what they really are.  I love the reaction from the reporter, "you can get all the news you can at Fox News" as he cuts the other guy off.  Sad thing is, this reporter knows that comedian is right.  You can tell just by his body language.

I just can't get over how many clips there are of Fox News reporters misleading the public on the truth, then in defense they consistently say "we're fair and balanced" and change the subject as quick as possible.

Here's Fox News pushing religion.  I  find it funny that every time they put statistics up on how many American's are Atheists, the percentages are ALWAYS different. 

Here's Megan Kelly talking about polls which proves you really can't EVER trust statistics from Fox News.

This one is hilarious, it's during the elections between Obama and McCain.  The reporter asked "who in the room is going to vote for McCain" Not one person raised their hand "who's going to vote for Obama"  Everyone in the room had their hand up.  The reporter then goes on to say, "you see, it's split" as you hear people laughing at him in the back ground. " Balanced and Fair" you say?

And last but not even close to least, is a video of people who are influenced by Fox News.  Ask yourself, is this the type of people you want living next door to you?  Could these people get any more ignorant?  This my friends, IS the epitome of America.
And number 2

These people don't even know why they're there.  It doesn't get any dumber than this.  All I can do is shake my head.

Attain your mind.