Words and Their Meanings

Words are how we as a species communicate, all of us and everything are all controlled by words. The English language is the most modern language in history and when the meaning of words were given definition, it was done with great care. The reason for words and their meanings were chosen very carefully by the powers that be, there is no coincidence or just funny chance that some words are the same but with different meanings. To understand how the world's law's and banking systems truly works it is necessary to understand these next basic words and how they were developed for our English language. Let's dive right in shale we.

These ideas were put together by Jordan Maxwell.

We are told that America is a land of laws and a land based on laws. But as it turns out America is run by people who are lawless. We have no true law in America because the powers that be, the controllers or government makes the laws and what ever they say is law today, could very well change tomorrow. So a law that can be changed at any time is no law at all.

Take in to account this next example:

If you had a piece of twine that you were going to wrap a package in, your pretty secure that that piece of twine is going to hold that package together. But if you were to take that same piece of twine, hold it over the side of a building and hang off that piece of twine, your life would be held in the integrity of that piece of twine. Wouldn't you to want to be really sure that piece of twine is going hold?


If you were going to build a two story building and you were planning to put a lot of weight on the second floor what would you do? Well... If you were smart you would have a architectural engineer make sure that the integrity of the structure was going to hold the weight you were planning to put on that second floor. Right? You want to make sure the laws your making are going to hold. So your standing under the foundation your going to build on. Your "standing" "under" to get "understanding". Because you see, that's where the word "understand" comes from. To stand under the foundation that your building on.

Understanding words is fundamentally important to every human on the planet because we are a species that is again control by words. If you take the s on the end of the the word "words" and bring it to the front, you get the word "sword". Ever heard the saying "to live and die by the sword", well...... we live and die by words. This is why it's so important to establish what words mean.

Let's now back to laws and the law. There is a roman maximum in law that states "He who could be deceived, let him" Meaning that if your so ignorant to be deceived then that's your problem, not the law makers.

This is why it's so important to understand words that relate to laws and government. There is an occultism that has been making the worlds laws and government using these words that you may use yourself on an everyday basis, but when used in a court or in banking terms they mean something entirely different.

While confined to our planet earth, we live with two very basic laws. Water and earth, you either are on water or your on the earth or ground. Unless your flying of-course. Now, there are two kinds of laws, the law of the land and the law of water. I'm sure you've heard the term "law of the land" and that is precisely what that means the law of the land to the people who are on that land. The other law is considered the law of the high sea's or the laws of water. It's these two different laws that are fundamentally important to differentiate. The laws of the land are quite easy to understand. Laws are different all throughout the world, right? Laws here in America are different then the laws in Mexico, Spain, or Russia. These are the laws of the land simply because that's exactly what they are, the laws of that culture on that particular part of land.

However there is a higher law that dominates the entire world which is the law of the water or the law of the high sea's. The law of water is referred to as the law of money. It doesn't matter what color you are or where your from or where you live. Money is money and the entire world is controlled by money. Any time your dealing with money or banking you are now dealing with the laws of water or maritime admiralty law. If you go back in time where all this came from, you need to go back the land of Canaan from the Bible. The Canaanite's were Phoenician's, and in the ancient Phoenician language the word "Canaan" meant "merchant banker". The very word merchant comes from the word "Mer" or the sea of water as in mermaid we have merchant. Merchant bankers. So the main difference between the law of the land VS water is that the law of the land are the laws of the people who inhabit that portion of land rather than the law of water which are the laws of banking and money that surround the entire planet.

The statue of liberty must sit in water because, it's not the "statue of freedom" but a "statue of liberty". Liberty is something a sailor gets when he comes to shore and gets off the boat. He's getting liberty, not freedom. So when they say America, land of the free, they are just pulling the wool over your eye's. America is not free. Ever been stopped at any of the random of thousands of police check points checking to see if your drunk, an illegal immigrant or a terrorist. Random check points are something they do in third world country's and something they did in Nazi Germany.

lets have an example of how this law of the water works;

Why is it when you when you deal with the law you go to court. You go to a court to play basketball or tennis and how do you play tennis on that court? By hitting a ball back and forth with a racket in the court while being overlooked by a referee to make sure all go's well. It's the exact same thing in a judicial court. The lawyers just bounce the ball back and forth while the judge or referee sits by to make sure everyone is playing by the rules which is also why they all wear a black robe. The Judge doesn't don't care who wins, he's just there to ref the game. The judge rules from the bench, the word "bench" in Latin means bank. There for the judge rules for the bank. Now where do you find banks? You find banks on both sides of a river and are called river banks. What do river banks do? Well they control the flow of the current,.......cy, they control the flow of money. Consequently your money is a current flowing down river being controlled by the banks controlling the flow of money.

To give you another example on how this works; all ships are refereed to as female. Especially ships that are on the water, compared to spaceship or airships. They are always female. This is done for a very good reason, maritime admiral banking law states all ships are to be female because they are carrying items for money (which I'll get to in a minute). Admiralty comes from the word admiral that came from the Navy. You see, when a ship pulls into harbor, it parks at the doc. The captain then has to provide a certificate of manifest for the port authority because when a ship pulls into land from water it is manifesting goods to the land. It's manifested to land from the water. Very ship must have a captain, the very word "captain" comes from the word Latin word "capital" which in turn means money. So the captain represents the money that's on board the ship and again has to provide a certificate of manifest for each and every item on that ship including descriptions of the color, weight, and worth. All of these questions must be answered on this certificate of manifest while the ship is sitting in it "birth". Where ever a ship is docked, is called it's "birth". "She sits in her birth". Now all of the items coming off that ship represent money and coming from the water they are considered maritime admiralty products. This is true all over the world. Now when you were born your mothers "water broke", and when it broke is when you came out. This is why you have to have a "birth certificate" which means we are all maritime admiralty products according to maritime admiralty law. Your body is considered a maritime admiralty product. Your mother "delivered" you, this like when you order goods to be "delivered" the company will "ship" them to you. They will "deliver" them, that is why you were born in a "delivery room". Your mother was "delivering" a product, a maritime admiralty product. You came down your mother's "birth canal" and the "birth certificate" must be signed by the "doc". All of these words and terms are maritime admiralty banking word's. So in order to understand Judges, layers, courts and government you need to understand that they are all under international maritime admiralty law. All religions and churches in the world operate under international maritime admiralty law. This is way all churches fall into different denominations like 20's 50's and 100's, this is exactly why their called denominations, because churches are nothing more but a product of maritime admiralty banking. Throughout history there has never been a country where the people have rose up and demanded their right to be free, the concept of human sovereignty has never existed on this planet except when it came to the founding of this country. We understood that we were sovereign people and that we owned our body' s. However sense 1868 we're now under maritime admiralty law. Think about it, back in the old western days in the wild west many people were wearing guns were ever they went and if you had a dispute with someone you could settle with guns right in front of the sheriff and he would do nothing. How come this type of behavior was legal, how come people were aloud to carry guns and shoot each other before 1868? Because people were sovereign and people owned their own body's. In 1868 their was a corporation that was founded at a time that anyone could start a corporation. The company that was incorporated was called the United States corporation. They stipulated that any one who was a member or worked for that corporation would be called not an employee but a "citizen". So today if your asked if you are a citizen of this country, you may think you're being asked if your lawfully in this country to do business. That's not lawfully what's being asked though, they didn't ask you if you were in America lawfully, they ask a very specific question, and that are you testifying that you are a citizen of the United States? Because being a citizen of the United States means you are an employee of a foreign corporation, operating under international maritime law. So today the president of the united States is a president of a privately owned company. The company is called the United States and the word "president" is always used in corporate law. Banks have presidents and company's have presidents, and so the United States is company that is privately owned and it has a president. President Obama is not the president of America, but of a privately owned company out of England called the United States. This is why it is so fundamentally important to understand the true meaning of words and terms. These are some of the words and terms that have been used to trick the people and to enslave them.

Why ell's would x- president Bush Sr.be knighted by the Queen of England in 1993. Think about it, the president of the United States at the time knelled down to Queen Elizabeth II and was showing elegance. Has any other president of any country knelled down before another ruler of another country in elegance? I don't think so.
This is not just coincidence, words are picked very carefully and with thought.

Money: From the Latin word "moneta" which originally meant, "warning."

Attain your attainable mind.