Police Macing People at Random in Miami

Here are the boys in blue doing their civil duty of macing people walking on the sidewalk that don't even know what's going on. This is the power that the police have. They can mace anyone without even having a reason, or I would guess they do, but you don't see them trying to explain it to anyone. Does this mean that their above the law? That they can break laws without even being questioned? Isn't it against the law to mace someone for no reason? People this is the type of thing that the police can get away with. Where are these people rights? Aren't police supposed to serve and protect the public. Aren't these people the public? What's this country coming to? This type of thing makes me down right sick to my stomach. Please pass this video off to everyone you know in order to expose whats happening in some places in America. These cops should be arrested and treated like everyone ell's. The police in this video must have real control issues and plainly are not fit to be real officers of the law. It's like giving a bully with stick up his ass a can of mace, sticking him in a crowd while giving him a badge allowing him to be the law. These cops are cowards and it's actions like this that give all cops a bad rep. I mean look at the cop who's spraying the mace, he's a big fat ass donut eating bastard who's macing people at will. What a complete and total waist of police training, what a big fat looser. These aren't cops, their assholes terrorizing the neighborhood. Remember, this is what your tax dollars pay for in Miami. Fat bully cops macing people who are peacefully walking through their own neighborhood without giving them an explanation.

Attain your mind.