Salt Lake City Bolide Meteor

The Salt Lake City sky's lit up on the 18th of November 2009 a little after midnight from a large meteor.  It's a prospective like this that makes me realize that we really could be struck a by a meteor at any time.  If this one hadn't have broken up in the atmosphere it could have done some serious damage.  Just maybe Salt Lake City wouldn't be here anymore.  When you see the magnitude of this thing you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. 

Stop this video at 8seconds to see how bright this thing was, it might as well been daytime.

I like this one because one it's slowed down and two, the shadows move as it moves through the sky.  Awesome!

And here's the best footage caught by abc, channel 4, Salt Lake City news.

This really puts things into perspective, there are literally thousands of meteors in our solar system floating around us at all times, it's really quite scary when you think about it.

Here a link to a map of all the impact site around the world, and it's a lot more then you think.  It's on a google map so you can zoom in and look at them to see the size and magnitude of the site.

Think it's impossible?  Check out  this website that shows all of the moons around the planets in our solar system.  Wait till you see how many objects orbit around Jupiter, you'll be surprised.

And lastly I leave you with an animated video that shows what would happen if a small moon sized asteroid or meteor were to impact earth.  It would be a truly quick and painless death.

Attain your mind.