Symbols and their meaning

Symbols are seen as a concept or intention, and also stand-for a referent or extension from anything, to religion to a chemical compound and most importantly secrete society's. Symbols have been around sense the beginning of time. With out symbols we would have no written language. Numbers are symbols, letters are symbols and they each have their specific meaning. Obvious, right? The thing is, most people don't realize many of the symbols that surround them, nor do they understand their true meaning. Do you ever remember taking a class in high school about symbols? No, of course not, and why? Because if people knew the true meaning of all the symbols that are in our everyday lives, the public would be much clearer on the origin's of certain club's and secret society's that control the world. Once you start to wake up and notice the symbols that are around us, while knowing their true meaning. The truth about secrete society's controlling the planet become very clear and just as obvious as any number or letter. Once you make the conscious effort to notice the symbols that are in our everyday lives, you will be astonished to what you'll find.