Williams Aerial Systems Platform W.A.S.P.

So I'm browsing on Youtube and came across this video. I simply find it incredible that this type of technology has been around since the the 70's. This is proof of a flying single-manned platform.
Everything I have ever seen as far as personal flying machines goes, this thing surpasses it all when it comes to mobility and speed.
So after seeing this I did a little of my own investigating. I bet you've never heard of the Garrett STAMP (Small Tactical Aerial Mobility Platform), It was a two person flying jeep prototype constructed by a division of Garrett Systems also back in the 70's. The prototype took off and maneuvered by ducted turbine engines like the Harrier Jet but didn't have any wings and could go about 70 miles per hour. I can't find not even one photo of the STOMP.

Now, try to imagine what they currently got behind closed doors.