Celestrial Worm UFO's

Now everybody is familiar with flying saucers and spacecraft like objects in the sky. But these are strange worm like objects that change illumination, shape and sometimes color. The length of them can be up to a quarter mile or so. Many times they are spotted with illuminated orb's flying around them. There is no doubt that these anomalies exists. They have been photographed and captured on video numerous times all over the world. I would like to think that these things are made by aliens, but who knows what our governments are capable of. Either way, they are incredible to watch.

Here's two right next to each other.

This one seems to stay in somewhat the same shape and is almost spinning like a fan.

I thought this one was interesting, here are some clouds creating a worm shaped cloud out of some sort of solar vortex. That would explain the changing of shape, size and color. It even moves like a worm. But if they are formed by clouds then how can you explain the worms spotted in a crystal clear blue sky? Besides this next video shows one that looks black with a light illuminating on one side.

These things are strange to say the least. Someday it will all make sense.