What this blog is about.

Living in a time where you have the world at your finger tips allows us to ponder into anything our little minds desire. Because of youtube and other sites where you can post just about anything you please, new information has come to light that should have never made it to the outside world. You may say, "oh no I sure hope this is not another silly conspiracy blog!" Well, in a way it is, if you get your news from CNN, FOX, etc... and you believe most of what you hear. Then you, I'm sorry to say, are in the dark my friend and will think most of the things I have to say here are nonsense. By no means do I believe every crazy conspiracy scenario out there, but there are many things I do believe that many would say are crazy. That's for you to decide. My goal is to inform others of my perception of what's "really" going on out there on that big globe of ours. My posts will consists of news that will enlighten the mind in order to bring a new perspective into your life. We all want to improve our lives in one way or another. I believe in order to improve life one has to broaden their mind and welcome in new thoughts to create new feelings. This is the only way to rise yourself into higher a consciousness, or greater state of mind. We all need to rise to a higher state of consciousness so we can understand one another without a preconceived notion of what we think of each other as individuals. Once the world reaches this higher state of consciousness, only then can we stop the fear and the hate. So here I am trying to do my part by awakening the Attainable Mind.