UFOs Video Taped by Government Space Agencies

         Are you still a skeptic on the alien UFO phenomenon? If so, how can you explain the videos captured  by government space agencies? You'll notice some similarities between the UFO's in most of the videos below. Round, pulsating, moving at different speeds and the main thing that can't be denied, they're not made by humans, and there are literally thousands of them. All you need is a camera that will capture the right light spectrum, oh and I guess a rocket ship might help too or at lease a really powerful telescope. This first video is from the International Space Station January 21st 2011.

This is one from the space shuttle.

I love this one, the video is from the space shuttle and their trying to find the Russian MIR space station. With all the UFO activity going on they can't figure out what their looking at. Then they show a close up with UFO flying all around it.

This video speaks for itself and it features a friend of mine David Sereda.

See more of the tether indecent here.

Another video from space shuttle Columbia with pulsing UFOs.

And last but not lease, one more from NASA.

There is no denying what's on these official government space agency videos.

Attain your mind.