BP Oil Spill Cover Up # 3

This picture was released September 14th 2010.

The US State Department Fishery states that this fish kill was not related to the BP oil spill even know this was in the Bayou Chaland area of Plaquemines Parish (one of the infected areas) and instead, this was from the tide going out and the fact that the water was only two feet deep it  became depleted of oxygen and that is what killed these fish.  On top of that, they said this type of thing is common this type of year.  Common??  Really??

If that's the case, how come it's never made the news before????

See the video on NBC here.

These people think everyone watching is nothing but a bunch of dimwits.

This is truly unbelievable and no one but mother nature is going to get the blame.  This is sad:(