BP Cover Up Part Two:Rainbows Of Death

The New York Post printed that the US fish and wildlife service counts that only six, yes six oiled dolphins were found and one of the five was still alive.  THIS IS AN OUT RIGHT LIE! I wish this were true but it is the furthest from the truth.
 Literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of whales, dolphins and other animals are dead due to the BP oil spill.  They are secretly dumping these dead animals in landfills at 3am while everyone is asleep.  The areas along the beaches and coastal Islands where the dead animals were collected were closed off by the U.S. Coast Guard. On shore, private contractors and local law enforcement officials kept the areas off limits where the dead animals were dumped. Armed guards controlled access at the Magnolia Springs landfill by Waste Management where many of the animals were dumped. The nearby weigh station where the Waste Management trucks passed through with their cargoes was also restricted by the Sheriff’s deputies in a patrol car, 24/7. 
There are so many dead dolphins and whales that there is not enough room in the land fills and some of the carcasses are being shipped to Mexico and being made into dog food. That's right, whales and dolphins that have died from suffocating on BP oil are being shipped to Mexico and made into dog food.
The Gulf of Mexico and the beaches of the Gulf are now toxic.  Toxic from the over 300 million gallons of oil and toxic from the chemical known as Corexit which causes the oil to coagulate and sink, to basically hide it.

 Corexit is is said to be four times more toxic then the oil but the BP "experts" say it's non toxic.  Corexit is band in most parts of the world including all of Europe because of it's toxicity.
 Notice the change of color in the water as this boat drives through the Corexit laced water.

The New York Times also declared on the front page last month that the oil was dissolving more rapidly than anticipated. There for they have cut back on the clean up and still have a few skimmers, skimming on the surface. Well that doesn't do much good because the Corexit is being used to break down the oil on the surface and as it's broken down, it mixes with the dispersant and flows under or over (into the air) any booming operations.
People who are caught on certain beaches are grabbed by people dressed in has-mat suits and taken to decontamination stations because of the Corexit that's in the air.
 The media coverage were getting now say that the beaches are open, fishing restrictions are being lifted and the Gulf resorts are open for business in a healthy, safe environment. This is the furthest thing from the truth.  Yes, they are all lying to you.  Who do you think owns the media? Oil truly rules the planet in every way imaginable. Sad:(

 In the coastal communities of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, have been all been engulfed by the oil and the toxic dispersant Corexit and the entire region is contaminated, the economic impacts could potentially exceed the devastation of Katrina. The Impacts on the health and welfare of the people living there are increasing with long-term effects that are potentially life threatening. Bad things happen when humans are exposed to toxic chemicals, just like the hundreds of thousands of animals that are already dead.
 There is a massive lack of life in the gulf right now which is a major concern on so many different levels. The water in the gulf as actually changed colors to a iridescent greenish yellow which covers the entire gulf.

"In May, Mother Nature Network blogger Karl Burkart received a tip from an anonymous fisherman-turned-BP contractor in the form of a distressed text message, describing a near-apocalyptic sight near the location of the sunken Deepwater Horizon — fish, dolphins, rays, squid, whales, and thousands of birds — “as far as the eye can see,” dead and dying. According to his statement, which was later confirmed by another report from an individual working in the Gulf, whale carcasses were being shipped to a highly guarded location where they were processed for disposal." (Source)

"CitizenGlobal Gulf News Desk received photos that matched the report and are being published on Karl’s blog today. Local fisherman in Alabama report sighting tremendous numbers of dolphins, sharks, and fish moving in towards shore as the initial waves of oil and dispersant approached in June. Many third- and fourth-generation fisherman declared emphatically that they had never seen or heard of any similar event in the past. Scores of animals were fleeing the leading edge of toxic dispersant mixed with oil. Those not either caught in the toxic mixture and killed out at sea, or fortunate enough to be out in safe water beyond the Source, died as the water closed in, and they were left no safe harbor. The numbers of birds, fish, turtles, and mammals killed by the use of Corexit will never be known as the evidence strongly suggests that BP worked with the Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security, the FAA, private security contractors, and local law enforcement, all of which cooperated to conceal the operations disposing of the animals from the media and the public."  (Source)
 "Robyn Hill, who was Beach Ambassador for the City of Gulf Shores until she became so ill she collapsed on the job one morning, was at a residential condominium property adjacent to the Gulf Shores beach when she smelled an overwhelming stench. She went to see where the odor was coming from and witnessed two contract workers dumping plastic bags full of dead birds and fish in a residential Waste Management dumpster, which was then protected by a security guard. Within five minutes, a Waste Management collection truck emptied the contents and the guard departed."  (Source)
 "The oceans are empty, the skies tinged yellow by evaporating oil and toxic dispersant devoid of birds, dogs mysteriously have no fleas, and in an area usually besieged by mosquitoes, there is little need for repellent, and the usual trucks spraying are nowhere to be seen." (Source)
"Dauphin Island was one of the sites where carcasses of sperm whales were destroyed. The operational end of the island was closed to unauthorized personnel and the airspace closed. The U.S. Coast Guard closed off all access from the Gulf. This picture shows the area as it was prepped to receive the whale carcasses for disposal." (Source)
 The U.S. government has now issued it a felony crime for any journalist, reporter, blogger or photographer to approach any oil cleanup operation, equipment or vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Anyone caught is subject to arrest, a $40,000 fine and prosecution for a federal felony crime.

Here is a text text message posted on face book which has since been taken down.

"I have to write this mail on a new cellphone because they have taken our phones off us. people dont know how bad this oil is.. im working in the cleanup operation and we’ve all has to sign a legal paper that stops us from talking to anyone. im onshore now and cant tell you where but ive just finished a very long shift in the gulf and textin this….fast as i can. the military are watching us dolphins whales, seabirds fish are all floating dead on the surface of the water.. see more.. see more…boats helicopters are scooping them away dead and dying… Whales are being exploded by the military cause they cant be carried. dead bodys as far as the eye can see air smeling of benzene ..weve seen birds fall from the sky. workers falling sick we think some workers have died. my friends are hard oilmen it was ok to at the start but now we cry. dead sea life is as big as genocide you wont imagine"

CNN reporter Anderson Cooper says, "A new law passed today, and back by the force of law and the threat of fines and felony charges, ... will prevent reporters and photographers from getting anywhere close to booms and oil-soaked wildlife just about any place we need to be. By now you're probably familiar with cleanup crews stiff-arming the media, private security blocking cameras, ordinary workers clamming up, some not even saying who they're working for because they're afraid of losing their jobs."
Why such a huge and expensive cover-up? Most likely the reason BP is deposing of all these animals in secret is because of the fine that could be imposed. At $50,000 per animal x 1,000,000,000, birds, fish, dolphins, whales, squid, rays, ect.... well you do the math. The number wont even fit on your calculator. You have to remember that BP is a major supplier to the US government and corporate business.  Now we know why the military is involved and why it's a federal crime to take video or pictures of the evidence. What kind of world do we live in?
The Obama administration has stripped away the rights to free press, transforming journalists into criminals. We might expect something like this from Chavez, or Castro or even the communist leaders of China, but here in the United States?  We've all been promised a "the land of the free." but we should all know better than that. Who ever believes we live in a free society is sadly mistaken. What ever happened to transparency?  The government doesn't want you to realize that we are all slaves to the dollar which is all DRIVEN BY OIL!
 So who's to blame?  let's see what the report said:

There were eight major problem's that went wrong:

1. The cement that was supposed to stop the oil and gas shooting up the well pipe didn't work.

The report states: "Improved engineering rigor, cement testing and communication of risk by Halliburton could have identified the low probability of the cement to achieve zonal isolation. Improved technical assurance, risk management and management of change by the BP Macondo well team could have raised awareness of the challenges of achieving zonal isolation and led to additional mitigation steps."

BP pointed the finger at Halliburton for this one.

2. Further barriers at the bottom of the drill pipe failed to stop the hydrocarbons bursting into the well pipe.

The report states: "The "shoe track" cement and the float collar must have failed to prevent this" the release of oil and gas.

BP blames both Halliburton and BP.

3. A key pressure test performed to see if the well was under control was accepted despite the readings showing it was not.

The report states that the well site contractors BP and Transocean "formed and maintained this incorrect view despite the contradictory information."

BP blames BP and Transocean.

4. It took 40 minutes to realize gas and oil was shooting up the well.

The report states: "Analysis indicates that the first indications of flow from the well could be seen in the real-time data after 20:58 hours. The rig crew and mudloggers either did not observe or did not recognize indications of flow until after hydrocarbons entered the riser at approximately 21:38 hours. The Transocean Well Control Handbook stated that the well was to be monitored at all times."

Transocean gets all the blame for this one.

5. The surging hydrocarbons were not diverted "overboard" but brought onto the rig.

The report states: "Transocean's shut-in protocols did not fully address how to respond in high flow emergency situations after well control has been lost. Well control actions taken prior to the explosion suggest the rig crew was not sufficiently prepared to manage an escalating well control situation."

Again, Transocean is at fault here.

6. Diversion of the oil and gas was "vented directly onto the rig".

The report states: "The investigation team concludes that ... the rig crew diverted the flow of hydrocarbons ... [to] a low-pressure system, and its design limits would have been exceeded."

Transocean again to blame.

7. The fire and gas system did not prevent the explosions.

The report states: "Because of the low probability of hydrocarbons being present before a well produces, only a small area of Deepwater Horizon was electrically classified [against sparking]."

To me this sounds like it's in fault of BP since they were the one's contracted for the build.

8. The blowout preventer (BOP), the ultimate fail-safe, failed.

The report statess: "The BOP maintenance records were not accurately reported in the maintenance management system. The condition of critical components in the yellow and blue [control] pods and the use of a non-[original] part, which were discovered after the pods were recovered, suggest the lack of a robust Transocean maintenance management system."

BP again states it's transocean to blame for this.

This is a grotesque list, and besides all the failures and the elite that are to blame.  We ourselves are to blame.  Our dependency on oil allows things like this to happen.  But what do we do?  Stop driving our cars?  Do we only get our food from the food we grow?   Do we stop living in a modern society all together.  Or do we have to live as the Amish do. I think they have something.  That's only way that I know of.  How do we get away of thinking that a modern society is a society of consumption.  The simple fact that were a consumer society is what drives BP's profits.   You may say well what about wind and solar.  Well it takes hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil to make those too.  

The cycle of life has it's ways of leveling itself off, and right now were entering the peek of a cycle of greed and destruction.  Money-Oil-Power-War-Death.  Now go back through this post and take a good long look at the pictures I've posted.  It truly brings me to tears. Attain your mind.