Secrets of the Denver International Airport

Murals depicting the Apocalypse, death by toxic gas by a masked soldier, the rebirth of a new world order.
This is mural number one.  It depicts two dead women and one young girl laying in caskets.  A fire in the back ground engulfing everything.  Dead or dieing animals, some in glass cases as if in a museum.  Then we have a young girl in the back ground holding a Mayan tablet that depicts the transition of earth in 2012.

 Here we have mural number two which shows the depiction of a soldier wearing a gas-mask with the dead and sickly underneath him.  Women holding their dead children and children laying down to sleep for good.  You can also see the stream of toxic gas that leads from the dieing children.  The tip of the soldiers sword is in the dead dove that represents peace.

In mural number three we have a depiction of children from all over the world with weapons rapped in the flags of different nations depicting a world that no longer needs weapons or boundaries and merges together as a one world nation. The soldier is dead with the doves of peace sitting on his gun and a child above him destroying the weapons with a hammer.

                                                                                In mural number four we have the depiction of a new world sprouting from a seed of light.  People from all over the world celebrating the new world free of war, weapons, murder, pollution and the extinction of animals. This is in my opinion a depiction of the new world order.

Huge underground  storage facilities, up to a million square feet.

This is a drawing from Stew Webb who worked for the FBI as an informant then turned whistle-blower. Here we have the Denver Airport that show the five large underground buildings ranging from 60' to 120' feet deep underground with 2 1/2 to 3 mile long tunnels connecting them. It also reviles two additional runways longer than any of the other runways to the east and were covered up right after construction.  These next photo's are from Alex Christopher from beneath DIA.

These are the cooling vents to the underground buildings.

 The Queen of England bought a house near the Denver airport under a alias.

 All though this can not be confirmed, many sources all believe this to be true.

The layout of the entire airport is in the shape of a swastika.

  A capstone with the Masonic square and compass with the word's inscribed "New World Airport Commission" . 

Strange words engraved in the floor such as "DZIT DIT GAII" who Steve Snyder at the Public Affairs Office of the Denver International Airport says it translates into "Free Press International-bringing you the real world news." 
 Please, can anyone translate or find anything on the translation of the next two phrases?


 "Free Press International-bringing you the real world news."

   Something tells me that's not the correct translation.


If anything, it sounds Egyptian.


The only real translation I could find which I found off the University of Colorado website, state that this is the language of the Arapaho Indians.  A language spoken by only 1000 people who mostly live in Wyoming.

"Tallow River" which refers to the South Platte River, in Denver.

The 30 foot mustang  with a very angry demeanor on it's face, then the artist tragically killed during the completion. 
Notice the glowing red eyes.


  The two Gargoyle's overlooking the baggage claim. 

The latest edition of a 26 foot tall statue of Anubis, God of death and afterlife.
The King Tut exhibit is in Denver, which is the reasoning for erection this huge statue, but typically this statue should be in front of the museum not the airport.

  There has been a very odd high number of plane windshields cracking at the DIA.  Air safety investigators stated that the cracking was due to fine particles of foreign debris causing deep pitting which lead to cracking.  Others say it's from very high or very low frequency emissions that emanate from the airport.  Reports of electronic/magnetic vibrations have also been reported which have made some people sick and caused headaches.   

Both of these stories are related as far as I'm concerned and there have been numerous accounts on both issues.   

Acres of fenced-in areas which have barbed wire pointing inward, as if to keep things in. 

So far I can't find any pictures of these fenced-in areas.

Concrete stacks that resemble mini-cooling towers rise out of the acres of nowhere to apparently vent underground levels.  
You should take a look at the DIA on Google earth.  It's very easy to find many underground entrances.  On the different sections of land that surround airport you can see what looks like a ventilation shaft on each one.  There is also a  river that comes from the west and goes directly to the airport then disappears underground.  You can also find places where the water comes out.  The DIA has an entire aquifer!!  Why does an airport need an aquifer??  On top of that, it can run completely off the grid with it's 9,200 solar panel energy system

 As for trying to find any kind of blueprints of the DIA, there was constant construction company changes and mass firings of teams once they had built a section of the airport so that no "one" group would have any idea what the blueprints of the airport looked like.  Constructed in 1995, the government and politicians were hell bent on building this airport in spite of it ending up vastly over-budget. The total cost of the airport was in the rang of $5 billion dollars upon completion in 95' .  What's even stranger, is that the original Denver airport had plenty of room to expand and really just needed to be updated which would have saved the state billions.

It's said that this airport is connected to an underground network of trains and military bases that are used for trafficking large amounts of drugs, money and what ever ell's the high elite want to move around.

Ever sense the construction of this airport, people have been looking for answers to all of these issues. There has never been a strait explanation nor has there been any kind of formal press release from anyone connected to the DIA.  I believe there is much more then meets the eye as far as the DIA is concerned.  Either way, all of these things are strange for any airport to say the least.

The hole goes much deeper though.  Who were really the ones for pushing the construction of this airport.  Apparently it's the same people who were behind 9/11 and I don't mean Al-Qaeda.  I'm talking about the Bush crime family.  It's all speculation of-course, but if humans didn't speculate, we would still be living in the dark ages

Attain your mind.