Police Arrest Innocent People to Meet Quotas

"To protect and serve"  Isn't that what police are supposed to do?  Isn't that what it says on their badge and car?  Talk about lies and deception.   If this is happening in New York City, than you can expect this to be happening all throughout the country.  These police officers are breaking the law by using their authority to arrest  innocent people in order to make a quota.  The fact is, they are the law, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  Sure that may be the wrong attitude to have, but it's the truth.  These police are being told to commit crimes and break the law other wise they could loose their job.

  When is this going to stop?  This is not protecting nor is it serving the public.  This is going to make kid's run from the cops, knowing that they could be arrested for doing absolutely nothing.  If they run they could be hurt or even shot at all in the mane of the law.  These police prove that there really is no law because it's simply under the discretion of that police officer making the arrest.  What does this say about all police forces.  What does this say about any type of authority of law.  The ego's these people have must make them feel like their better that everyone ell's.  How ell's could anyone in their right mind arrest someone knowing they did nothing wrong.  To lock them up over night in jail just to let them go in order to get the numbers they need.  This is truly sick and a giant waist of tax payers money.  Open your eyes to what's happening around you and your community.  Get to know the laws and the rights you have as a citizen of what ever country you live in.  Don't be a victim of the law. 

Here's a video of a police officer admitting that he can make up what ever he wants proving cops break the law. I'm ashamed that we live in a world where everyone needs a hidden camera at all times to protect themselves.  Remember, this police officer has a gun and a badge giving him the ego where he feels that he has the right to do what ever he wants.  Listen as this cop as he picks on this kid like some big high school bully, telling him he can make up what every he wants egging him on.  This cop should have gone to jail.  He is the real criminal.

Attain your mind.