Why Cover Up the Colors of the Moon

   I simply find this topic fascinating.  The more and more I research the subject the more evidence I find of a cover up of one kind or another.

Let me pose the question:  Why are so many pictures of moon in black and white?

I find it interesting that NASA wants everyone to think the the moon is gray and really not very interesting.  When in reality it's not flat gray at all and, I would say extremely interesting.

Here's some quote's and photo's from Apollo 8 which was just a fly by around the moon.

(L) Frank Borman Commander
(R) James A. Lovell Command Module Pilot
(C) William A. Anders Lunar Module Pilot

Here they are describing the back side of the moon:

Lovell: Hey, I don't see a thing. Where are we?
Anders: It looks like a big beach down there...
Lovell: Hey, you know something; it's gray, huh?

And now a description  of the front side:

Lovell: "Okay, Houston. The moon is essentially gray, no color; looks like plaster of Paris or sort of a grayish beach sand. We can see quite a bit of detail. The Sea of Fertility doesn't stand out as well here as it does back on Earth. There's not as much contrast between that and the surrounding craters."

   Here's a photo from Apollo 8 taken in black and white.
  Here's another from Apollo 8 in color.  Looks more brown then gray to me.  On top of the fact that it looks doctored.  The details of the moon have been almost completely faded out.
Here's a color shot from Apollo 11, again the details have been faded out.

I find this shot interesting.  You'll notice that the Lunar Lander is in color and so is the moon dust underneath it.  You can also see that this photo is comprised of six different photos.  You can really see how the photos have been doctored when you compare the slight color differences where the photos are matched up.
I also find it interesting that at a time when Americans were in a semi new color age that they would still be taking black and white photo's.  Why was this photo taken in black and white?  It makes no sense.  This is also one of the more famous photos of anomaly's on the moon, just look at the object reflecting off his face shield on the upper right.  What could it be, the Lunar Lander is behind him.
I guess this photo is to prove the color of the moon?

http://www.nasm.si.edu/collections/imagery/Apollo/AS17/images/LanderScene.jpg Look at the differences in color and details.  Why so different?  Why not use the same filter for all?  Isn't consistency kind of important as far as scientific research goes?
AS17-147-22605 Another Photo from Apollo 17.  Oops!  Some color got into this one.  Of course this must be a glitch in the camera, right?
AS17-137-20985 Here's another Color photo from Apollo 17 with a color strip next to it to confirm it's really in color.  Or is it just another filter that make most things gray accept to let in certain colors.
http://www.lpi.usra.edu/lunar/missions/clementine/images/a16_metric_lg.gif Black and white.
 http://www.lpi.usra.edu/lunar/missions/clementine/images/a16_comp_lg.gifColor.  Plaster of Paris you say?  No color at all?

Take a look at this color saturated photo by Russell Croman showing the true colors of the moon.
 [image] Another color photo of the moon.

Why the color cover up?  What's to hide?

Just another piece to the puzzle.

Attain your mind.