Astronauts Disclosing Their Knowledge on UFO's

Edgar Dean Mitchell, D.Sc. is an American pilot, engineer, and astronaut. As the lunar module pilot of Apollo 14, he spent nine hours working on the lunar surface, making him the sixth person to walk on the Moon.  He has come forward publicly to let the world know that not only does he believe in ET's, but he already knows for a fact that they are already here.  Here's an interview he did on a popular radio show in the UK.

Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr., was an engineer and American astronaut. Cooper was one of the seven original astronauts in Project Mercury, the first manned space effort by the United States. He flew the longest spaceflight of the Mercury project, was the first American to sleep in orbit, and was the last American to launch alone into Earth orbit and conduct an entire solo orbital mission. They don't give that positions to people with small IQ's. Here is his interview of disclosure.

Buzz Aldrin is an American mechanical engineer, retired United States Air Force pilot and astronaut who was the Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history. On July 20, 1969, he was the second person to set foot on the Moon following mission commander Neil Armstrong. Here I present two videos of Buzz. This first video shows the UFO that followed Apollo 11 which all the astronauts saw. As you will see they discreetly called the UFO "S-IVB". Buzz explains and discloses everything about this event.

In this 2nd Video, Buzz tells the world that there is a monolith on the Mars moon Phobos. He is discreetly disclosing the fact that it's not natural which would imply the only other option, that it was made by ET's.

The truth about ET's visiting Earth is starting to come to a close. These Astronauts are finally able to come out about the truth of what they know. Realize that forty or fifty years ago, coming forward about any type of knowledge of ET's or UFO would have put their reputations and careers in jeopardy. The fact that they have proven their reputations and are now retired makes them have nothing to fear anymore, which is why they are finally able to come forward with the truth. This is reality, not science-fiction. Attain your attainable mind.