Planet, Comet, and Mothership filmed by NASA

The SOHO (Solar and Heliosperic Observatory) records the suns actions 24/7 365 days a year. Go to this link here.  Click on SOHO movie theater, then select camera "LASCO3" and type in the dates 2009-12-30 to 2010-01-05.  You will find the planet Mercury or may be Venus in the four ground (the very bright object).  Then you will notice a comet enter view on the bottom left with a long trail and appears to crash into the sun.  At the same time you will also see an object that is not a planet nor a comet enter view from the upper left that moves diagonal across the screen.  It seems to get bigger than smaller as it moves further away from earth.  The fact you can make out this object from this distance means it's ginormous!  Another mother-ship making it's may through the our solar system.  Were not to far from the truth folks.  Attain your mind.