December 9th 2009 - A Monumental Day In Phenomenon History

On December 8th of 2009 a Pyramid the size of the Great Pyramid hovered over the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia. It was caught on video by a guy who had a video camera in his car. Of-course there is much speculation to that this is just a hoax , but after further analysis by special effects experts this video has been labeled as genuine. There has also been no official statement by the Russian Government which could mean they have no explanation for the event. Take a look for yourself.

As much as I wish this was the real McCoy, I have my doubts. At precisely 1:17 in the video a reflection from the street light hits the windshield of the car, when the top bit of light from the reflection passes by the bottom of the pyramid there is a very small bit of light that goes in the opposite direction and appears to be right above the right corner of the pyramid. What I'm saying is that the pyramid should not have any effect on which direction the reflection goes. Or maybe it would, hard to say, I'm not an expert on lighting or video analysis. But as far as everything else goes with this video it looks real to me, but as I said, I'm on the fence. I'm sure the truth will come out soon, or will it?

It's also interesting to know that this same Pyramid shape has appeared over the UK and China.

The next Phenomenon takes place in Norway. It involves a blue spiral in the sky that takes perfect form. It gets as big as approximately one hundred miles across and was documented by many. There are dozens of videos and photos of the spiral phenomenon and the most interesting thing about it is the fact the it is not effected by wind in any way shape or form. Some people claim it was a failed missile test by the Russians. Others think it was caused by the Large Hadron Collider. Theirs even a theory it was an experiment caused by the HAARP frequency antenna located in Alaska.  Strange thing though is that this same phenomenon happen in China in 1988 and in Russia 2006.  To me, I believe these spirals are worm holes in time, or Star-gates of some sort.  But that for you to decide.

I find it truly amazing that the Norway spiral and the Pyramid over the Kremlin happened on the same day.  If the pyramid over the Kremlin video was a hoax then how would they have known about the spiral over Norway. Maybe it was simply coincidence.  Maybe not.  And what about the pyramid shaped abject over China and the UK, could it be the same UFO?  One thing that can't be denied is the fact that something out of the ordinary is happening here. These strange phenomenons are happening and are real.  There is no trick photography as far as anybody knows in the videos above.  These are truly spectacular events.  Open your thoughts and attain your attainable mind.