Credo Mutwa & the Reptilian Agenda

If you feel that Phil Schenider's story was amazing, then this one is going to knock your socks off. Credo Mutwa is a Zulu Sangoma and High Sanusi, which is the highest level of a traditional healer. He is one of only two left in the world. Credo is also a world acclaimed author, artist, poet and sculptor and has won numerous awards for his work on nature conversation in South Africa. One story Credo is known for, is how an alien Reptilian race has been controlling humanity and the world for thousands of years. In an interview with British author David Icke, he ties the relationship between a shape-shifting alien Reptilian race and today's world leaders through the tracing of their blood lines. Since he has made his story public there have been countless and endless attempts on his life. His story is absolutely fascinating, to say the least. Before I begin, it is important to realize that this is only bits and pieces of his story. I strongly suggest you try to listen to him yourself in this interview, it's truly amazing.

“This is the most amazing man it has ever been my honor to meet, a genius, and the importance of these videos is simply beyond words.”

I feel it's important to listen to the whole thing, otherwise your only getting part of the story, and it's those small details that make it so real. Try for a moment to forget all you think you know, and go into this stream of thoughts with an open mind and allow your mind to attain the knowledge without a preconceived doubt.

It all starts back when he went to a missionary school that taught him that all black men in Africa had no religion or beliefs, and that his people were a savage people who loved to fight, rape woman and drink beer all day before the white man arrived. The missionaries instilled these beliefs into all of the African children that they could. He was shocked when he was told different by his aunt, grandfather, and grand mother. When he realized Africans had the knowledge of astrology, astronomy, and even had 18th and 19th century surgeons that could perform surgeries not even the white man could perform. This opened his mind into wanting to know more, and to learn as much as he could about his people. The more he discovered the more he wanted to know.

He had to go through certain rituals in order for him to move on to the next level of knowledge, such as when he was circumcised with a blunted glass knife. Or when he had to cook and eat the flesh from the hand of a human corpse. He states he is one of very few people who have gone through with this ritual. Remember that this is Africa and this is how secret knowledge is protected. Secret knowledge is obviously not just given to anybody; you have to prove yourself worthy of this secret knowledge before it's given to you, and once you attain this knowledge you would then be a part of that secret society. The "Great Ones" who challenged him to eat the human hand were also the ones who told him about a race of highly intelligent beings which they called the "Chitauri" (Chi-torrr-e), " The Talkers": a race of creatures that looked like reptiles, who have ruled the world for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Credo goes on to talk about the diseases in Africa such as AIDS and how he has proof it was introduced by forces of a higher power, and would go in front of a court of law stating so. How wars between the African people don't make any sense and how the African people are a peaceful people but are manipulated in ways that keep them fighting and killing one another. When you look for yourself into the violence in Africa, it's more overwhelming then you could ever imagine. I agree that it doesn't make any sense, how does a place on earth become so violent over so many different things? He feels the politicians and political figures are, in a way hypnotized, and can't understand why the decisions they make enforce the violence in Africa. This has been a big drive for him to come out about what he knows.

He ties the manipulation of the higher powers to the Reptilian race through a story that is told all throughout Africa. He had been told this story many times by many different people from all over the conetnent. These are his words from part of the interview. For the words I couldn't understand I marked with a ????.

"There was once a time when the blue sky was invisible, when the whole world was covered with mist. When you could not see the sun as it is now, you only saw it as a splash of white light moving slowly across the sky. At that time there was an eternal drizzle, ever day of the year. At that time, people could not see the stars. People, only saw the trees growing, trees which were very very big, there was no desert at that time, only ???? everywhere where you went. At that time sir, people call in Zulu ???? a human being was both male and female in one body, and out of the sky one day, came terrible objects. They were like gigantic bows made a of huge gleaming gold. They were shaped like bows without strings and they were bigger then the biggest mountains. They came out of the sky bringing great noise, black smoke and fire with them. And out of those huge objects, came them. At that time sir, human beings could not speak, we had no gift of language at that time. And people had however great mental power. A man would go into the bush and using the power of his mind actually call out an animal, which he wanted to hunt and kill for his children and the animal would appear and neel down before the man and the man would kill the animal and take it home. But, when the Chitawole arrived in Africa they told our people that they were gods. And that they were going to give us human beings great gifts on one condition, we had to worship them and except them as our creators. Some told our people that they were our elder brothers and that this earth had produced them generations ago. And they said they had come back to the green womb of there mother, and that they were going to make us into gods. What they did, they created a very strange pair of caves in the land. They dug two caves, in one cave was a green light and in another was a red light. And they drove the human beings into these caves and each human being had to choose which cave the human being wanted to go into. And those that went into the green cave came out as woman, and those that went into the red cave came out as men, and then, the Talkers, the Chitauri told our people that now they were perfect. But, the moment the first men saw the first women a terrible rough erupted, the woman hated the men because they looked between their legs and they saw what they thought were snakes dangling between their legs of the men, and the men hated the woman because they looked on their chest and saw these big things. What they were they did not know. And then the Chitauri laughed it was to them was a very very big joke. And then the Chitauri said if you serve us you little retched human beings, we are going to make you into gods. And the human being agreed to serve the Chitauri and the Chitauri gave human beings a second gift. The gift of language. People started talking with there tongue's where they were talking with there minds before. And there was a big rubbish starting again because this man did not know the language of that man, and when this man greeted that man, this man thought that he was being insulted and so a lot of murder and ???? homicides started taking place all over the world. When our people were given language they found to their horror that they had lost much of their mental power. They had paid a terrible price. But the Chitauri were not the masters of human beings, they made them, the human beings go into holes in the ground and to mine metal, gold, copper, tin, all kinds of metal the Chitauri forced our people to mine. And the people were very unhappy because they couldn't coupe with their new sexual differences which were there now between man and woman and then from amongst the Chitauri came a very good female Chitauri, her name was Mi Zamantwarti Samahongo (Zama-tuar-ti Sama- hag-go). Mi Zamantwarti Samahongo was the senior wife of the terrible chief of the Chitauri, Um Baba Goentwarti Samahongo. She was sorry for human beings this great reptile lady. She said to the pore people, ow, you are unhappy. And the people said yes great one, we go into the holes every day we dig the stones and bring it to the gods but we are not happy. And Mi Zamantwarti scratch her scaly chin and began to think and to think she was terribly ugly her eyes were awful, like lights in the darkness but she had less in her heart and she taught the men and the woman how to make love and she said look, we divided you into males and females, now this action is going to bring you together. Aaack, but it did not! Because anyone who receives a gift from the Chitauri, the children of the python, is always in trouble. What happen is that when one guy slept with his wife he didn't find her much, so he went to steel another guys wife and there was a big remorse as we say in Africa ???? so men started steeling each other wife's and each other girlfriends and woman started steeling each others husbands and there was a big nonsense in the land. And King Um Baba the terrible lord of the Chitauri, the reptile people, said look what you've done you stupid old woman. Now these people are making such a noise, listen to all that screaming in the bush. Their busy making love our hole is not being dug and you are responsible for this. And Zamantwarti thought and thought and thought and thought and then she got a plan, and she said, I will make them stop! When they make love with each other the female is going to get pregnant, and when she is pregnant the male is going to leave her alone and that noise in the bush will not be so disturbing to you my lord and Um Baba said you had better, there is no production here! And so all the woman in the world was pregnant, and Um Baba was furious with his wife. And so it went on. And on until one day Zamantwarti activated a black hero called Mawuardo (Mar-war-do). And Mawuardo challenged the great chief of the serpent people into a fight and cut off the royal penis off of the king of the snake people. And that caused a big war. Mawuardo ran away. But Um Baba, the terrible chief of the people caught him and arrested him and brought him to his village. Then the great chief Um Baba said look, you cut off thing, and I have replace it with a one made of gold and I can't make love to my wife anymore, you think too much you reached human being. Now Um Baba had a terrible nail in one of his hands, a claw and with this claw he drove it into Puamuardo's (not sure why he pronounced the name with a P) nostril making a terrible hole into his brain and he started drinking Mawuardu's brain and then he through away the corps..... To this day sir we believe that the people, the Chitauri people, they eat human brains and strangely enough, scientist have found sculls where the brain has been removed and eaten by someone or something."

What I find interesting is the fact that this story is told all throughout Africa, and this is a story that many Africans believe. It is an ancient story that's been passed down from generations to generations. An alien reptile race coming from giant bows in the the sky making the human race their slaves, mining metals for them and eating their brains. But I see this story as like any other story that is about the creation of humans: fiction with some truth behind it. I believe in evolution along with alien intervention, and this story along with others, like the bible all have references of people coming from the sky and manipulating the humans how they see fit. I find this story fascinating. What a movie it would make.

Credo Mutwa goes on to talk about what the Chitauri look like. He was completely amazed by the character Darth Maul in the latest Starwars movie. He states this is exactly what the Chitauri look like. He pointed out the black and red skin along with the crown of small horns on top of his head. Then explains that the chief of the Chitauri, Um Baba Goentwarti has horns that grow straight out of the sides of his head, like east and west and are about two feet long, and could use them for mind manipulation. One of Credo's students saw one the the aliens depicted in the movie Stargate 2 that Credo explains is a "spitting image" of Um Baba, the evil reptilian leader who is said to be still alive today. The Chitauri have yellow glowing eyes with vertical pupils, and the royal Chitauri would have a third eye right in the middle that would close from side to side rather than up and down. This "evil eye" could burst out a stream of fire, or more like plasma and could instantly tare right through you. The Chitauri are considered as the Illuminated ones, and to us the Illuminated ones are called the Illuminati. Credo believes that the Chitauri and the Illuminati are one of the same. There are people from all over the world who think there is a shape-shifting reptilian race ruling our planet. Even the Discovery channel did a piece on it, and no Africans were interviewed nor was Africa ever mention. Their stories would confirm that the Chitauri and Illuminati are one of the same. Lets stop for a moment and ponder this Idea. What if there really is a master alien race that's ruling the world. I say master race because for example, the alien gray's (Credo explains in his abduction story) are ruled by the reptilians, and are kind of like their worker bees. If you pull all of the different alien conspiracy stories out there, beleive it or not, the dots start to connect and it all starts to make sense. Google some of the tags from this blog and you'll see for yourself the amount of information of this subject is endless.

Credo then explains how the reptilians crossbred with humans in order to make royalty. So these crossbred Reptilians-Humans became the Kings and Queens of the world and were able to shape-shift into perfect human form to fool the humans in to thinking that they were human. The first of the crossbred Reptilian-Humans grew very large heads and these were the new kings and queens of the land. They were worshiped and held in very high regard because they could communicate with the gods, who were the reptilians. So It all boils down to the fact, that when you trace the blood lines of Royalty, Powerful political figures, CEO's of the largest banks, people like the Rockefellers, the Bush family the Windsors. Take a look at this research. It goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. The Reptilians have also been considered as the Anunnaki, who are mentioned in the ancient Sumerian clay tablets that were found in Iraq in the middle of the 19th century. One last note. The Reptilians have a big interest in metals in this story. Today if the Reptilians wanted to control the minds of people it would be important I feel for the human body to have metals throughout the body. Micro metals that get absorbed into our body through food, water, and the air. Once absorbed we become large antennas, ready to receive the messages sent. You know they have the technology, it's not that far fetched. Another important thing to notice is the symbolism of reptiles everywhere in society, and the power they represent. I was watching a Disney cartoon with my daughter yesterday. It was Daffy Duck as a detective on the case of the bad guys who were snake people dressed in suites and had slick hair as if they were representing the mafia, who does not exists. It's one crazy world we live in and I would not be surprised if this is not to far from the truth. Maybe it's right on, and then again who believes in crazy stories about people coming from above and ruling the planet. Well, approximately 80% just in the US still believe in a biblical God. Doesn't he come from the sky? Maybe he's a Reptilian. Decide for yourself and allow the possibility, especially if you're religious. Realize that one religion is no different from the next in the respect that they all come from stories passed down from one generation to the next. The story may change a bit to fit the times, but the the one major thing all religions have in common are people or beings that come from the sky that have influenced humans one way or the other which has brought us to where we are today. Attain the knowledge and decide for yourself.

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The start of the Credo Mutwa interview by David Icke is here. Do your best to get through it, it's 22 sections long, but it's worth it! Attain you capable mind.

And last but not least I leave you with a youtube video of a reporter shape-shifting on CNN while he's giving his report. Awesome!!